Piedmont Virginia Digital History: The Land Between the Rivers
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The brochure for the country inn run by Nancy and Lucy: "The Misses Taylor" of Westend. Their mother, Mary Minor Watson Taylor, specified in her that her unmarried children should have a life interest in Westend.

The girls' mother and father,…

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This image displays a man standing by a wheel near shafts number 1 and 3 at the Arminius Mines. The Arminius Mines had approximately three hundred employees, many of which lived in residences on the property. At the turn of the century, salaries of…

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This image is of miners standing in front of the building beside shaft number 3 at the Arminius Mines. The Arminius Mines workforce was always changing, creating a stream of labor coming in and out of the Mineral area. A large portion of the workers…

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Aerial image of the railroad coming into the Arminius Mines. Caption states that it is "from shaft 3." Each railroad car would carry twenty five tons of ore.The railroad transported ore from the mines to numerous locations east of the Mississippi…

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These individual coupons are found on the lower portion of Number 92 bond of the Confederate States Loan, enabled by "An Act of Congress approved February 20, 1863" (cited in the original bond).

The bond was issued for $500 at 8% per year. Two…

The Virginia Central Railroad was a vital link between the region just east of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Richmond. When vast mineral deposits were being mined in Mineral City in Louisa County, the railroad was vital for transporting shipments of…

Joseph Ham’s Daybook begins in January 1856 and ends in September 1871. It lists all the transactions occurring at his Tailor’s Shop in Stanardsville. The word ‘Paid’ in the left hand margin indicates the transaction was settled. Being a tailor did…

This metal sign hung outside Joseph Ham's shop on Main Street in Stanardsville in the mid-19th century. He was not only a tailor but sold other goods, from at least 1856; he became Stanardsville's postmaster in September 1865, a post he held for the…


This price comparison sheet from 1931 provides some insight into the value of items of the period. Below is a list of what these items would cost today, calculating for inflation: 100# Sugar $ 71.77 1 Bbl. Flour $ 50.24 10# Meat $ 11.48 1#…

This 1933 notice, from the Virginia Bankers Association, lets bank employees know about the legal holiday declared by Governor Pollard. Notice the wording of this letter, such as the phrases “unusual situation” and “cool thought”; these suggest…

During World War II, there was a great demand for various materials, such as rubber, iron, and steel. Junk drives, scrap drives, and other types of collection initiatives were made in an attempt to get the public involved and to donate old, unused…
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