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Will and Settlement of James Watson 1828

Est of James Watson 1828.PDF

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Will and Settlement of James Watson 1828


James Watson-died 1828
WB 7 P. 477

I James Watson of the County of Louisa, do make this my last will and testament revoking all others by me heretofore made. I give & devise to my sons David & George and their heirs forever, all my Green spring lands, to be divided between them as follows; by a line beginning at a marked post oak, which is now a side line between Col.o Morris & myself & stands in the middle of the Carolina road, about one hundred yards above the upper corner of Col: Morris' springs plantation; thence from the said post oak by a straight line to several persimmon trees in the mouth of the lane now leading to my mill; thence down the middle of the lane by a straight line to Hudsons creek; thence up the middle of the creek to the mill dam; thence along the mill dam to the east end thereof; thence up the side of the mill pond at high water mark to a swail gain marked which stands near high water in the first valley that comes into the pond above the dam; thence from the said marked sweet gum, eastward up the valley, to a marked white oak which stands a few yards out side of the plantation, and on the north side of said valley, and near to a stooping pine & white oak which almost touch each other; thence from the said white oak by a strait line to a post oak marked, which stands about thirty steps west or north west from The upper corner of the plantation in which my overseer Wm Gooch now lives, with several trees near it marked as pointers; Thence from the said post oak, by a straight line, to the rivers at a tall slim marked poplar & a black gum, on the bank of the river, at the mouth of a deep valley, which makes into the river about one hundred & fifty, or two hundred yards, below Captain Chewnings plantation, and where the river runs close to the hill on this the south west side. All the upper part of my said land I give to my son David, and all the lower part to my son George, but both their parts to be subject to the following provision for their mother, if she should survive me, I lend to my wife Elizabeth, during her life, The place on which I now live with all my lands adjoining it lying below a line which shall begin at a maked white oak on the west bank of the river, opposite to the lower part of Mr. Hutchesons plantation, and thirty or forty yards, or some where about that distance, below where the line between the land I bought of Andrew Moorman & the land I bought of James Bunch struck the river; thence from the said white oak westwardly by a straight line across Hudsons creek to an old mulberry tree in what is called the Horse shoe in my Hard bargain field, thence by another straight line westwardly, crossing the creek again in the plantation, and thence through the woods to a forked poplar, near the east bank of said creek, & just above the ford near the lower corner of the field now now called Milly's field; thence from the said forked poplar up the Creek, the creek being the line, to the mill, and up the mill pond, the channel of the creek being the line, to where Hudson & Moorman's line used to cross the pond; thence westwardly along the said Hudson's & Moorman's line to Wm Morris' line. All my said land below this line, on both side of the river, i lend to my wife Elizabeth during her life. My mill, with four acres of land two at one end of the dam, & two at the other, to be laid off in convenient form for abutments, digging dirt & I give to my sons David & George & their heirs forever, but I lend the said mill & four acres of land, to my wife during her life. All the rest of my lands not already herein devised to my sons, I give & devise to be equally divided between my daughters Sally Dabney, Polly Minor, & Nancy morris, to them and their heirs forever. All the negros with their increase which my children have heretofore, (that is, previous to the date of this will), received from me, are to be considered as given to them, & I herein ratify the gift to them respectively; but my son David is to account to my estate at my death for five hundred dollars, on account of young Hannah & her children which I gave him some years ago. I more over give to my son George my negro man Joe & his wife Franky & all her present & future increase; and also young Jenny, daughter of Harry, at Gold mine & her present & future increase. And I more over give to my daughter Sally Dabney one negro boy of common likeliness, between the ages of fifteen & twenty years, If I do not give her such a one hereafter in my lifetime. I lend to my wife during her life old Bow & his wife old Hannah, and her choice of twenty two negros more, one half to be males & the other half females, three of the males not to exceed fourteen years old & three of the females not to exceed the same age, when they may be chosen by her; & if any of the females, at the time they are chosen by her, shall have a child or children under the age of six years, such child and children shall remain with my wife, if she please, for her use, during her life. And I authorise my said wife to sell, with the consent of my other executors or executor, any of the negros I lend her in case of misbehaviour; the money arising from the sale, to be laid out in other negro or negros for her use, or put out to interest for her use, as my executors may think best, the principal to be disposed of, at her death in the same way as the negros would have been, if not sold. i also give her to be her own property, my my best riding carriage, and all my waggons, carts, & all other plantation tools & utensils belonging to me on my plantations in this the Green spring neighborhood, and all my household and kitchen furniture, and all my hogs in this neighborhood; and her choice of ten horses, four yoke of oxen, fifty cattle and fifty sheep. I also give her all the crop of corn, oats, hay, fodder & which shall be made by my people on my plantations in this neighborhood the last year before the first division of my negroes is to take place after my death; and also, one third of the crop of wheat and tobacco that shall be made on said plantations the said year; and I also give her five hundred dollars cash, and the interest or dividends of all Bank stock, & other stock that I may own at the time of my death, during her life; and if the Bank should expire or the stock be redeemed during her life, the amount that may belong to my estate shall be vested in other stock, or put out to interest, as my executor, shall think best, & the interest shall belong to my said wife during her life. My books I give to be equally divided between my sons David & George. All the rest & residue of my estate not herein already disposed of, I give to be equally divied amongst all my children, and also, all that part of my personal property which I have lent to my wife during her life, shall at her death be equally divided amongst all my children. I hereby appoint my sons David & George executors, and my wife Elizabeth executrix to this will, made & signed by me this twenty ninth day of October one thousand eight hundred & twenty, and acknowledged & published in presence of witness--James Watson
Pleasants Hackett
Lud.w Bramham
William D. Gooch
In addition to the above will I give my son George twenty head of Cattle two yoke of oxen one ox cart and two work horses--James Watson
second codicil
In addition to the five hundred dollars given to my wife in the ninth line from the bottom on the third page of this will, I give her of fifteen hundred dollars making the sum two thousand dollars, in fee simple; witness my hand this 7th of June 1823.--James Watson
Elijah Hutchison
William D. Gooch

In Louisa county Court November the 10th 1845
Ordered that David Eastham, Christopher Valentine, William Overton, Pleasant Hackett and Benjamin Perkins he and they are hereby appointed commissioners (my three of whom being first duly sworn to act, do divide the negroes of Maj.r James Watson dec.d which were held by his widow Elizabeth Watson for life, among those who are entitled to them, according to their right and that they make report thereof to this Court..
A Copy--Teste. John Hunter C. L. C.
Louisa County to wit: This day David Eastham, Christopher Valentine, William Overton and Benj: Perkins made oath before me Pleasant Hackett a justice of the peace

WB 11 P. 476 James Watson
Division of the Negros P, 497

for said County, that they would, to the best of their judgment execute the requirements of the within order. Given under my hand this 9th day of December in the year 1845..Pleasant Hackett.

In obedience to the annexed report, we the undersigned, four of the commissioners therein named, having been first duly sworn, have proceeded to divide by lot, the negroes of Major James Watson dec.d which were held by his widow Elizabeth Watson for life, among those entitled thereto, by first dividing the said negroes into five lots as nearly equal, as a just regard to the situation of the negroes would justify, (it appearing that the said Major James left five children or their legal representatives) as following (Viz)

Lot No. 1
Jim 600.00
Westley 575.00
Mary 250.00
Nelly and her children
John 650.00
Cupid 300.00
To pay 43.60


Lot No, 2
Mrs. Salley Dabney

Patrick 600.00
Dabney 575.00
Jordan 250.00
Sally & Rachal 275.00
Harry (boy) 275.00
Harry & Rhoda wife
& Ann grandchild 350.00
To receive 6.40


Lot No. 3
Mrs. Nancey Morris

Abram 600.00
Peter 500.00
Pedro 275.00
Easther 400.00
Eliza 220.00
Matilda & John 300.00
To receive 36.40

Lot No. 4
Representative of David Watson

Sam 600.00
George 475.00
Tom 275.00
Judith 450.00
Jimmy 250.00
Andrew 300.00
To pay 18.60

Lot No. 5
Representatives of Mrs. Mary Minor

Joe 600.00
Davy 425.00
Maria 412.00
Fanny 225.00
Susan & two children
William & Mourning 500.00
Reuben 200.00
Patty to be deducted 50.00
To receive 19.40

In the preceeding alotment Dr. George Watson drew No. 1, which is to pay Forty three dollars &
cents. Mrs Sally Dabney drew lot No. 2, which is to receive six dollars and forty cents, Mrs. Nancy Morris drew No. 3, which is to receive thirty six dollars & 4o cents. The representatives of David Watson drew No. 4, which is to pay eighteen dollars &
, The representatives of Mrs Mary Minor drew No. 5, which is to receive nineteen dollars & cents, which last lot we then proceeded to divide into three lots as nearly equal as a just regard to the negroes would permit, as follow-to wit

Lot No. 1
B. H. McGruder

Joe 600.00
Fanny 225.00
to pay 54.33 1/3

Lot No. 2
Jas H. Rawlings

David 425.00
Maris 412.00
Patty to be deducted 50.00
To pay 16.33 1/3

Lot No. 3
Mrs. Julia Ann Holladay

Reuben 200.00
Susan William &
Mourning 500.00
To Receive 70.66 2/3

In which division Lot No. 1 was drawn by B. H. McGruder, which is to pay Fifty four dollars & 33 1/3 cents. Lot No. 2 was drawn by Ja.s H. Rawlings, which is to pay sixteen dollars 33 1/3 cents, and Lot No. 3 was drawn by Mrs Julia Ann Holiday, which is to receive seventy dollars & 66 2/3 cents.
Lot No. 4 which was drawn by the Representatives of David Watson, we have not ? divided among those entitled, because of their number being so great as in our estimation to render anything like an equal division impracticable, all of which is respectfully submitted..Given under our hand, this 20th day of December 1845--
William Overton
David Eastham
Benjamin Perkins
C. Valentine

In Louisa County Court May the 11th 1846
A Division of the negroes of Majr. James Watson dec.d which were held by his widow Elizabeth Watson for life, among those who are entitled to the, was this day returned and in the said court the 8th day of June 1846. No exception having been filed to the said division, the same is by the Court confirmed and ordered to be recorded.
Teste. John Hunter C. C.


Louisa County Circuit Court


Louisa County Historical Society


1828 and 1846


Our thanks to Cheryl Holzbach for her tireless transcription.

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