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The home of Capt and Mrs. Lex Netherland near Trevilian Depot, Louisa County. Notice the woman sitting in the doorway of the home when the photo was taken.

Main Street Louisa around 1900. The second sign back on the left says 'Louisa Hardware". This shot is taken directly across from the courthouse.

This was the third courthouse used by Louisa County. Built in 1818, it was the courthouse in use during the Civil War when Union troops raided courthouse records.

The 1862 tax records for Louisa County were discovered in 2009 in Newburgh New…

Louisa was a major depot stop on the railroad between Richmond and Gordonsville. The train stopped to unload passengers at the Louisa Hotel where visitors often stayed to escape the heat and unhealthy air in the city (Richmond) during summer.


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The 1930s saw a sharp increase in the number of cases of brucellosis affecting both cattle and humans in the United States. Brucellosis, also know as Bang’s Disease, affects reproduction in cattle, leading to premature calving, abortion,…

Narratives from Louisa County Aircraft Spotters

Norma Trainham Peers, Green Springs District, Louisa Co, VA

Norma said that she and her husband, Millard Filmore Peers, lived in the Green Springs. Fill's parents owned a large property on the…

Hostilities with the Indians again arose in the summer of 1763. Cornstalk, the Shawnee chief, raided English settlements in western Virginia while Pontiac besieged Detroit. July massacres at Tull’s Hill (Bedford County), Muddy Creek (Cumberland…

Native People in Louisa County

Although Native People were present in Central Virginia for more than 12,000 years, Louisa County was sparsely inhabited when the first English men were establishing themselves at Jamestown. There may have been no…

Although Robert Lewis Dabney was not born in this house, it stands on Route 601 (Payne's Mill Road at the Crewsville Road intersection) marking the location of Dabney's birthplace about 1/4 of a mile west along Cub Creek.

Barn Ionia 2009 017.jpg
One of the oldest timber frame barns in Virginia. Built by James "Wheatstacks" Watson soon after he purchased this farm in 1773. The Library of Congress HABS collection states that at least two family documents refer to a mill on James Watson's…

Little River.jpg
FOUNDED: 1791, present building built in 1855
LOCATION: Buckner Road, Bumpass

INFORMATION: 3rd oldest Baptist church in Louisa County. In 1850, many members withdrew and helped organize Bethpage Church at Frederickshall and Gilboa Church at…

St. Mark.jpg
Built shortly after the Civil War, the church is still located on its original site on Old Factory Road in the lower portion of Louisa County. The church operated a school for African-American children in the area from the early 1900s until about…


FOUNDED: Church built in 1876; It is one of the 4 continuously operating Catholic churches in the Diocese of Richmond.

LOCATION: Rt. 618, Fredericks Hall Rd.,…

Highway markers were erected in 1996 at the sites of the CCC camps to commemorate the history of the CCC in Louisa County. The sign for Camp Monticello reads, "Here at Burnley's Farm was the site of Camp Monticello, CCC Company 2347, Boswell's…

Highway markers were erected in 1996 at the sites of the CCC camps to commemorate the history of the CCC in Louisa County. The sign for the camp that was located in Mineral reads, "This is the site of Camp P-82, CCC Company 2359, Mineral, Virginia. …

yanceyville Mill.jpg
This is the mill built after the original was destroyed during the Civil War in 1863.


Civil Rights in Virginia.pdf
The PDF file to the right is based upon a powerpoint presentation funded by Dominion Virginia Power. The presentation uses photos, many from the Louisa County Historical Society archives, to tell the story of Civil Rights from the end of the Civil…

FOUNDED: Early 1740’s during the Great Awakening under the ministry of The Reverends Samuel Davies and John Todd.

LOCATION: Three Chopt Road, Gum Springs

INFORMATION: Oldest Presbyterian Church in continuous use in Virginia. Only remaining…
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