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Members of the Equal Suffrage League

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Members of the Equal Suffrage League


Enrollment Cards for the Equal Suffrage League


Dates in parentheses refer to the day the membership card was signed. All other words in brackets refer to anything written on the front or back of the card.

Names of the enrollees:

Neal. A. Hasher and Mrs. N. A. (Minnie) Hasher of Trevilians, Va. (April 23, 1915) (“Moved to California”)

L. L. Loyall of Willowbrook, Louisa Co., Va. (“Will help in Farmer’s Union and wants Mrs. V. to speak before some of their meetings.”)

Rob’t J. Shelton, M.D. of Applegrove, Louisa Co., Va. (“Doctor”)

W. T. Davis of Applegrove, Louisa Co.,Va. (June 2, 1916)

D. R. Shelton of Buckner, Louisa Co., Va.

Miss Ida Maucher of Buckner, Louisa Co., Va.

Elizabeth Hardenburg of Frederick’s Hall, Louisa Co., Va. (1916
Mr. Gooch Hollins of Frederick’s Hall RFD No.1 Box 57, Louisa Co., Va. (October 6, 1914)

W. Ray Harris of Jackson, Louisa Co., Va. (October 1915)

E. L. Quisenbury of Bumpass, Spotsylvania Co. (noted as Louisa)

Eva Thacker of Bumpass, Louisa Co., Va.

James S. Guild of Dabney, Louisa Co., Va. (December 1917)

E. N. Thacker of Bumpass, Louisa Co., Va.

Miss A. E. Swift of Bumpass, Louisa Co., Va. (December 2, 1916)

Mrs. F. M. Dillard of Mineral, Louisa Co., Va.

C. S. Dorman of Louisa Co., Va.

Jeva McGehee of Louisa, Va. (May 17, 1915)

R. B. Winston of Route 3, Louisa. (September 16, 1913)

Nannie M. Smith of Louisa (Vigor). (1914)

Mrs. Chas. P. Lee

Miss Bessie Palmore of Mineral, Virginia (April 6, 1915)

Miss Mary K. Hankins of Cuckoo, Virginia

John F. T. Anderson of Poindexter, Va. (April 23, 1915) (“Moved West”)


Used with Permission from the Special Collections and Archives, VCU Libraries


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