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Securing funds for a new school in 1923

The second Great Awakening in America spread to Louisa County by 1830. The zeal stirred by this second wave of revival inspired the rise of tract and Bible societies, missionary societies and the Sunday school movement.

Women found in these…

Rev. Tucker served the mission churches of the Episcopal Diocese of Vigininia, one of which ws St. James Episcopal Church in the Town of Louisa.

FOUNDED: current church built in 1881

LOCATION: Ellisville Road, town of Louisa

INFORMATION: The church was started after the Civil War and shared space with the Methodist Church in Louisa for many years. By 1881, the congregation raised…

Bond issued to W.H. Harris of Louisa County for $500 from the Confederate States of America. Payable two years after ratification of a peace treaty with the United States with 6% interest.

Date of issue July 20, 1864.

Photograph taken sometime in the early 20th C. near Trevilian Station, Louisa County. Jeff Porter appears in other photos at the Trevilian Station Depot.

$1,000 Bond issued to L.R. Swift by the Confederate States of America, payable ten years from date of issue with 8% interest. (See pdf file for detailed view.)

1848 letter from Clerk of Court for Fluvanna County, Virginia registry paper for free negro, signed Abram Shepherd.

Permission for Confederate soldier Henry D. Gardener to visit Louisa County

C.L. Goodwin is hereby exempt from military duty by reason of being owner of over twenty negroes on his plantation. When he ceases to be such this exemption is hereby declared void.


Letter written by Richard L. Sims to Captain Duke Cosby involving the Virginia Militia.

Certificate of membership of C.L. Goodwin in the Virginia State Agricultural Society

Exemption papers for Confederate military duty for C. L. Goodwin on the basis of his lumber contract with the Virginia Central Railroad


Picture of George Whitfield Kemper as a member of the Brown Light Infantry

Certificate of exemption as an agriculturalist for William Walton


Duke Cosby commissioned as Lt. in the 40th regiment, 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division of the Virginia Militia by Governor Wm. Cabell. 8 Nov. 1806 Seal still attached


Confederate bond written to W.H. Harris

Confederate bond written to L.R. Swift.

Confederate bond written to William Overton