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These images are from Corduroy Farm, a large farm located about 8 miles west from the town of Louisa. during the World War II period. Rural electrification did not come to outlying areas until a few years after the war, so farming practices relied…

Narratives from Louisa County Aircraft Spotters

Norma Trainham Peers, Green Springs District, Louisa Co, VA

Norma said that she and her husband, Millard Filmore Peers, lived in the Green Springs. Fill's parents owned a large property on the…

Volunteers typically served only once per week, so clear reminders of protocols were vital for consistency of reporting and information.

This page gives a quick review of the instructions volunteers were to follow to send a "flash" report upon…

This armband immediately identified the wearer as a member of this important civilian volunteer corp. This armband is from the collection of the Goochland County Historical Society. Spotters were stationed in every county and state across the…

Mary E on spotters.mov
Mary "E" Wright Mills Richardson narrates how the aircraft warning spotters identified and reported to Richmond any aircraft flying over their assigned sky space. Of course, since most of the spotters were young women, she shares a touch of romance…

Long time Town of Louisa resident Marjorie Woolfolk tells 2010 interns Kristin Hicks and Emily Seay her recollections of rationing during World War II.

This certificate verifies Captain Joseph N. Porter's role in the Army of the United States between October 1942 and December 1944; the certificate also notes the ribbon and medal to be awarded to Mr. Porter for his service as an Exchange Officer in…

First Lieutenant Joseph N. Porter was initially an Army Exchange Officer and later a Supply Officer, Administrative. Between October 1942 to December 1944, Porter handled the requisition and distribution of Army post exchange supplies to the entire…

This World War II medal, awarded to Byrd W. Long for his service in the United States Navy, is known as the World War II Victory medal. Made of red brass, the medal is a little less than 1.5 inches across; all members of the Armed Forces of the…

During World War II, there was a great demand for various materials, such as rubber, iron, and steel. Junk drives, scrap drives, and other types of collection initiatives were made in an attempt to get the public involved and to donate old, unused…
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