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1862 War Tax MIC

1862 War Tax MIC.jpg

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1862 War Tax MIC


Michie, M. W. M. R. T. & J. M. Vest
Michie, M. William & R. T for James F. Michie & wife
Michie, Patrick K. Est.
Michie, William C. Quarles, & I. A. Ragland trustees
Mills, Andrew L.
Morrison, John F. Est.
Morrison, Roxanna & R. H. Andrews
Morrison, Roxanna & Ann Houchins
Mansfield, John G., Est.
Same, W. D. Mansfield & B. Jenkins, Est.
Mansfield, W. D. Est. M. B. Mansfield & B. Jenkins, Est.
Melton, Elisha Est. (see W. H. Harris)
Mills, Nath’l for Ann T. Beadl?
McGehee, Nath’l M. Est.
Morris, Dr. George: Est.
May, Jane Est.
Miller, William H?
Mosby, R. H. & R. M. Anderson
Murphy, J. & W. & Jacob Graves
Michie, William W. Est.
Michie, Ann Est.
Munday, James D.
Moss, Mrs. Frances A.
May, J. S. Gdn R. Smith’s children
Melton , Elisha Trustees (see E. H. Lane)
Mallory, John W.
Melton, William G
McGehee, James F. & others
Michie, William W. Est.