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19231018  Jeanes not for buildings.jpg
Mr. G. W. Hayden
Gum Spring

Dear Mr. Hayden:

I have read your letter, and also the one you addressed to Mr. Gresham. I should certainly be glad to know you have the help you need, but neither of the Funds of which I have charge…

19231016 Letter Strong Plea to help.jpg
Mr. G. W. Hayden
Gum Springs, Va

My dear Sir:

I have received your letter of October 15th and am sending it on to Mr. Dillard with a strong plea to him that he will help you people. Of course I am not sure that he has any funds on hand at…

19231006 Letter  Back - Request Concerning School Location.jpg
Gustavus Jackson
G. W. Hayden
Jam? Hayden
Matt Hayden
Ealiar Underwood
James Robinson
Diamond Robinson
R. Wood
J? ???
Bettie Shelton
W. J. Adams

19230927 Letter Before Further Steps Taken to have Law.jpg
Mr. Geo. W. Hayden
Gum Spring, VA

Dear Sir,

Before you have any further steps taken to have land surveyed, report to the Board Oct 8th as it has come to the school board that the site should be further toward Gum Spring.

Yrs tl
F. T.…

19230911 School Board Approve Lumber.jpg
Sept 11, 1923

The Co Sch Board has approved of the 2 class lumber for Shady Grove School

Malcolm Hiter, Clerk
W. O Bumpass, Chairman

19230906 Jackson Davis  Letter Gen Edu Board GEB.jpg
Sept 6, 1923
Mr. G. W. Hayden,
Gum Spring P. O.
Louisa County, Virginia

My dear Sir:

I have your letter of August 20th. It was a little delayed in reaching me, as it was forwarded to me in Chicago, where I had been for several weeks.


19230830 Letter Slater Fund.jpg
August 23, 1923
Miss G. W. Hayden
Green Springs
Louisa County, VA

Dear Miss Hayden:

Your letter of recent date, addressed to Dr. Dillard, is received in his absence from the city. I recall that Mr. Gresham wrote Dr. Dillard concerning the…

19230830 Letter Sending Rosenwald Bulletin.jpg
August 30, 1923

Mr. G. W. Hayden
Gum Springs, Va

My dear Sir:-
I wrote you in detail yesterday after a visit from one of your committee, giving you the main points in connection with a Rosenwald building. I am sending you today herewith a…

19230823 Letter Board Offer Help from Rosenwald Fund.jpg
August 3, 1923
Mr. G. W. Hayden
Gum Springs, Va

My dear Sir:

In further reply to your letter of July 24th I wish to say that I am writing to Supt. West this morning offering to help him from the Rosenwald Fund on a new building that is to be…

19230816 pamphlet for plan 1.jpg
Letter stating that the supervisor is sending pamphlets and the Rosenwald Application

19230716Mr. G. W. Hayden - Letter with Photo.jpg
Letter stating why he wasn't present on July 9th but that he will be more than happy to visit Louisa after his vacation.

19230623 Letter 2 Carbon Copy Condition of Log School Need N.jpg
Letter detailing the conditions of the current school building, asking for help securing funds for the building

19230609 Letter Thanks for Kindness during Visit.jpg
Letter from the supervisor giving thanks for kindness during his visit

Letter stating that the supervisor can visit the school on June 8th
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