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1862 War Tax WHI.jpg
White, Crewdson
Wright, James M.
Watkins, Ro.B.
Wash, Edwin C
Winston, Frank V
Winston, Miss Martha
Walton, W.S. Agt for Ann Kay
Waldrope, Francis- Marked Out
Woodson, John S.
Winston, Wm. J.
Williams, B.F.
Wheeler, William…

1862 War Tax WAL.jpg

Waldrope, Frances Sr
Waldrope, George J.
Ware, Nathan A.
Walker, John W.
Wash, Edward S.
Wash, Mrs Matilda
Wash, Mrs Nancy
Walton, William
Walton, James B.
Walton, Andrew W.
Woolfolk, Mrs Ann E.
Woolfolk, James H.
Wilkinson, Rev Robt…

1862 Louisa County  War Tax Book TUR
Turner, M.C.
Thompson, Richard A.
Thompson, Charles, J.
Thomas, John M.
Thompson, Richard A. Jr.
Thompson, Wyatt & Nathl P.
Talley, Joseph C. Est
Talley, James L.
Thomasson, M Martha
Terrell, Julian F.
Taylor, Henry (G. Springs)

1862 War Tax THO.jpg
Thomasson, Lipscomb
Thomasson, Rebecca’s Children
Tyler, George
Tyler, Henry W.
Thomas, William C.
Trevilian, Charles G.
Timberlake, James
Timberlake, Charles
Timberlake, Philip
Timberlake, Joseph
Towzy, Richard
Taylor, Alexr F…

1862 War TAX SMI
Smith, John M G. J.
Smith, Garrett M B. Herter Gdn
Swift, John Est
Talley, Francis D.
Talley, Miss Lucy A.
Talley, Richard A.
Talley, Anderson
Talley, Richard (SM)
Talley, John (SM) Est
Talley, Mrs Prudence W
Talley, Samuel C.

1862 War Tax SIM.jpg
Sims, Thomas J.
Sanders, H. B.
Shirler, Mrs. Susan T.
Smart, Miss Amanda
Smith, Mrs. Mary
Strange, Col. John B,
Swift, Luther R.
Same Exor Mrs. Ann Watkins
Swift, Edmund
Swift, David
Swift, William M.
Sanner, Josiah C.
Strong, William…

1862 War Tax SHE.jpg
Shelton, Joseph S.
Smith, John B. (Augusta)
Seargeant, Chapman
Shelton, John B.
Swift, Col. Andrew B. Est[ate]
Sauders, Hiram Est[ate]
Sneed, Benjamin (Alb.)
Shaddock, Samuel
Sims, Meriwether S.
Sims, Joseph
Sims, Henrietta Q. (?)…

1862 War Tax SHA.jpg
Sharpe, Miss Elizabeth
Sharpe, Salina M.
Sharpe, Miss Temperance
Stewart, John
Shifflet, Archibald
Stanley, Edwin L.
Stanley, William C
Sacia, William J.
Sliffler(?), Hiram
Stanley, John (Hanover)
Seay, Wyatt
Smith Chr. G. for Miss A. E.…

1862 War Tax RUF.jpg
Ruffner, Nancy
Ryan, Mary + ? . H + S. Thomasson
Rogers, Agnes
Roberts, Jacob W.
Roberts, Jeremiah A.
Richardson, B. F. Trustee for Lucinda F.
Ramsay, William
Rawlings, Peyton J.
Sanders, Sarah J.
Sargeant, Nathaniel

Taxable Personal Property List_ 1782_1.24_p1.jpg
A list of the personal property taxes paid by citizens in different districts of Fluvanna County in 1782. Although these lists do not give a full list of all persons living in Fluvanna County, they do provide invaluable information on some of the…
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