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C.L. Goodwin is hereby exempt from military duty by reason of being owner of over twenty negroes on his plantation. When he ceases to be such this exemption is hereby declared void.


Exemption papers for Confederate military duty for C. L. Goodwin on the basis of his lumber contract with the Virginia Central Railroad


Picture of George Whitfield Kemper as a member of the Brown Light Infantry

Certificate of exemption as an agriculturalist for William Walton


Joseph Ham’s Daybook begins in January 1856 and ends in September 1871. It lists all the transactions occurring at his Tailor’s Shop in Stanardsville. The word ‘Paid’ in the left hand margin indicates the transaction was settled. Being a…

These individual coupons are found on the lower portion of Number 92 bond of the Confederate States Loan, enabled by "An Act of Congress approved February 20, 1863" (cited in the original bond).

The bond was issued for $500 at 8% per year. Two…

In this document, Robert S. Cosby signed an oath of loyalty to the federal government in May of 1865. After the Civil War, veterans and other supporters of the Confederacy were required to sign such documents to be granted amnesty and avoid…


Westend June 24th 1865

Dear Julia
Late last night Mr Tayler found that he would have to leavefor Mont rose today, instead of on Monday as he had first intended, and any letter to you will be hurried instead of long as I wished it to…


Hickory Hill
April 27th 1865
My dear Henry one of your servants has called here on his way to Louisa and I avail myself of the opportunity to reply to your note received on monday though Tom --- We have sent for the corn --- I could not…


Charlottesville June 5th 1865
Mr Henry Taylor,
My Dear Sir
The meeting held here to-day agreed for themselves, and recommended to others, that all masters shall, as far as practicable, agree with all those who have been their slaves, old and…


Westend 8th June 1868

My Dear Julia,

I drop you a line this morning to tell you that we have another boy added to our household who made his appearance at 3 o’clock yesterday.
Mary Minor had an elegant time & both she and the boy…


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