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Estate of Richard Morris
P. 270
In Louisa County Court January 14th 1822
The foregoing Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Thomas Jennings deceased was this day in open court returned and by the Court ordered to be recorded. Teste



Constructed in 1937, Buchenwald Concentration Camp was one of the largest concentration camps in Germany. The prisoner population was only male until about 1943. Most of the prisoners were political prisoners, Jehovah's Witnesses, German military…

Letter stating why he wasn't present on July 9th but that he will be more than happy to visit Louisa after his vacation.

In 1935, Congress passed the Soil Conservation and Domestic Allotment Act to combat the effects of erosion that had led to the Dust Bowl and exacerbated the effects of the Great Depression on farmers. The Act created the Agricultural Conservation…

The Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) was created by Congress in 1938 though the Federal Crop Insurance Act. The FCIC was created to help farmers recover from the effects of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl by offering insurance on…

Drawing by Anna Jane T. (cannot read last name on lower right of drawing)


Pages in a small account book from about 1844-1865. Many of the births listed in this account are not recorded in the Louisa County Clerk of Court's records of births. Augustus Bowles either owned or lived near Anderson's Mill on Factory Mill Road,…

Thomas Johnson was born in Louisa County and attended Seminary in Lynchburg after the Civil War. He returned to Louisa and pastored several African-American churches throughout the remainded of the 1800s.


File available for download above in Word or as a PDF. Transcribed by Cheryl Henshaw, 2013

One of dedicated volunteers, Cheryl Holzbach, is a retired police officer with meticulous attention to detail. Last summer she took it upon herself to transcribe Louisa County Will Book 1 in its entirety. To read the document as a PDF, please…

This is the original record from the fee book of Thomas Jefferson settling the estate of Dabney Carr. Dabney Carr was not only a close friend of Carr, but his brother-in-law. Carr and Jefferson attended Reverend James Maury Classical School on the…

1935 photograph of Valentine's Mill from Library of Congress


Photo of Valentine's Mill dated 1935, from the Library of Congress


The home of Capt and Mrs. Lex Netherland near Trevilian Depot, Louisa County. Notice the woman sitting in the doorway of the home when the photo was taken.

Main Street Louisa around 1900. The second sign back on the left says 'Louisa Hardware". This shot is taken directly across from the courthouse.

This was the third courthouse used by Louisa County. Built in 1818, it was the courthouse in use during the Civil War when Union troops raided courthouse records.

The 1862 tax records for Louisa County were discovered in 2009 in Newburgh New…

Louisa was a major depot stop on the railroad between Richmond and Gordonsville. The train stopped to unload passengers at the Louisa Hotel where visitors often stayed to escape the heat and unhealthy air in the city (Richmond) during summer.