Piedmont Virginia Digital History: The Land Between the Rivers
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(Pictured is the A. G. Richardson school for African-American students in Louisa County, Virginia.)

The 1954 the Supreme Court decision known as Brown v. Board of Education overturned the previous “separate but equal” ruling on which a decades of…

Julius Rosenwald (1862-1932) is credited with the establishment of the Rosenwald Foundation, an organization that worked to promote and improve African-American schools. The fund helped build over 5,300 schools across the South, including 381 r in…

Zelda Carter Fletcher Morton was born on June 6, 1874 on Sylvania in Green Springs. Her parents, Andrew and Sarah Carter, were married while enslaved and their marriage was recorded by the Freedmen’s Bureau in 1866 in the Cohabitation Lists.…

Anna T. Jeanes.jpg
Anna T. Jeanes, born in 1822 in Quaker Pennsylvania, became the sole inheritor of her family fortune. Her Christian faith led her to establish The Friends Boarding House, a home for the ill and elderly. Two years before her death in 1907, Jeanes…

Lucille Holt, born in 1883, became an influential woman in early twentieth century Louisa County. Born with a light skin tone, she was sometimes seen as a white woman and other times as a black woman. In 1916, Lucille Holt was appointed the first…
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