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Janice Abecrombie Genealogy Index

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Janice Abecrombie Genealogy Index


File contents Index for paper archive


The following is searchable text from the attached Excel Spreadsheet indexing the Genealogical Files of the late Janice Abercrombie. The files are held in the Sargeant Museum archives and are viewable by appointment.

Trudy Adams request for imformation on Jemima Johnson; William Zachary about 1770, includes Ashley and Martha Johnson and family, will abstracts; Johnson, Ashley Johnson, Elijah Johnson, James Watson, William Ragland, Micajah Davis, David Johnson, James Johnson, Joseph Chewnan, Jno. Pulliam, William Hall, Thomas Wash, Elizabeth Johnson, Martha Johnson, John A. Zachary, Jemima, Quaker
Includes records of James L Harris, 1830s and Lt. Col. John West 1633-1689,William West 1708-1741, Walter Chiles,1740-1815, includes family histories; Rock Creek Cemetery, Susan W. Chiles Harris; Old New Kent County Some Account of The Planters, Plantations, and Places in King William County St. John's Parish (Volume II)- 1977; Susan W. Cosby, James L. Harris; 1845 marraige bond; West family
Thomas Carr, Ambrose Joshua Smith, William Dyer, David Watts, John Rogers, Jasper Haynes, Thomas Moreman, John Major, Roger Quarles, John Dowell, William Cradock, Timothy Dalton Jr., Michael Holland, Thomas Collins, Benjamin Henslee, Nicholas Meriwether, Waller, Tulloh
Descendant list, Alfords family history; Lodwick Alford, Susanna Cade, Warren Alford, Winnefred, Mary Alford, Anselm Alford, Lemuel Alford, Susanna Alford, William Alford, Elizabeth Alford, Jacob Alford, Mary Pace, Sion Alford, Lodowick Alford, James Alford, Cynthia Alford, Warren (1770); Barbara Little, Betha Jane Alford, Jennett Little, Sion Alford, Catharine McPhaul, Paisley Alford, Margaret Ann McInnis, Martha Jane McRae, Alexander Alford, Cinderella Bridges Hall, Elizabeth Little, McNair, Mary Caroline Bridges, Bethsheba Collins Alford, Louisa Perry Alford, Currie, McPherson, Neill Little Alford, Dougland McCallum, Lawrence McCallum, McInnis, Townsend
Dandridge, courthouse records, Matthew Anderson will dated 1828; Robert Ambler Dandridge I married Mildred Aylett Allen (1783); Richard Allen Dandrige married Fanny Anderson (1803); Robert Holms (1827-1830); Mathew Anderson; Line of descent: Barthlomew Dandrige, William, Agnes Wilder, John Dandrige, Bridget Dugdale, Ann, William Dandridge, Euphan (Wallace) Roscow, Unity West, Nathaniel West Dandridge, Dorothea Spottswood, Jean Pollard, Robert Ambler, Richard Allen, Robert Holmes Dandridge, James Montgomery, Rebecca Johnson, Elizabeth Russel, Mary Darity, Fanny King, Sarah French, Mary C. Owens Leutty, Thodure Oscar Dandridge, Estelle Margaret Shelton, William Shelton Dandridge, Jane Rutledge, Pearl Sessions, Diana Dawn Dandridge, Edwin Richard Allen
David Gentry, Mary (Brooks) Gentry, Nicholas Gentry, Samuel Gentry, Sarah Gentry, Ann Gentry; research results; Hezekiah Gentry, Amos Ray Gentry, Catherin Reynolds, Sarah Brooks; local resources consulted (index copies)
Almond, Almand, etc; Archabald Carver, Hannah, John Almand, Caroline County, John Almond, Charlotte County, Thomas Wingfield; transcriptions of deed abstracts; will and marriage book transcriptions; book sources consulted
Elisha Freeman, settler in Severns Valley; Richard Freeman who married Ellender (Nellie) Yates (1794); Gilbert Gibson will; Elisha Freeman's children: Elisha, Richard, Thomas, Samuel, Sarah Freeman Couts, and Elizabeth Freeman Short; John Bohannon; Samuel Haycraft, Jr., Clk; Squire LaRue and George Helm
Jesse E. Amos (1850); Maria W. Howard; Nicholas Amos; Francis Amos; Nancy Profitt; Goochland County; Charles A. Amos; Judith Profitt; Amos and Howard transcriptions from local resources; copies of deeds/wills
Turner Anderson, Matthew Anderon, Meade County Kentucky; Robert Anderson Sr. (1640-1712); Turner's second son named Nelson; Martha Glenn, Nathaniel Spottswood Anderson; Thomas Yeatman; Nathan Daniel; Green River; Nancy married John Allen, died in 1851; Susan Roane Allen (1843); Richard Barnes Alexander; John Alexander - Northern Neck Proprietor; bible records, additional genealogy notes and information; Sarah Armada Drury, Blonnie Gertrude Anderson, Nathaniel Benjamin Anderson, Nelson Anderson, William Anderson; local resource transcriptions
Bible records; Family records of Rev. Nathan B. Anderson, as found in the Bible owned by John B. Anderson, b:1782 (his eldest son): Rev. Nathan Anderson (1745-1821); Martha Puryer, nine children; Peggy, Mildred, John B., Thomas P., Miss E. Younger, Nancy Lasley, John Bowles, Nathan, Miss Prichet; Mary married Mathew Sims; Spencer Adkins, Martha, Sarah, Jane, Thomas Sims; John B. Anderson and Nancy Lasley children: Elizabeth, William James, Frances, Thomas P, Mary Hert, John B, Willie A, Nathan J, Richard Ivy, David Wesley, Henry P; spouses and children: Nathan A. Williams, Catherine Goodman, John and Fannie, James Fox, Martha Ann, Elizabeth Carlton, Five children, John H. Burgess, Seven children, Martha Carlton, six children, Eliza Allegree, five children, Ann Williams, two children (died during infancy), Elizabeth Williams (Ann's sister??), Two children; Lucy Carter (Nelson County), seven children; John B. Anderson, Mary E. Morris, Richard M. Anderson, Mollie Watts, Alice McInnis, Willie C. Anderson, William W. Johnson, John J. Anderson, Sallie A. Johnson, Anne Brown Dobbs, Hugh R. Anderson, Ellie Anderson, Phillip L. Anderson, Laura Sadler, Nora F. Anderson, Austin Shepherd, James D. Hughes, Nannie C. Anderson, Robert Baber, D. Wiley Anderson, Cora B. Marshall, Sarah Wilkinson
Deed book abstracts, will book transcriptions; Matthew Anderson, wife Martha, Burton Hope, negroes and land left in will; slaves named Dick, Rachael, Martha, Ned Solomon, Overton, Grace; Taylors Creek; Archibald Anderson, Matthew D. Anderson, Pine Hill, Garland Anderson, William Anderson, Thomas Cary Anderson, Lucy B. Hope, Mary L. Henderson, Martha J. Dandridge, Mary F. Dandridge, Fanny Dandridge, Spottswood M., Archibald L., William G. Dandridge; son-in-law Robert Thomson
decree abstract of Anderson vs. Kimbrough, biography; George Kimbrough Anderson (1860-1930); Matthew A. Anderson, Ella Kimbrough Anderson; Henry W. Murray, William S. Gooch, William E. Bibb (election 1887); copy of Proceedings of the Forty-First Annual Meeting of the Virginia State Bar Association (1930)
Deed and will book transcriptions/abstracts; Nathan Anderson; Rev. Nathan Anderson, born in England and served in the Revolutionary War; Martha Puryear (wife)
Robert Anderson, Richard Clough Anderson; deed and will book abstracts/transcriptions; Anderson of Virginia and related families (copied)
Francis William Anthony, shoemaker and mill operator; John Anthony, Sarah Ann Susan Alley Harlow (widow of William Alley); Wealthy Ann Waldrop, William Wadrop, Elizabeth Ward; Minta Kerby, Lillian Chedsey, John Lewis Anthony, Josephine Jane Hope, Mary Elizabeth Anthony, George Tate, Fanny Ann Anthony, William Francis Anthony, Abner C. Foster, Angelina Tate Kersey, Lucy C. Anthony, Henry Foster, Samuel Wesley Anthony, Susan K. Gentry, Susan Victoria, Harmon Powers; Anthony Francis (Frank); John Anthony (from somewhere in France), Welthia Ann Waldrop; Mary Ann Kersey, Sarah Ann Susan Harlow Alley (widow of William Alley killed in Civil War); Anthony Ida Marian, Anthony James Francis
Francis M. Armstrong; William Armstrong, Sarah Carpenter Armstrong; census, deed, and tax information;
Revolutionary military records, marriage records, family chart, Sarah & John Thruston; Matthew Lacy, Fleming Lacy, Lucy Jackson to Charles K. Bowles, Missouri Bowles to William S. Lacy, Missouri Bowles to O.T. Mitchell; Betty Lacy to James A. Bagby (1869); deed for Alexander Bagby; Charles K. Bowles to Lucy Jackson
Thomas Bailey (1795); Camp Creek; John Bailey and Lucinda Goldsmith Bailey; David Jones; Rocky Creek; William Goldsmith; Elizabeth Roundtree, Isabella Roundtree, Callam Bailey, Sarah Holman, local resource transcriptions/abstracts
abstracts of marriages, deed books,estate lists,Sims family history, Walton family history,Baker family history, George Sims and his descendants
abstracts court records of Hanover county, Louisa County wills; Clarks and Terrill families; John Christopher Clark; Katherine Trinkle Burris (1818/1819); Jefferson Burris, Elizabeth Burris; James Anderson Burris killed in the War of 1812 (died 1814); Mary Ann (or Ellen); Isom (Isham) Clark; Christopher Clark; Franklin Clark; Jefferson Burris; Richard Barkley Clark (1787-1836); transcriptions from local resources
marriage license, deed abstracts, census,Revolutionary War Records; James Napoleon Saunders; Mary Ann Campbell; Goochalnd and Henrico County records; Edward Saunders, Thomas Saunders, Mary Saunders, Samuel Saunders, Jane Saunders, Martha Saunders, Mallissa Saunders, John Saunders, Ann Saunders, Mary A Saunders, Louisa Saunders, Manon Saunders, Edward Saunders, Albert P Saunders, Mary E Saunders, William O Saunders, Emuella Saunders, George Saunders, Robert S Saunders, Ann R Saunders, Sallie A Saunders, Mary E Saunders, Charles E Saunders, James N Saunders, Thomas J Saunders, Judith A Saunders, Burley Saunders, Virginia Saunders; copies of local resources, transcriptions and census information
Descendents of Rueben Mastin; Robert Bartlett, James Thomas Bartlett, Martha "Patsy" Mastin; Joseph Bartlett; Descendant list
Row/Rowe family deeds and will of Louisa County; Jesse Row (Rowe), John Rowe, Jane (Walker) Rowe, Revolutionary War Service: Captain Charles Dabney; Col. Samuel Meredith; Col. Taylor; Capt. John Byer; Jane Faris; Elizabeth married James Rowe; Elizabeth born around 1780; Jesse's other children were John, Jesse Jr., William, James, Mary, Jane, Susan, and Sarah; Jesse had a brother named William; local resource transcriptions/abstracts
abstracts of patent books, assessments of land property, plat of land granted to Joh Harris, chronology; Quaker meeting house information; Archelous Harris
Land plats, maps; Mansfield; Chiles; Mills; Christopher Run; North River; Joseph G. Boxley; W. Holladay; James Boxley
Will of McGehee, will of James Arnett, copies of deeds, Samuel McGehee
James Gresham, Jane Clark, Benjamin, Mary Parrish Gresham, transcriptions and abstracts of local resources
Armistead Cole was appointed guardian of William, John, Meredith, Samuel, children of Samuel Thompson, deceased; John Slater; Samuel Talley Thompson; Sarah Thompson, her estate; Lucy J. Burrus, James McAllister, Samuel Thomson, Tomahawk Creek, Christopher Run; Bibb, Lipscomb; Nancy Cole, daughter of William Cole
marriages, chancery papers, Census data, deeds, wills, family history; George Sumners, Percival Beadles, Ada Sumner, Dr. William Beadles, Jr.; Mary Ella Sumner, George Russell Sumner, Helen Lee Sumner, Lucy Lee Sumner, John M. Sumner,Amos Sumner, Robert West, Elizabeth W. Beadles, Episcopal church, Joseph Beadles
James Barbour will; Lucy Barbour will; copies included; transcriptions of Orange County courthouse records (wills) included
marriage records, court order books , Thomas Johnson, Samuel Ragland, Thomas Poindexter, John Bickley of Red Hill, Mary Hurt, Susannah Harding Ellis, Charles Ellis, Joseph Bickley Sr., Sarah Shelton Gissage, James Hurt, Thomas Harding, Hannah, Mary Giles, Humphrey, Sarah, Lt. Joseph, Hannah, Mary, John, Elizabeth, Jane, Charles, Delilah Winfield, Frances, William, Caroline Matilda, Mildred, Sarah, William Blackwel/Blackwell; James, Dale Carter; James Coleman; William Holland; Mary Hatler, Rev. John Lasley, Sarah Lewis, John Bow
History and genealogy of John Bellamy; a resident of Louisa County prior to 1815; Welborne Lewis Baldwin (great-great-great-great-grandson of John Bellamy)
UVA Library special collection guide; Guide to a Collection; A Guide to the W.E. Bibb Papers; Collection Number 4171
deed abstracts, marriage records, county records list, family history, pedigree chart; Benjamin Timberlake of Hanover County; Benjamin Timberlake, Jr.; Burnett, Charles, John, Joseph, Philip; Richard Timberlake, William Timberlake; Susanna Timberlake, Elizabeth Timberlake, Polly Timberlake, Elizabeth Timberlake, William Timberlake, Lucy A. Timberlake, Lucy Ann Timberlake, Benjamin Timberlake; Murwood Timberlake, Mary Timberlake, Hannah Timberlake, Joseph Tiimberlake, John Timberlake, Millard Timberlake, Mildred Timberlake, Ann Timberlake, Nancy Timberlake, Sarah Timberlake, Susanna Timberlake; Mary Criddle, Jean Peers, Martin Gentry, Edmund Massie, Annie Douglas, Mary, Benjamin Mann, Thomas Badgett, James Parish, John Jones, William King Timberlake, Sally Timberlake, Peggy Timberlake, Frances Timberlake, Leonard Fretwell, Thomas Harris, Thomas East, Mourning Johnson, George Alvis, Joseph L. Reyburn, Christopher Timberlake, Elizabeth Kennedy, Polly Farley, Mary Farley, Enoch Lewis, Thomas C. Anthony, Mary Wright, Russell Barrick, Russell Barracks, Thomas Bailey, Mary Lynch Johnson, Salley Timberlake, Pleasant Timberlake, Nancey Timberlake, Molley Timberlake, John Timberlake, Betsy Timberlake, Elizabeth Betsy Timberlake, Elizabeth Johnson, Betty Johnson, Mary Lynch Johnson, Bartlett Gentry, Sarah Dougherty, Sally Dougherty, Daugherty, Bedford County; Warren Timberlake, Clark Timberlake, Charles Timberlake, Hannah Timberlake, Nelson Timberlake, Hannah Lyans, Harriet Williams, Samuel Marquis, Susanna Lewis, Elnor Cramer, Nancy Barr, Susan Shafer, Mary Criddle, Elizabeth Criddle, Mildred Criddle, Martha Criddle, Nancy Criddle, Frankey Criddle, Kesiah Criddle, Charles Timberlake, Mr. Key, Mr. Kitchen, Mr. Spearman, Mr. Jones, Mr. Bailey, Mr. Huston, Judith Lawson; Timberlake Familes of Bedford, Campbell, Louisa, Caroline, and Albermarles Counties (Judith S. Carman); Family of Philip Timberlake, Sr. of Louisa County, Virginia (Larry Lee Blackman) - 50 page report; Timberlakes in Cocke's HANOVER COUNTY TAXPAYERS (1782-1815); several BLACKMAN charts
family history and genealogy; Virginia Families of Louisa, Hanover and Monroe Counties, Book #7, Gayle King Blankenship; Greene (1809-1991) South Carolina to Monroe County, WV; Archey (1790-1990) Pennsylvania to Monroe County, WV; Sifford (1765-1959) Pennsylvania to Botetourt County, VA; Shirey (1730-1972) Pennsylvania to Augusta and Monroe Counties, VA; Tate (1662-1976) New Kent County, VA to Louisa County, VA; Durvin (1707-1962) Louisa County, VA; Watkins (1735-1867) Louisa County, VA; Strong (1730-1976) New Kenty County, VA to Louisa County; Stanley (1700-1907) New Kent County, VA to Hanover County; Hudson (1634-1954) Henrico County, VA to Prince Edward County; Higginson (1755-1843) Wheeler Hanover County, VA to KY, MO; Hall (1775-1843); Wash (1710-1959); Corker (1752-1980) Hanover County, VA to Louisa County; Kersey (1736-1980) Louisa County; Ward (1735-1870) Louisa County; index included
deed abstracts, will copies; Rice Graves, Lawrence Young, Sr.; Deed Book I, p. 644; wife Jane
Harrison Harris; Goochland County; Louisa County deed abstracts
Will book copies, marriage bonds, will copy; Henley Research; Goochland County Marriage Register (1733-1815); Fluvanna County deed information; marriage bonds of Henrico County, Virginia 1782-1853 (Henderson, Richard W. to Hida, William); Bowles/Henley line; Elijah Miller to Hanna Ellis; Leonard Henley (Will Book 3, p. 559); Richardson Henley (1813); Sarah Farrar Henley (1802) of Goochland; Joseph Farrar Bowles; Thomas Bowles
Pension claims, art work list, mining sites article, deed copies; Thomas Bowles, National Archives Pension applications; Thomas Bowles (Hanover County) 1832; Zachariah Bowles of Hanover County; Dol. Drury Wood Knight Bowles (1854-1889) portrait appraisal; poetry composed by Col Bowles; various mine locations and information in Fluvanna County
Deeds, plats, maps, wills, tax list; Ethel G. Boxley, B.V. Boxley, Jr.; deed book abstracts, transcriptions; copies with drawings/maps
deed book abstracts,bible records, family history; Robert Dalton and wife Mary; Addison J. Gooch and Miletus T. Gooch; Joseph C. Sanner; Guardian Bonds; Addsion Jarman Gooch; Thomson's bible states that Addison was born 1820
deed abstracts, Chancery records, inheritance agreement, marriages, pension application; Rowe, Row, and Roe surnames; Moses Row; John Maddox, Sr.; Ohio County, Kentucky; Charles Aston (1792); William Aston (1804); estate inventories; William Maddox; Goochland county; Alexander Aston; Maddox vs Maddox, Goochland County, VA File Box 16 & 18; Mary Maddox; four sons: Benjamin, John, Wilson, and Michal; Judith Maddox; Elizabeth Maddox; Mary Maddox; Usly Maddox; Sarah Maddox; William J. Maddox; Jane Maddox; Jane A. Weldon; Sarah Jane Smith, Irving Smith; William H. Maddox; William Joseph Maddox; Josiah Maddox; Daniel Aston of Goochland County; Elinor is the daughter of Daniel Aston and wife of the deceased John Maddox; Revolutionary War veteran; Rebecca Mantalowe
Family group list, marriage records, land grant record, deed book abstracts; Currin, Curran, Curren; Robert P. Currin of Louisa County; John Currin married October 1805 in Virginia to Sarah (Sallie) Davis, daughter of Robert Davis. They moved to Morgan County, Alabama (Cotato Co.) South of Huntsville, Alabama. All the Currins traveled close together; some settled in Limestone County next to Morgan County. About 1830, they moved to Hardeman County Tennessee and then Tippa County Mississippi where he died in 1847. Robert P. Currin had a son named James who went to Fayette County Tennessee next to Hardeman County Tennessee also Robert P. Currin Jr. went to Lauderdale County Tennessee; Robert P. Jr. bough land all over Tennessee and northern Alabama; Douglas register; Hanover county, Virginia Court records
1860 census, marriage record, list of count records for slaves, family history; Richard Gosney Bibb (1802); Richard Bibb (1797); Richard C. Bibb (1777); Lucy Ann Bibbs (1838); William Holt; William L. Wnston (1861); Sumpter Bibb, Martha Bibb, Edward Bibb, Adella Bibb, Hannah Richardson, Cole Burruss; Cora Z. Jones; Annette Mathews (1879-1962)
Ambrose Bellamy, William R. Bellamy, James Wright, Francis Whittle, Juliet W., Bradley Bellamy, Priscilla, Meredith, Elizabeth McBride, James M. Bellomy, Benjamin W. Bellamy, Nancy A., Thomas Washington Bellamy, Mary, Mary Flannagan, James M. Bellamy, William Rowe Bellamy, Sarah Roberts, Sally R. Bellamy, Sarah Bellamy, John P. Bellamy, James M. Bellamy, Jr., Thomas B. Bellamy, Isaac L. Bellamy, Mary E. Bellamy; Martha Elizabeth Ingle, Ann Kelsie, Lucina Ives, Mary Wolfe, William Canady, Polly Horton, Mary Horton, A.S. Brown, Davidson
Family group sheet; John Clark; Francis Clark; Miriam McKibben (or McCibben); Charmber K. Clark, Charles M. Clark, James Harvey Clark, Eliza Clark, Mary Clark, Thomas Harbert, Mr. Price, Harriet B. Harper, Mary A. Bailey, Mary Eliza Hendrix; male Clarks: Joshua, Aaron, Thomas, William, John Jr., Samuel; Jemima, Hannah, Patty; Ambrose Clark, Isaac Clark, Joseph Clark, Joshua Clark; William Lee, Rachel Ambrose, Elizabeth Lee, Gen. Jonathan Clark, Margaret, Harrison, Susanna Swisher, Aaron Booth, Mary Booth, Elenor Williams, John H. Clark MD, Stephen Clark, Hannah Jones, John Clark, Phoebe Mintern, Hannah Johns (Quaker girl)
Marriage consent: Dabney Smith and Agnes Walton, signed by William Walton and Joel Walton; William Smith and Frances McGehee - marriage record not found; Joel Lucious, Elizabeth Hollins, Temperence married Uriah Higgason (1822); John married Adelia Jackson (1832); Cub Creek; Elizabeth, Nancy, Sally M., Frankey, Dabney, Lucy L., Pollu, William Toler, Coleman Trainum, Charles Cosby, Barbara W., William Smith, David Smith II, Carolyn E. Smith, Dabney Smith (1779-1860), Charles Granison Watts (1818-1879), Mary Baker Walton, Martin and Mary Walton Baker of Hanover County
Copies from National Genealogical Society Quarterly on Buckingham County
copy of family Bible; Bessie D. Snead; Spotsylvania County; George W. Trainum; Meltons- location; Oakland; marriage information; Births: A.D. Trainum (April 11, 1903), F.M. Trainum (July 27, 1905), E.S. Trainum (October 20, 1907), E.E. Trainum (June 5, 1910), G.W. Trainum (November 15, 1912), L.E. Trainum (February 2, 1915), F.E. Trainum (March 22, 1917), B.B. Trainum (February 10, 1919), E.A. Trainum (March 25, 1921), S.B. Trainum (February 16, 1923), Norma Elaine Trainum (September 8, 1924?), Bryan Courtney Trainum (September 25, 1925), Harvey Fray Trainum (May 5, 1928); Marriages: Alfred Douglas Trainum, Carrie Murial Harris, Eleanor Snead Trainum, Aubrey M. Fortune, Frances Marion Trainum, Dr. Edward C. Holderby, Edna Earl Trainum, Charles Self, Mr. G.W. Trainum, Doris Eleanor Talley, Clifford Isbell Bumpass, Lottie Eugenia Trainum, Bertram Basyl Trainum, Eloise Hypes, Norma Elaine Trainum, Milard F. ?; Deaths: baby girl, Francis Elias Trainum, Mr. G.W. Trainum, Mrs. G.W. Trainum, Alfred Douglas Trainum, George W. Trainum, Jr., Eleanor Snead Trainum Fortune, Marion Trainum Holderby, Edna Trainum Self, Bertram Basyl Trainum; additional copied birth list included
Copy of will; Samuel Bunch, Pouncy B. Bunch, James Bunch, William Winslow, Samuel Ragland, Mary Bunch (wife)
Copy of will; Samuel Bunch, Pouncy B. Bunch, James Bunch, William Winslow, Samuel Ragland, Mary Bunch (wife); LARGER COPY OF PRECEDING FOLDER'S ITEM (clearer/better quality)
Will of Peter Shelton who died in Louisa in 1801; client was looking for additional information on the Austin family; A John Austin married Peter Shelton's daughter (Lucy) on September 7, 1784 in Goochland, Virginia; John Austin and his six brothers - one of which was named Walter and received a veteran pension from Hanover County - all fought in the American Revolution; mother of the seven boys was possibly Mary Crenshaw; inventory of estate of Peter Shelton (copy- not clear); Douglas Register (pages copied); additional copies from will books
family group form, will abstract; Gunter, Thomas Gunter, John Gunter, Sr., 1800 census information, Thomas Gunter and Mary Ware, Susan Ware Almond; Thomas Floyd Gunter, Sr., Elizabeth Barnes, Larkin Beavers, Jane King, Thomas Floyd, Jr., Polly (Mary?), Lucy Ann Barnes, Andrew Derrick, Dennis Loyd, Jane, Jesse, Margaret, "GUNTER" compiled, written, and edited by Edwin D. Gunter, Edwin D. Gunter, Jr., Lena Mae Fryer, Barbara Fryer Price
Family group form, family history, chancery record, deed book abstract, tax list, marriage list, deed abstracts, will copy; Jacob Burrus, wife Mary; Thomas Burrus, Sarah Martin (wife); Henry Burrus; Charles Burrus; William Burrus; Elizabeth Burrus; Ann Burrus; Mary Burrus; Justiniana Burrus; Jacob Burrus; Leonard Davis and wife Susannah Burrus; Jonathan, Jacob, Thomas, Lemuel, Elinor, Elizabeth Hord, Mary (Molly), Jonathan Roberts, Matthew, Elizabeth Dale, Sarah, Hugh Roberts, Isaac, Susannah R. (Roberts?), Nancy, John Stone, William, Sarah T. Barksdale; Thomas Burrus, Jacob Burrus Sr., Edmund Burrus, Surry County North Carolina Tax Lists (1790-1800)
Map of Lake Anna, family history, Oaksby Plantation, deed book abstracts, chancery copies, land plat; Henneritta Terry, widow of James Terry; Henneritta Harris; Amanda Malvina (Terry) Hill and John Hill, Jr.; Lucian Jefferson Harris and Sarah Frances (Bush) Harris; James Hill; Daniel Singleton - will (1794) - Orange County; Phillip Singleton - Bedford County, VA (1775); Christopher Singleton; Nicholas Jones of Orange; estate of John C. Goodwin, Charles Q. Goodwin; "Whitehall" and "Oaksby"; "Family Ancestry" by Edna Harris Bushnell; excerpt from LCHS Magazine on Oaksby Plantation; Terry-Goodwin deed book abstracts and will book transcription; "Oaksby" by Edna Harris Bushnell; Thomason admins. vs. Thomason exors.; Nathaniel Thomason; William Thomason; George Thomason; Bullock deed book abstract transcription; maps; Lorey Tract; Lorey Chisholm (land); land of Shelton, Smith, Thomas, Bullock; Mrs. Louise Thomas, Frances Thomas, Henry Thomas, Mary Thomas, Smith Thomas (1850 census record); Clara Garland; Francis Thomas, Frances Thomas; Anna R. Thomason Goodwin; John C. Goodwin; Henry A. Thomas; Mollie Thomas
Family history and genealogy; John George Butler; John George Butler, Jr.; Mildred Butler; David Thomas Butler; Thomas Butler; Samuel Butler; Mary Thacker; Edmund Butler; Lewis Henry Butler, Barbara Ann Butler, Thomas Jackson Sims, Carrie Edith Sims, Ophelia Whitlock, Virginia May Sims, Morris Kennon, Thomas Kennon, William Kennon, Virginia May Kennon, H. Crickenberger, Maude Camilla Sims, Evie Kennon, Alice Kennon, Grace Kennon, Earl Kennon, T.C. Waddy, Harry Hiter, Virgie Dunnivan, Dorothy Kennon, Cleon Hughson, William Franklin Kennon, Charlie Kennon, Mary Kennon, Aubrey Nuckolls, Henry Albert Kennon, Gladys Trainham, Cecil Kennon, Emmitt Garrett Sims, Annie Whitlock, Gwendolyn F. Wean, Emmitt Franklin Sims, Elizabeth Jean Sims, R. Carlton Brooks, Emlyn Ann Brooks, Carol Jean Brooks, Sandy Brooks, Madeline Francis Sims, J.B. Hadder Jr., John B. Hadder III, Gary Hadder, Christopher Hadder, Larry Hadder, Emmitt Garrett Sims, Thomas Jackson Sims, Lou Frances Towsey, William Lewis Sims, Nolie May Sims, Etherlinda Terrell, Hunter White, Mary Elizabeth Sims, Franklin Ray Hester; Patsey Jean Hester, W. Harrison Sims, Theresa Sims, Ginger Sims, William Harrison Sims, Ann Sims, Joyce Sims, William Hunter Sims, Sarah Terrell Sims, Winder Liggan, Linwood Liggan, Virginia Ann Sims, Archie D. Eubank, Jack Eubank, Ida Sims, Perleski Sims, Jim Hiter, Walter Johnson, John Henry Whitlock; Willie Cook Whitlock, Pearl Payne, Bonnie Lee Byars, Jr.; Catharine Byars, Judy Bourne, Verlinda Bourne; Bonnie Lee Byars, Jr.; David Lee Engleman, Catharine Engleman, Martha Elizabeth Whitlock; Henry Terrell Payne; Martha Elizabeth Payne; Donnie Payne Seay; Molly Tiller; Kelly Seay, Alice Susan Payne, Ann Lavinia Lewis Whitlock, Robert Jackson Payne, Catherin Seay, Elizabeth Louise "Peachie" Payne; Marilyn Ann Hubbard; Butler, Harper, several page index of names included
Family group record, descendants report; William Samuel Butler, Sarah Jane Kennedy, Maggie Mary Lavinia, Annie Elizabeth, Sarah Moore, Henry Kennedy, William S. Jr., John Hugh, Lewis Alexander; Kate C. Towsey, John H. Thomas, George Edgar Kiblinger, Julia E. Hubbard, John George Butler, Mary Thacker, Mildred, Thomas, Samuel, William Henry, Peter; Rhoda Sims, Eliza Fox, Susan Butler, Angeline, Ann Butler, Virginia May Sims, Marcus Kennon, Hiram Jackson Kennon, Maude Camilla Sims, Evie Kennon, Alice Kennon, Grace, Earl Kennon, Joseph Jackson, Henry Albert; Carrie Edith, Lou Frances Towsey, Thomas Jackson Sims, Emmitt Garrett, Willie Cook, Martha Elizabeth, Ann Lavinia Lewis, Henry Colvin Whitlock, John Clayton, Alice Lee, Ivy Spicer, Alva Lee Mallory, John Franklin Estes, Robert Jackson Payne, Eliza Fox, John George Butler, Jr.?, Hester, Bibb, Crickenberger
chancery claims, marriage record abstracts, Bible note, will and deed abstracts, family group sheet, cemetery; William Henry Butler, Franny Shepherd Butler, Elizabeth I. Butler, Lancelot Sims, Bently Fleming, Montgomery Hall, Susan Ann Butler, Alexander C. Butler, Frances C. Butler, Judith Strong Butler, Catharine Butler, Ellett Butler, Frances Catherine Butler, Susan Butler, Calvin Harper, Elizabeth A. Harper, Lavinia Louisa Butler, Sally Butler, John Henry Whitlock, Sarah Jane Kennedy, Rhoda Sims
Bible page, family list; J.H. Whitlock (1842-1914); John Henry Whitlock and Susan Jane Butler, Alva Lee Mallory, Eugenia Ethel Whitlock, Eugene Ray Mallory, Otelia Graves, Eugene Ray Mallory, Margaret Wilson Mallory, Howard W. Barksdale; Linda Barksdale, Gene Trainham; John Henry Mallory, Frances Mallory, Sgt. Asa Eanes; Mildred Melton; Betty Butler Berryman; Randolph Mallory, Barbara Marshall, Susan Mallory, Jacqueline May Mallory, William Wash, Carolyn Wash, Pattie Wash, William Wash, Jimmy Wash, Steven Wash, Cindy Wash; Dorothy May Mallory, Herby Sharp, Theresa Sharp, Donna Faye Sharp; additional surnames: Spicer, Whitlock, Caughey, Trice, Alhizer, Butler, Hester, Whitlock, Fisher, Nuckols, Payne, Grooms, Rosson, Haas, Dickinson, Black, Berryman
County records, will, indentures, marriage list, deed abstracts; Fluvanna County; Albemarle and Goochland records; Neil McCann (Amherst County); John Bybee, Elizabeth McCann; Neal McCann; Revolutionary War soldier, Bollengers Creek (Albemarle); Applegate
Deed abstracts, will copies; list of cemeteries around Contrary Creek, Elk Creek, St. Martin's Parish, Trinity Parish; Byrd family; Richard Harris, Mary J. Virginia, Richard Jr., S.J., T.D., Martha, W.B. Susan Church, Maury County Tennessee, Mary Ann Byrd; Davis Cosby; George Bird;
Civilian Conservation Corps Company 2359; Camp P-82; William J. Bemis, Jr.; Samuel H. Malkin; Earle L. Parker; Ivan V. Yonce; E.P. Snead; G.H. Ross; D.L. Forlines; J.C. Hollins; J.H. Kennedy; C.B. Newbill; V.C. Pittman; R.H. Powell; George Vukovich; George Kerick; Joseph Bardyn; LeRoy Corbett; Lewis Glass; Ryland Dickinson; Ralph Gerlette; Paul Yasher; William Bothwell; Hugh Brennan; John Devine; Lester Dunaway; Joel Hopkins; John Kalas; John Koleno; Frank Lonski; Theodore Nickel; Peter Nouish; Edward Scott; John Totin; Joseph Zewan; John Abplanalp; Joseph Armitage; Frank Baron; Andrew Beao; Andy Bedio; John Bedio; John Belcavage; Ernest Bottone; Joseph J. Brayer; Metro Breznick; Paul Busovni; Nicholas Camp, Michael Coggins, Earl Colbert, Peter E. Cominsky, Joseph Curran, Albert Darby, Albert J. Curran, Benny Ditchkus, Peter Donchak, Charles Drago, Alex Duricko, Richard Elder, Frank Fabian, Alex Fela, Lee Fetterman, Henry Fisher, DeVere Foltz, William Geiger, John Grier, Claude Grim, Geneo Gurner, Bernard Hall, Harry Hamovitz, Leo Hetman, Herman Hicks, Dennis Hopkins, Floyd Hopkins, John Hutsko, John J. Huxta, Rudolph Isvak, Stankley Iwicki, Anthony Janesky, Robert Johnston, Edward Kane, Michael Klim, John Kosack, Joseph Kolesar, George F. Kramer, Metro J. Kravetz, Leonard Krise, Nick Kriss, Charles Kyrsak, Paul Lawrence, John Lapin, Adam Leonard, Walter Lipinski, John C. Liss, Jr.; Albert Lukas, Ambrose Lynch, Nadzar Martino, Melvin Mason, Joseph McGee, Richard McGinness, Albert Meister, Antony Mickles, George Miller, Louis C. Misura, Michael Montana, Patrick Montant, Clyde E. Morgan, Victor M. Napkie, John Olenich, Joseph Panek, Neal Panzarella, Herbet J. Parker, Stanley Pawlinski, John L. Paxton, Jeff T. Perdue, Curtis Porter, Johnny C. Preston, Can Price, Noel O. Price, Nelson Puz, Daniel Rabinsky, Joseph Rakes, John D. Ramey, Elmer L. Reed, Forest C. Reid, Edward Richnick, John E. Rogo, Curtis Rogers, Garfield W. Rosenbaum, Roy E. Ross, Roy Sarver, Edward R. Schropp, Charles W. Seegar, Joseph Sevitski, James J. Saxton, Albert Shadder, James M. Shaffer, Wallace H. Shanklo, John Shealor, Oscar Shearer, Jr.; John Sidovick, Rudolph J. Skubic; Theodore Swarlo; Oscar Smith; John Sosnoskie, Jack Stanton, Carl M. Stepalovitch; John Stevens; Harold E. Styers; Joseph M. Sukienik; William Sysock, Joseph Valentukonis; Edward Van Gorden; Alphonse W. Wallentavage; Irvin Wade; Kenneth Watkins; David Williams; Lynn Williams; Llewellyn Williams; George Winn; Paul Wisneski; Joseph Yarter; Stanley Zaleski; Michael Zayck; Edward Zembra; John Zeok, Jr.; Edmund L. Zigon
Chronology list, will book, family record; Symon Cammock; Edward Dewell; Sylvester Thatcher; Margaret Thatcher; Walter Williams, John Cammock; Warwick Cammock; William Cammock (1697); Margaret Cammock; Spotsylvania County, Caroline County records; William Cammock the Younger, Robert Cammock, Christopher Cammock, John Cammock, Richard Roy Cammock, Jane Beverley Cammock
will copies and transcriptions, deed abstracts; Richard Jones, Parish Trinity, Dated May 18, 1774, Recorded March 13, 1780 Will Book 2, Page 367A; Captain James Overton, Died February 8,, 1816, Louisa County, Virginia
Census 1800s, marrige record, pedigree chart, will copy, deed book abstracts; James A. Bellamy (1814), Alvarina Anthony Bellamy (1814/1820); Owens County Kentucky; Ballard County Kentucky; Bellomy; Richard Bellamy; Ambrose; Benjamin; Ruben; Mary; Richard; William; Poor House - Edward Bellamy; Jane Bellamy
will and deeds abstracts and copies, chancery copies, marriage index, maps, census index; Madison County records; Susan A. Cash, J.D. Cash, J.B. Cash, William A. Cash, John B. Cash, Jean Cash, abstracts from Spotsylvania County for Cash; J. Gratton Cash
Charles and David COSBY, copies of deeds, and wills; family sheet for Charles COSBY and wife, Mary MINTER; Charles Cosby (born 1754); Carpenter Record (done around 1900)
Birth: James Montgomery Cooke (March 20, 1818 in Orange County); Nelson Mordecai Cooke and Esther McGehee Cooke, Esther may be called Nancy in some documents; William Cooke, born 1740 in Orange, parents Mordecai Cooke and Ann Day Cooke?; Death; William Cooke, died 1821 Orange or Louisa; Marriage: Mordecai Cooke and Ann Day in Orange or Louisa between 1725 and 1740?; Nelson Mordecai Cooke and Esther McGehee - married in Louisa County on November 21, 1803; family charts, will book transcriptions, deed book abstracts
Benjamin CLARKE and Sarah JONES, some abstracts of Goochland County records; William Ashlin and Benjamin Clarke Deed information (1796); Benjamin and Sarah Clarke sold to James Quarles (1798); Benjamin Clark (b. 1756, d. 1816 in Mason County Kentucky); Sarah Jones; John Clarke of Goochland County; Benjamin Clarke; family chart, transcriptions from other county sources
copy of the will of Christopher CLARKE
Family sheet for Chastain DeGrasse PROFFITT (Sr.) and Eliza Ann WALTON, abstracts of deed books and will book transcriptions (of Louisa and Goochland); copies from Goochland deed books, the surname DRUMWRIGHT and DRUMHELLER, also researched; William M. Walton, William Mann Walton, Benjamin H. Walton, Herman Hidmore Walton line; charts included, index copies, transcriptions and abstracts
Wills copies, account sheets, index copies; Smiths in Louisa County, inventory lists Abner, Betty, Elizabeth, Ann, William Smith, etc; John Smith; St. Peters Parish Church
Booklet: Descendants of Estienne Chenault, corrections sheet, marriage list, will copies, Charles J. Chenault, J. F. Chenault, John W Chenault, Huguenot Society; John Butler Chenault, Myrtle Ellen Tyler; John Franklin Chinault; Laura Ellen Chenault; Louisa Covington (in Caroline County); Turner Chinault; wife and daughter named Africa; Etienne Cheneau, Howlett, Stephen, John, Mary, Benjamin?, William Chenault, Caroline County marriage reocrds; John Self and Aggy Bowler
Will copies, family history and genelogy, Reuben and Ann ,Jesse, Albert, Robert Chewning; Thomas Chewning (will, division, appraisement), William Chewning (appraisement), Henry Chewning (appraisement), Reuben Chewning (settlement), Tandy Chewning (will), James S. Chewning (will), Leah Chewning (will)
Family history and genealogy, Lt. C. Walter Chiles, Walter Chiles, Jr. and Mary Chiles, Henry, John, Mitulda, John T. Chiles, Edmund Pendleton Goodwin; Pages, Webber, Dabney Carr, Littlepage, Tyler, Edwards
Bible copies, Marriage list abstracted, family history of Chiles, Malone, Wright, Payne, Richardson, King families; Fluvanna County; Chastain Chiles; Richard Malone; Mary Ann Peterson; Beulah Chiles; Frank K.; Royal Chiles; Goldie Chiles; Wesley King; Robert Chiles; Susie W.; Leon Chiles; Ruby Shepherd; Charlie Chiles; Helen S.; Peggie Malone; Pattie Lucy; James Hinchen; Susan Mildred; Richard Floyd; Charlie Jordson
Copies of wills, William Walton (died in 1861), William Walton married to Martha Warren "Patsy", Andrew Washington Walton (died 1899), Andrew married to Lydia Turner Walton
Speech by Robert Young Clay on Virginia Genelogical Resources; details the various records available
Data sheets for John Williams and Daniels Williams, abstracts from will and deed books; Halifax plea information
will copy; Nanney Cooper, Sally Cooper, Ursly Cooper, Jacky Cooper
copies of Marriage register, deed book abstracts; Corkers of Louisa listed in Register; James Corker, Georgie Corker, Thomas Corker, Georgie A. Sprouse; Ellen Corker; Mary F. Sprouse; F. Thacker; James H. Sprouse; William Thacker, Martha Thacker; Joseph Corker
Moses Poindexter & Elizabeth Poindexter White, William & Eleanor Johnson White, Cary Moore, Edward Ragsdale, Robert White, Dicy White Historical Homes of Williamson County ,TN,tax list tax list, copies of wills, deed books; Sarah Elizabeth Poindexter; Daniel Perkins, William Ashlin, Chapman White, Caleb Manley, Edward Ragland, Francis Giddens, William White, John Claybrooke, Robert White, Moore Bragg, Richard Maury, Abram Maury, Robert Biggers, John Dabney, Henry W. Davis, Henry Gunthree, Miciah Mayfield, Elijah Mayfield, John Noland, William Nolan, John Overton
pedigree chart for CHAPMAN, copies of census with the name CHAPMAN and WRIGHT; Ivy Grace Sadler, George Chapman, Catherine Amelia Chapman, Elizabeth Parry, Edward Robins, Grace Robins, Elizabeth Smith, William Robins, Elizabeth Robins, Sarai Sadler, Thomas Sadler, Francis Sadler, Elizabeth Sadler, Arthur Sadler, Helen Sadler; Samuel Chapman
Copies of COSBY family documents
Copy of indenture between Robert ANDREWS and Samuel ANDREWS, deed of freedom from Thomas COSBY
Copy of family sheet for Charles COSBY JR. and Mary MINTER. Charles COSBY SR. and Elizabeth WINGFIELD and second wife Elizabeth SNYDER; William Cosby; Sarah Minter; Rev. Joseph; Jane Trabue Minter; Eliza Jane, Lucy Trabue, Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth, William Henry, Eliza F. Porter, Sarah Ann; Charles Cosby Jr.; Mary Minter Cosby; Nancy Cosby, Elizabeth Cosby, Charles Cosby, Overton Cosby, William Cosby, Isiah Cosby, Mary Cosby, Richard Cosby, Archibald Cosby, James Cosby
Walter Vaughan Crawford, Cornelia E Anderson, pedigree chart, family history, census, slave schedule, deed book copies and abstracts, chancery papers, marriage and death records, an example of Janice Abercrombie's research technique; William J. Crawford, Hattie Bell Robinson, Robert Lee Anderson, Cornelia Wyatt Lewis, Thomas Henry Crawford, Bettie Winston, William B. Robinson, Margaret Quarles, James Anderson, Mary Jane Barrett, Coleman Lewis, Sallie Wyatt, Harry Crawford, Matilda Shepherd, Daniel F. Winston, Mary, Bennett Robinson, Willie Ann, Henry Quarles, Lucy A, Robert Anderson, Mary E., Abram Barrett, Cathrine Morris, Squire Lewis, Matilda
Slave Genealogy: A Research Guide with Case Studies by David H. Streets, List of genealogical charts and table; The challenges of slavery to the family historian, utilizing county records, case studies
Ancestory chart, copy from Valentine Papers, deed book abstracts; Benjamin Crenshaw, Sr.; inquiring about tax records; patents from Hanover County; possible 1758 connection; Benjamin Crenshaw, Jr.; Glasgow, Barren, Kentucky; William Graves Crenshaw; James Crenshaw (brother); operated Crenshaw Company in Richmond during Civil War; William formed his own artillery battery; sent to England; Daniel Crenshaw (Revolutionary War) and Nathaniel Crenshaw (Revoultionary War); chart included; transcriptions from local resources; John Tait
Speech on public monies; Mr. Bunce drew a line of public charity
Reubin Smith, Burnley Duke Smith, John Burnley and Elizabeth Burnley, family history, Court of Appeals case, pedigree chart for James Jesup Crouch, Jr. and Margaret Elizabeth Hollins; abstracts from will and deed books; James J. Crouch; Glasgow, Kentucky; Hollins; Benjamin Richard Hollins, Anne Hollins, Israel Jenkins, Martin (Caroline County) - probably older brother or father, Peter Carr; Van Stilley; Richard George, Jane George family; Susan Higgason (wife of Richard Hollins); Hanover County; Elder Uriah Higgason, wittnessed Benjamin Richards will; Green County Kentucky; John William Higgason Hollins; Nelson Lipscomb (Louisa marriage); David Lipscomb (Nashville, Tennessee); Alexander Campbell; Bryon Smith, Thomas H. Duke, John Duke Tyler, Richard Hammond, Richard Hollins Hammond, Reuben Smith, Susan Higgason; Richard Martin married to Susan Hickerson, Richard Thompson, William Mitchell; Mary E. (1839); Colo Joe Jordan; Corroll Burnley Smith; D.B. Smith; Robert W. Jordan; B.D. Smith; Martha was married to B.D. Smith; "white souls and blacks"
Deed book and will book abstracts, Shirley Tisdale and James Tisdale, Elizabeth Tisdale and Davie Lofland
Rober Mercer and Maggie Johnson Trice, birth registration of Bryant William , Voughn P, and Diza Lida Trice, Emma W Proffit, 1990 census abstract, family group sheets, marriage, pediigree chart register; Diza Trice; Diza Lida Trice (1907); Rachel Calhoun, Bob Trice, Maggie Johnson; Avery County North Carolina, Louise (sic) Virginia; Bryant William Trice (1900); Robert Mershell Trice, Robert Marshall Trice, Maggie Johnson; Voughn Thomas Trice (1905), Robert Mershall Trice, Maggie Johnson; Calhoun Cornett; William A. Johnson; Osbourne, Osborne; Reverend Routin; Billy Osborne; W.A. Johnson, Abraham Johnson, Jane Johnson; Thosa married Voughn Trice
Copy of a portion of the book History of Louisa County by Malcolm Harris, marriage record of John Stringer and Henrietta Foster; children
Personal property tax list 1787, Tithables and Census 1743-1785, Publick Claims Louisa, Douglas Register, LCHS Magazine, Colonial Caroline; Mary Cosby, Frances Smith, Frances Anderson, John Smith; Ann Harris; Hickason Cosby, Archilaus Harris; Frances Anderson married John Smith
An ACT for the sale of certain Glebe lands in the counties of Louisa and Prince William; Laws of Virginia (1799); only one piece of paper
Copy of Francis Cambell's will, abstracts from will book and law order book; Joseph D. Campbell, Alexander Campbell, William Campbell, Francis Campbell, Damarias Winston, Martha Carver, Velluis Campbell, Velluis P. Campbell, Cassandra Gilbert, Emily Lewis, Ann Knight, Henrietta Knight, William Baugh, Alonzo Campbell, Edward Eggleston, Harriet Eggleston
Abstracts from deed book and will books for David Smith, Thornton Gibson, and Francis Fortune; Alfred Smith, Lavina, Elisha D., Oliver, Christopher, Abner, Robert, Alfred; Fortune transcriptions; Chisholm Fortune, Lucy Fortune, Dicey Ann Carter, Elijah Fortune
Darwins of Louisa County, deed book and will book abstracts, copy of "Origin of the Darwins", copies of wills, family tree William Darwin and Jane Wilkerson; Nicholas Darwing, William Darwin, John Darwin; pension abstracts; Jane Darwin, Jesse Durwin, William Durwin
Copy of estate suit; George Davis, Proffitt, Mary Davis, Thomasson, Nannie Thomasson, Mrs. Elizabeth Proffitt, Fannie Thomasson, Sarah Baugh
Copy of will, letter to judge from Pendleton about will, account of sale of trust of Reuben Davis, newspaper article, copies of census, marriage records; Reuben Davis
Mentions the names DAVIS, RAGLAND, and BOWE; abstracts from law Book, copies fom will and deed books; John Davis, Stephen Davis, John Ragland, Beverly Ragland, Nathaniel Bowe; Elizabeth Bowe, Rebecca Bowe, Mary Ragland, Catherine Davis, Sarah Beaufort Davis, Goochland County, Hanover County, James Ragland Davis, Rebecca Bowe Davis, Patty Davis, Martha Davis, Anna Dudley Ragland
Copy of widows pension for War of 1812 Nancy Rigsby, family sheet Davis, family info for Wade; Parents of Robert Rigsby, probably Samuel?; Parents of David Wade, Daniel Wade (Albemarle Marriage book); John Graves; James' common law wife Tabitha (Fluvanna order books); John Graves, John Toms, Sarah Graves, Davis Wade, Louisa Toms, Greenberry Baber, Perrina Wade, Mary Elizabeth Baber, Preston Fennall Mawyer, Achillis Baber, Anna Church
Abstracts from deed books and order books; Anderson Dashper, Garth, Ross
Deed book copies, marriage bonds, orphan bonds, tithables and census 1743-1785, will, Family group copy; Charles Hester, Charles W. Moorman, Catherine Hester, Polly P. Goodwin
David and Mary Overton Cosby, David II, Zackeus and Susan D./Susan Morning Jackson/Nancy Richardson , Dabney and Mary, will and deed book copies, marriages, family genealogy; Dabney Minor Cosby, Cub Creek, Louisa County; Zacheus Cosby, Susan Dabney, Frances L. Trapp
application for pension relative to Revolutionary War, letter of denial to claim, Dickinson; Charles Dickerson or Charles Dickinson; Nancy Dickerson or Nancy Dickinson
Wills and estate records; Robert Thompson (1775); George Thompson (1786)
Archaeological dig of property in Piedmont area 18th century; "Digging up dirt on farmer's life"
Will book abstracts, family history in letter of request; 1850 and 1860 census records: Charles Meeks, Juliana, Judith, Elizabeth, Peggy, Ann, Jesse, William, Betsy, Margaret, Jackson, Jane, Samuel; Jesse Meeks, Martha, Susan, Amanda, Newel Meeks (1861)
Bible (1841) copy of Family record, deaths, letters of family genealogy, family tree drawing; Josephine Yancy; Jeremiah Yancey, Allice A. Yancey; Joe Yancey; Joel Yancey; E.L. Williams, Isabel Yancey, Isabella S. Turner, Henry Turner, Germiah Yancey, Sarah H. Yancey, Connie?, Willie A. Yancey, William Yancey; Esther, Lucy, George, Mary, Jack?, Charlie Yancey, John Yancey; William, Cornelia, Charles, Joe, Allice, Mary, Sally
Lucy Diggs and Thomas Diggs Sr., Elizabeth Diggs and Thomas Diggs, Jr., family history, plat of survey, deed book abstracts, family history, chancery copies; John Diggs to Dorothea Anthony, James Anthony security; John Samuel Diggs, Elizabeth Price Anthony, Nathaniel Washington Diggs, Sarah Elizabeth Ann Hughes, Lucien Edward Diggs; Rebeca E. Diggs, Marie Florence Diggs, Sallie Virginia Diggs, Edger Taylor Kent, Nancy Jane Diggs, Lucianda A.L. Diggs, Samuel Louis Diggs, Mary Frances Bybee, James Henry Diggs, Edgar Louise Diggs, John Samuel Diggs, Bettie Anthony Diggs, Emma Jane Diggs, Pattie Jackson Diggs, William Bybee Diggs, Nora Shelton Bybee, Neddie Diggs, Nancy Diggs, Martha Diggs
James E. and Elizabeth Brockman Gunter, John Gunter, Charles and Judith Gunter, family records, cop of Gunter Brass, Family group copies, deed and will book abstracts; Francis Gunter, John Gunter, John N. Gunter, James Stitleton Gunter, James A. Gunter, James Gunter, Elizabeth Dabney Brockman (Gunter); James Enos Gunter, Elizabeth Carpenter; John Gunter and Mary Carpenter; Annie Elizabeth Gunter (1819); James Littleton Gunter, Elizabeth Dabney Brockman (1817?); Elizabeth Judith Gunter, Byron McKnight Hogg, Elias McKnight, Nancy (Bates) Hogg, Thomas Bates Hogg, Kathryne Elizabeth Hogg, McKnight James Hogg, Robert Gunter, Charles Brockman Gunter, Frances Drucella Overby, Gunter Family Records (includes birth, place, death, and burial)
Reuben Samuel Munday, will and deed abstracts, copies, correspondence, will copy; John Dowell (Will Book 1, p. 50-53); Samuel Munday; Sukey Dowell, wife of Samuel Munday; Overwharton Parish; McDuwel, John son of William and Sarah; William McDuell, Sarah Chambers, Mary McDuell; William Chambers, Sarah Chambers; Thomas Dowel; John Dowell; Robert Grinnen; Mary Lankford; Milley Dowell; Richard Dowell
Richard S. Duke; Will book 13, pages 18 and 19; estate of Richard S. Duke
Revolutionary rec. for Timberlake, family tree for Duncan/Timberlake, abstact of Middlesex County wills, abstract of Kentucky records and a fraction of "The Doughertys of Kentucky"; Timberlake Duncan II; Daniel Duncan; Elizabeth D. Pyke; Thomas Munden; Rachel Payne; Lady Frances Harfield; Richard Timberlake; Francis Albert; Jane Greer; Thomas Duncan; Mary Munden Smith
Index of deeds, abstracts of many Louisa County Records, abstracts from the Trevilians family bible. Copies of many records (wills, deeds, law). Ancestor tree for Frank Lumpkin Dunn; Wayne Dunn
Mack Goldsborough, Goldsberry, Henry Goldsborough, Mark sometimes used instead of Mack; multiple spellings of the surname; Mack born in Maryland in about 1757; Matross; Jane Duke as the daughter of Henry Duke (brother of Cleavers Duke); Mary "Polly" Ritchie, Jane Duke, John Goldsborough, John, Jonathan, Martin Goldsborough
Land Office Grants; Cleavears Duke; Benjamin Brown
Nathinel Garland, Louisa County, Lunenburg County, Elizabeth Bibb, John Garland, Lucy Gordon, Elizabeth Garland, Edward Garland, local resource transcriptions
Abstracts from deed book, will book, and law book; copies of two wills; Elizabeth Garrett, Elizabeth Gordon
also mentions William and Nancy PULLIAM, abstracts from Goochland and Louisa County deed books, family group sheet for William Harris and Sallie Nuckols; Ann David, Peter David, Goochland County Deeds for Harris; William Harris, Francis Harris; Lucy (wife of William Harris); Charles Harris (1828); Sallie Harris; Lucy Ann Harris; Charles Nuckolls; Elizabeth A. Parrish
Family group sheet for the ancestors of Walter Haskell EVANS and also for William PACE Jr. and Elizabeth WADE; Emmanuel Evans, Wilkerson Evans, Shelton Evans, Obadiah Evans, Hastings Evans, Tarlton Evans; Scott County, Virginia; Elizabeth Evans; Walter Haskell Evans, George Washington Evans (1859), Henry Filmore Evans (1891); Mary Strother Browder; John Henson (1854); Claudia Nell Henson (1892); Elizabeth Josephine Wigley (1857); Walton and Pace included in charts/tables
Many family abstracts, mentions names MATTHEWS, NEELY and SAUNDERS; Charity Springfield Neely; Thomas Springfield; Nancy Williams; Faris/Farris family; Richard Farris, Sr.; Hezekiah Faris/Farris; James Faris/Farris; Elizabeth Saunders; John Saunders; Nancy Lane; Nancy Layne; Lucinda Bryant; James Garner Family Bible; Thomas Garner; Leona Victoria Byrn; James Byrn; Rebecca Bevill
Fluvanna County abstracts from deed book, will book, and marriage records; Smith Research, Fluvanna County (1860-1880 Census data); Emeline Ross
Copy of will of Joseph Lasley, information about the Joseph Lasley family: Eliza Pegram, Joseph W. Lasley, Martha J. Gant, Mary E. Pegram, Gillie A. Ingram, James R. Lasley, Erasmus W. Lasley, Lugenia V. Carruthers, E. Alice Gentry, N. Carolina Angel, Joe Cephus Lasley; James Robert Lasley, Mary Virginia (Jennie) Law; Berry J. Law, Eliza Jane McCargo; Eliza McCargo Law, John Morton McCargo, Mary Ann Ellis, Hezekiah McCargo, Lucy Morton, Redford McCargo, Mary Ann Ellis, William Ellis, Mary Friend, "Green Level", Captain Ellison Ellis (1740); Polly Zachary, Mary Zachary; Joseph Friend, Elizabeth Bass, William Bass Jr., Mary Walthal; obituary for Eliza Lasley
Will of Peter Daniel and will of Mahalda Kearsey, also hand typed copy of both; Peter M. Daniel
Copy of will for Anthony Fleming
Deed book and will abstracts, copy of Francis Whittle will (1750); copy of James Flanagan will (1752)
DB and WB abstracts and copies, plot drawing, Old Homes chain, John N. Walker, Joseph S. Baker, James W. Hughson, John Hunter, Garland Anderson, Mattthew Anderson, Joseph Temple, article in"Historical Homes in Louisa"
Family charts, George Underwood, Elizabeth Curd, John Curd, deed book abstracts; John Green, Dorothy Benjamin, Peter Green, Patience Richard; Henry Green; Rodger Green; Sarah Lindsey; surnames mentioned: Strother, Poindexter, Jones, Gorsuch, Curd, Price, Crafford, Shelton, Thornton
Descendants list, John Foster, William Foster,John and Mary Anthony Perkins, Nicholas Perkins; Foster and Perkins family relationships
Andrew Harrison, William Harrison, deed book abstracts, will copies; Goochland County; William Harrison, Jr.
Robert Foster, deed book abstracts; Sarah Fox; unable to find requested records
Josiah Sanner, abstracts; Josiah Sanner (1801-1870?); Sanner alternative surnames: Saener, Sainer, Samer, Sammer, Saner, Sahner, Sannar, Sannderson, Sannerbeck, Sanerwein, Sauner; Isaacs have been Saunders, Sannders, as well as previous spellings; William T. Moore
Ann Thomasson and Samuel Thomasson, deed book abstracts and copies; Elias Thomasson, William Thomasson, John Thomasson, Richard Thomasson, Poindexter Thomasson, Frances Thomasson, Nancy Thomasson, Nelson Thomasson, David Shelton, William Daniel, Charles Daniel, Unity Hix
Various accounts from the life of Peter Francisco, information related to his involvement in the Revolutionary War and from his personal life, biographical information and accounts
Research information/notes and correspondence, Fluvanna Historical Magazine research notes, History genealogies and biographies of the Shepherd and related families since their coming to Virginia, Franklin Shepherd - VA State Archives
Copies of deeds and indentures, as well as transcriptions of these documents and wills; William Pendleton, wife Catherine; Poindexter
Correspondence between Ann Cottrell Free and Mrs. Abercrombie, as well as Abercrombie's transcriptions of deed book information
Correspondence and research results, transcriptions; Marriages of Orange County: Absalem Davis, Jerusha Davis; Bartlett Davis and Sally Lowry; Benjamin Davis and Jane Jones; Elijah Davis and ElizabethJohnes; James Davis and Mary Johnson; James Davis and Ann Modiset; Jickenias Davis and Babby Lowery; Mary Eastin; Leonard Davis and Susanna Burrows; Thomas Davis and Elizabeth Early; Thomas Davis and Elizabeth Pannill; William Pannill, Sr.; Nancy Easton; Sally Boston; Reuben Boston; Charles Davis; John Davis; Francis Hamm, George Eve; Hannah Gaines; George Eve; John Davis and Polly Threlkeld; John Davis and Anne Smith; Benjamin Davis; Leonard Zigler; Edward Massie; Elizabeth Dod; Anne Mercy; David Davis; William, James, Thomas, Mildred
Correspondence and research results, transcriptions; Crenshaw, Hughes, Bullock, and Harris; Johnson, Burnley, Swift, Cosby connections; John Fretwell and Mourning
Correspondence and research results, transcriptions of will books and marriage records, Hughson, Bibb, Kennon; Joseph Kennon
Correspondence and research notes, transcriptions from will and deed books, Chiles, Hickman, Harley, Carr, Webber, Graves, Gordon, Long, Durrett, ancestor charts included; John Chiles; Winstons; Spotsylvania, Crozier
Garland Family history (in article) and family chart; The Garland Family of New Kent and Hanover Counties by William W. Reynolds; Thomas Garland, Frances Herndon, Susanna Garland, John Overton, Ganny Garland, Overton, George Washington Trueheart, John Overton Trueheart, Ann Tompkins Minor, Elvira Trueheart, Thomas Jefferson Trueheart, George Washington Trueheart, Susan Trueheart, Fannie Overton Trueheart, Maria Trueheart, Stephen Decatur Trueheart
Coffee/Coffey of Nelson County, American Quaker Genealogy information, Oglesby Rippetoe, Millie Hamilton, Gardner/Herring lineage, Descendants of Daniel Gardner, Louisa County death records for Gardner; Jordan Coffey/Coffee; Elizabeth Rippetoe, Peter Oglesby Rippetoe; Millie Hamilton; Mary Jane Coffey; Benjamin Fitzgerald; Nelson, Amherst, Rockbridge
Copies and transcriptions of information concerning the surname Hall, David Hall, David Hall will, many names listed (underlined in red): James Hall, Nancy Hall, Betsey Hall, Patsey Hall, Elizabeth Terry, many more
William Gentry, copied research, Revolutionary War pension, William Gaines, pension application
McAllister and McCallister family information, transcriptions from will book and deed book in correspondence; Garland Carter (1785), Allen Carter (1787), Nancy Carter (1791), Nancy Waggoner Allen Carter (1793), Sophronia Carter (1795), Caswell Carter (1798)
Alexander Seay, Joe Giles, John Seay, marriage records, deeds, wills, Revolutionary War pension claims transcribed; Mary Estes; John Seay, William Seay
Ryals of Fluvanna County, book pages copied, transcriptions of research; Charles Ryals; Asa Ryals; Wilmington, Virginia; Fluvanna County; William Ryalls; Maria Ryals; Tasco Ryals; Vincent Ryals
Richard Wright, Thomas Wright, Joseph Wright, will and deed book copies and transcriptions; Charles Wright, Meriwether Wright, Susanna Wright, Thaddeus Wright; Herod Wright; James T. Wright
Gideon Mercer, Agnes Mercer, Thomas Mercer, Lilias Mercer, Margaret Mercer, Janet Mercer, Christian Mercer, William Mercer, Anne Monro, Isabel Martin, Elizabeth Mercer, Mary Elizabeth Bentley, Tamson Ann Mercer, Frederick Hoak Hursh, Hursh; Pittsylvania County; Edwin J. Boyd; Roberta Hughson and Wilhemina (Willie) Margaret Hughson Grasty were sisters (buried in Hughson family cemetary in Louisa County)
John R. Graves and Lucy, Sarah Jones, Graves, Johnson, Jackson, Sarha Gooch, deed and will book notes, personal account from descendant; Green Springs; personal account of older aunt
Henry W. Murray, Henry Murray, Masonic Lodge, Fredericks Hall, Mildred Hunter, Lillian, George Murray, Bertha Murray, Mary Murray, Census transcription records, will and deed book transcriptions, matriculation records
James Clifton Grimm, James Grimm, obituary, census copies and individual information; James Clifton Grimm of Mineral; Claude Raymond Grimm, Cora Ann Thacker Grimm, Ethelyn Lee Grimm (wife), Karen Grimm, Clarence Grimm, Norman Grimm, Junior Grimm, Joyce Baroody, Marie Grimm, Edward Baroody, gardening, fishing, and hunting; served in U.S. Army during World War II
Shrewsbury and Poindexter families, deed book and will book transcriptions, copies from books and previous research on the families; up to 1752 when John Poindexter died; Elizabeth Poindexter, Payne? (1699); Samuel and Nathan (sons); Rhoda Shrewsbury, John Buford, Mary "Polly" Dickinson, Samuel Shrewsbury Jr., Dabney Shrewsbury, Elizabeth "Betsy" Sinclair, Nancy Board, Nathaniel Shrewsbury, John Shrewsbury, Benjamin Turner, Rhoda Pate, William Shrewsbury, Ruel Shrewsbury, Sarah Sinclair (St. Clair), Nancy Hancock, Nathan Shrewsbury, Joel Shrewsbury, Sally Dickinson, Valentine Mattox, Nancy Wheeler, James Bramlett, John Bratcher, Rule?, Abel Shrewsbury, Allen Shrewsbury, Drury Shrewsbury, Elizabeth Dibrell, Leticia Van Hoozer, Mary Dibrell, William Wheeler
Thick file; Matthew Grubbs, Grubbs family, Jenkins, Garr, Gardiner, Brown; Fluvanna County Records; William J.A. Grubbs; E.A. and Sarah A. Grubbs (1853); Alfred Haydon (Hayden) Grubbs, Ladye Lydia Manton; Alfred Scott Grubbs, Bryan Leslie Grubbs; Luella Mary Jenkins; Robert Lilly Grubbs, Bettie Louella Garr; John Jenkins; Mary Luella Kennelly; Mathew Gardiner Grubbs, Ann Roberson; Thomas Jenkins, Marie Sue Brown; early Grubbs of Louisa County (transcriptions from local resources); Angelina Roberson Terry Grubbs; Little Byrd Creek; Tabscott in Goochland County; Goldmine; Charity Grubbs, Edmund Grubbs, Elisha Grubbs, Francis C. Grubbs, Francis Grubbs, Harriet Grubbs, Harriet H. Grubbs, Henry Grubbs, J.I. Grubbs, James Grubbs, James T. Grubbs, John Grubbs, John T. Grubbs, Lavina M. Grubbs, Lucinda Grubbs, Martha Grubbs, Patsey Grubbs, Salley Grubbs, Susan A. Grubbs, Susanna Grubbs, Thomas Grubbs, Thomas A. Grubbs, William Grubbs, Grubbs Mill; Milly Hall; Martha Trainhum, Mary Tate, Susan Purrington, David Jones, Addison Tate, John Farrar, John Farrah, Betsy Jones, Susan Sanderson, Z.M. Perkins, William Sanderson, T.H. Scruggs, J.B. Woodward, James T. Grubbs, Richard Murphey, Mary I. Brubbs?, Francis C. Grubbs, Thomas A. Grubbs
Thomas Grubbs, Martha C. Grubbs, Patsey Grubbs, Humphrey Grubbs, transcriptions from deed and will books; Frederick County?
John Gunter, Wyatt, Wilkerson, Shelton, Perkins, Ware, Dudley Ware, Nathan Ware, Martha Talley; Mildred Ware, Sarah C. Wyatt, Elizabeth Wilkerson, Patsy Ware, James Ware, Patsey Sneed, Malachi Ware, Thomas Gunter, Dudley Ware in Sale Book, Appointment Book, and Settlement Book; Family group sheet; Martha C. Talley, George Talley, Sarah Cole, Virginia McGehee, Sarah M. Wilson; Richard Lumsden, Robert Harris, Oliver Eley, Harriet Baker
Twelve Virginia Counties, selection from the book with notes
McGehee, Brown, Keesaer, Cole, Harris, Elizabeth Morris, Garrett, Nancy Edwards, Lucy Hicks, Ann Bibb, Herndon, charts included with transcriptions; John T. Brown, Mary B. McGehee, Lewis C. McGehee, Mary Jane Keesaer, Garrett C. McGehee, Elizabeth L. Cole, Armistead Cole, Nancy Harris, Nancy Harris Cole also went by Ann (a nickname for Nancy), Simeon Keesaer, John McGehee, L.C. McGehee, G.C. McGehee, Richard Cole (will); negroes: Pompy, Ben, Pall, Harry, Phillis, Dinah; John Cole (son of Richard Cole), Patty McGehee, William Cole, Lydia McGehee, Beckey Westly, Samuel Hill Cole, Betty Wright, Candice Wright; Robert Wasley, Herndon census data from Rockbridge, Campbell, Fluvanna Counties; Haislip; Jack Haislip; John Haislip; Lucy Johnson; James and Sally Johnson; Napier
Cason, Pemberton, Cropps, charts, William Reuben, transcriptions from will books and deed books; Reubin Cason, Fluvanna County will (1825); William Cason; Pemberton; Henry Pemberton and wife Elizabeth; Edward Cason; records from various counties (transcriptions); Cropp family; various family record sheets
William Eddings, Rebeccah, Diannah, Theophilus Eddings, Eddins, Joseph Eddins, Sarah Jane Blakey, Aleavy Eddins, Anna Hyate, Hiatt, Hite, Thomas May; Spotsylvania County; Lucy Edenton; William Eddins; Joel May; Jane Edrington; John Edrington; Anna Hyate; surname MAY; Churchill Blakey, John Blakey, Eva Judith Callaway, Francis Callaway, Aleavy Eddins, Joseph Eddins Jr., Sarah "Mary" George, Dorothy "Dolly" Kirtley, Thomas Kirtley, Noel May, Margaret Roberts, MAY transcriptions from local resources
Hambleton, Hamilton, murder of estranged wife, David, William, Alexander, Sarah Harris, Elizabeth Poindexter, Mary Anthony, Lucy Hollaway, insane asylum; Lancelot Armstrong; Mourning, Jane, Anne, David Jr., Elizabeth, Duke; David Richardson, Martin Sharp, Elizabeth Poindexter, Benjamin Harris, Sarah, Rebecca, John Ward, David Stewart, Revolutionary War and Civil War documention (from
Copy of the act for the establishment of Hanover, Hanover Town
Search for Gilliam, Gillum family records in Louisa County and elsewhere; William Gillum, John Gillum, Betsey Smith, George Smith, Barnett Smith, John Smith, Joseph Shelton; Jacquelin D. Gilliam, Anastasia; Ira S. Gilliam, Louisa, James; Charles Wesley Gillum (1811), son of Frederick Gillum (1783)
Rowland Gooch, Lucy Higgins, Stephen Gooch, Susan Gooch, James Gooch, Thomas Gooch, Clabon Gooch, Unity Gooch, Laviniah, Gideon Gooch, Rosa Gooch, Liner Gooch, William Gooch; surname MCGEHEE, ROWE; Albemarles County Personal Property Tax Lists; land transfer data
Will books, deed books, and census transcriptions; Humphrey, Butler, Smith; Olive R. Humphrey, Patsy Terry, Chapman Humphrey, Butler, John George Butler, Mary Thacker, John George Butler Jr., Mildred Butler, David Butler, Elizabeth Bowcock, Thomas Butler, Samuel Butler, William Henry Butler, Peter Butler, Polly Butler, Nancy Butler, Elizabeth Sims, Frances Shepherd, Rhoda Sims, Augustine Luck, Larkin Luck, Mary Nancy Strong, Walter L. Butler, Mary Butler, Thomas Jefferson Butler, Sarah F. Butler, William Smith, Francis Smith (alias Sprankle), Permelia Smith
Generational chart, Charles Harlow, Mary Crews, Shelton Harlow, Sarah Butler, Robert Harlow, Susan Atkins Barlow, Amaryllis Harlow, Richard Allen Harlow, Dora Ann Harlow, Sarah R. Harlow, Robert G. Harlow, James Samuel Harlow, Thomas Harlow, Mercer Harlow, Richard Allen Harlow, Annis Judson Waldrop, Bessie Boxley Harlow, Vashtie A. Harlow, Waldrop Shelton Harlow, Winfrey James Harlow, Porter Beatrice Harlow, Daisy Dean Harlow; Robert Franklin Perkins, Lucy Annis Perkins, Thomas Nelson Mallory, Iris Dean, James Allison; Robert Franklins, Jr.; Gladys Porter Snider; William Robert Snider, Mattie Porter Bickley; Ann Carol, Frances, Marie, Martha Dean; Iris Dean Perkins, Hunter Early Richardson, Susan Dean Richardson, Hunter Early Richardson Jr.; Sandra Alane Perkins, James Allison Perkins Jr., Sarah Ann Perkins; Robert Dean Greep, Robert Arthur Greep, Dana Jo Harner, Jeffery Perkins Greep, Donna Lynn Jones, Darrell Leigh Greep, Frances Marie Perkins; Joseph Mitchell Bowers; Joseph W. Bowers, Laurie Jean Evans; Martha Dean Perkins, Kellye Allison Bowers, Ronald Eugene Payton, Rachel Denise Payton, April Nicole Payton
Lewis Johnson, Joseph Harper, family group sheet; Mrs. Barbara Garland Johnson; Lewis Willis Johnson; William Brown of Hardin County; will of James Brown; Pumphrey Gooch, Mary Gooch, Barbara Johnson; Ivory Johnson; Elizabeth Schooler, Jurgurtha Johnson, Jesse Harper of Hanover County; Joseph Harper, George Washington Harper, Clyde Thomas, Carrie Johnson; George E. Harper; Lewis Thomas Harper; Frances Harper; Rebecca Butler; Maria Harper; Garland Harper; Julian Harper; Joseph Lewis Harper; Barbara Kate Harper; Mary Thacker; John George Butler, Sr.; Barbara Mahala Butler; Joseph Walter Johnson, Sr.; John Joseph Harper; Lucretia Prudence Johnson; Linn Boyd Johnson; Priscilla Mason; Garland surname; Cunningham of Cub Creek, Wingfield, Thomas Wingfield of Hanover County; Nancy Graven; Abigail Harper; Alexander T. Johnson; Cave Johnson; Richard Moore Johnson; Benjamin C. Johnson; Susannah Bishop McKinney; Burges Tavern in Spotsylvania County; Walter Holliday; Captain John Quarles; Colonel Waller; Captain John Pollock; Nathaniel Garland
Harris, Nelson, Collen, Gooch; James Nelson, Elizabeth Nelson, Elizabeth Gooch Nelson; John R. Harris; Thomas Harris; Henry Harris; Caroline County; Fredericks Hall; 1850 Census of James and Elizabeth Nelson; Thomas H. Harris; Richmond L. Harris; Robert Figg Harris
Benjamin Harris, Mary Harris, George Harris, Joshua, Martha, Nathaniel, Overton Harris, William Harris; Albemarle County transcriptions
Harris, Lydia, Samuel, Frederick, will book transcriptions, Major Robert Harris of Louisa - son of Major Robert Harris of Louisa County, Virginia / Albemarle County, Virginia; Lucretia Brown, Bernice Harris, Robert Harris, Elijah Harris, Nancy Harris (Boon), Bezaleel Brown Harris, Mourning Harris (Burch), Lucy Harris (Head), Patsy Harris (Turner), Sarah Harris (Blackwell), Tyree Rodes Harris
Bonaparte Boulware, Bohlar, Thompson, Richard Boulware, Bowler, legal records, depositions, marriage records; Abbie Thompson; James S. Thompson; Evelina Thompson; William Henry Bowler; Lillie; Christopher C. (Tump) Boulware; Martha Bowler Taylor; Isaac Taylor; surname BOWLER transcriptions/abstracts; James A. Bohlar of Louisa County; Malinda Bohler Anderson; Lettia V. Bohler; Peter Bowler; William Bowler; Richard Bowler; Ben Bowler; Miller Bowler; Samuel Bowler; Walker Bowler; Walker Bowler, Jr.; Spotsylvania County; Hanover County; Hancock County; Richmond County; Chesterfield County
Campbell, Massie, Wright, Judith Frances True, Napper, Ratiliff, Strong, Durvin, Thomas Strong; John Campbell, George W. Campbell, James Madison Campbell, Judith Frances True, Thomas D. Strong, Jno. H. & Mary E. Strong, Mary L. Strong, William T. Harris, George C. Strong, Carter Strong, Andrew Strong, Nathanial Strong, Ann Strong, Charity Strong, Lucinda Strong, Sarah Strong, Sarah Ann Strong
Kendrick family history, charts included; Joseph T. Kendrick, John Kendrick, George Kendrick (1633), William Kendrick, George Fox, Hugh Fox, John Fox, William Fox, Henry Kendrick, Samuel Kendrick, Turner Kendrick, Guy Dyson, Franklin Pierce, Benjamin Kendrick (Revolutionary War), Edom Kendrick, John W. Kendrick, James K. Kendrick
Census copies; census log sheets
Eggleston, Thomasson, Timberlake, Currin, Duke; Edmund Eggleston, Joseph C. Eggleston, Richard Eggleston, Richard C. Eggleston, Joseph Perkins, Susan Eggleston, Sarah M. Harris, Judith S.C. Harris, Mary Eggleston, Elizabeth Dabney, Robert Dabney
Family history, family group records and charts included, Hester, Dickinson, James Russell, Dorothy Mae, James Robert, Janie Louisa Dickinson, Martin Dickinson, Maggie Hancock, John Thomas, Butler, Whitlock; James Russell Hester, James Robert Hester, James Edward Hester, John H. Thomas, Russell Hester, J.T. Hester, John Thomas, C.M. Dickinson, Austin Hancock, Agnes T. Hester, Samuel A. Thomas, Henry C. Thomas, Gladys Hester, Austin Hancock Jr., Otto C. McGehee / MeGehee, Walter Baker
Oliver Cross, Ann Michie, James Watson, Green Springs Valley; Major David Watson, Ann Watson, James Watson, Joseph Cross, Joseph Cross Sr., Mary Elizabeth Cross, Hepsibeth Sara Blake, John Michie, Captain James Michie, Ann (Nanny) Michie, Oliver Cross, Patrick Michie
Hester, R.L., children listed, deedbook transcriptions, Rebecca Hester, marriage records and will book; Robert L. Hester, Robert F. Hester, James H. Hester, Robert Hester Jr., Arthur L. Hester, Bernice L. Hester, Bessie Beatrice Hester, Martin Hester
Abraham Whitworth Sr., Nancy Board, Isaac Whitworth, Claiborne Whitworth, Elizabeth Whitworth, Martha Whitworth, Ezekiel Whitworth, Bethlehem Berryman, Catherine M. Hilbert
Coat of Arms illustrated, thorough copies of research concerning the family line, Orange County records and charts/forms included; Peter M. Hiter, William "Uncle Buck" Hiter, Helen Estelle Hiter, Sarah Montague Hiter, Jabez Hiter, William Young Hiter, Henry Dunsmore Hiter, Reverend William Y. Hiter, Everett Hiter, Daisy Hiter, Lillie Hiter, Pearl Hiter, Bessie Hiter
Humphrey Taylor, Taylor family; Judge Morgan A. Taylor, Morgan Taylor, Nancy Taylor, Joab Taylor, Frances B. Taylor, Polly Taylor, Littleton Taylor, James Taylor, Sally Taylor, Polly Taylor
Transcriptions of Maupin family records; Daniel Maupin, Gabriel Maupin, Daniel Maupin Jr., John Maupin, Jeremiah Maupin, Thomas Maupin, William Maupin
McGehee family history, related families; George Lumsden, Henry Lumsden, Robert Lumsden, William Lumsden, Nancy Lumsden, Elizabeth Lumsden, Andrew B. Cooke, Elizabeth Cooke, William Smith, Thomas Ballard Smith, John Waller, William Cooke, Nancy J. Cooke, Ann D. Cooke, Edward McGehee, Modecai Cooke, Andrew B. Cooke, George C. McGehee, Thomas McGehee (formerly James MacGregor of Scotland)
John Hogg, Gideon Hogg, Mary Hogg, Sarah Hogg, Thomas Hogg alias Boze, Samuel Hogg, Michael Hogg, Milbourn Hogg
Mary-Frances Jones Hoh, Hughson, Watkins, David James Jones, Andrew Jones, Thomas Jones; Martha Jones (1759), Martha E. Jones, Mary Jones, Peter Jones (1759), Richard Jones, Richard Jones II, Robert Jones, Rossana Jones, Samuel Jones, Thomas Jones, Thomas L. Jones, Turner Jones, Marta Jones, Ann Jones, David G. Jones, Anderson G. Jones, Betsy Jones, Cornelia J. Jones, Daniel JOnes (1759), David JOnes, David R. Jones, Edith Jones, Elizabeth Jones, Fanny Jones, Ferdinand Jones, Francis Jones, James Jones, Joan Jones, Joseph H. Jones, Julia Ann Jones, Lewellen Jones, Maria Jones, Susanna Jones
Terry and Dunn families of Louisa County, will and deed book transcriptions, marriage records; George Champ Terry, Champ Bigger Terry, Nancy Dunn, Manuel Tyrrie, Elisabeth Thompson, Caty Terry (1777), Nelly Terry (1783), Matilda M. Terry, Susan L. Terry, Nancy A. Terry, Mary A. Terry, William Bigger Terry, Thomas R. Dunn, Jane B. Dunn, Martin A. Dunn Jr., William G. Dunn, Thomas R. Dunn, John Dunn, Martin Dunn
Thomas, Matthew, Lucy, Hope Tavern abstracts; Matthew Hope, John Hope, M.A. Hope, Benjamin B. Hope, Thomas A. Hope, Maria Hope, Temperence H. Hope, William Hope, Lucy B. Hope, John F. Hope, Matthew A. Hope, John F. Hope, John Hope Jr., Mildred K. Hope, Lucy B. Hope, Mattie H. Hope, Andrew R. Hope, Mary A. Hope, Caroline G. Hope, Thompson H. Hope, J. Fleming Hope
Butler, Bickley, Hottinger, Howard, Stewart, Worther; Nathan Butler (1795), Jane Butler, Nancy Butler, Andrew J. Butler, Susan H. Butler, Mollie F. Pace, Hezekiah Butler, Martha Butler, Elizabeth Butler, Eliza Butler, Ann Butler, Mary Butler, Delila Butler, Cinthia Butler, David Butler, Samuel Butler, Charles Butler, Mildred Butler, Ashton J. Butler, Howard O. Butler, Wilmer S. Butler, Mollie F. Butler, Paulsea Butler, John W. Butler, Mary F. Butler
Houchin, Houchen; Dr. Paul C. Houchin, Robert Howchen, William Howchin (1617), John Houchene, William Howchen, William & Elizabeth Hawchen, Robert Hawchen, John Howchin, James Houchen, Ann Houchin, Alice & William Howchin, Francis Howchen, Thomas Houchen, Margaret Howchin, Thomas & Susan Howchin, Deborah Howchyn, John Hochyn (1482)
William Cosby, John Cosby, Steve Houchin; David Cosby (1735), John Cosby, Ann Cosby, David Cosby Jr., William Cosby, James Cosby, Charles Cosby, Susanna Cosby, Wingfield Cosby, Elizabeth J. Cosby, Thomas B. Cosby, John H. Cosby, Samuel G. Cosby, Henry Cosby, Walker James Cosby, Sarah Catherine Cosby, Alice Overton Cosby, Lucie Jane Cosby, Malinda Valentine Cosby, Walker James Cosby
John Houchins, Mary Cosby, Abner Houchins, Edward; Will Abner Houchins, Ann M. Houchins, Francis Houchins, Edward Houchins, Jane Houchins, Abner Houchins, Wilson Houchins, Sarah V. Houchins, Stephen Houchins, Polly Houchins, Mary Houchins, John Houchins, Mary Houchins, Nancy Houchins, Francis A. Houchins, Will Edward Houchins, William Lindsay Houchins, Charles Houchins, Jesse Houchins, Lucinda Houchins, Thomas Houchins, Joel Houchins, Harriett Houchins, Jabus Hoichins, Robert Jewitt Houchins, Silas W. Houchins, Erasmus Houchins, Elizabeth Hover Houchins, Ida B. Houchins, Elvira Houchins
Fert D. Robertson, Fert D. Robinson; Armstrong Creek and Ragland, Dasie, F.D., Nelson, Louise; Daisy Robinson; Hardina Mitchell; Jere. & Martha Brown
Edmond Humphrey, Edmund Humphrey, Chapman Humphrey, Elizabeth Walling Humphrey, Overton Humphrey, William Humphry, Helena Humphrey, Lucy Humphrey, Frances Humphrey, Salmon Humphrey, Delphia Humphrey, Nancy Humphrey, Mary Humphrey, William M. Humphrey, Lewis D. Humphrey, William M. Humphrey, Thomas B. Humphrey, Minerva Davis
Publication agreements, royalties
Lemon, Brown, Harris; Alex B. Barret, Alexander Buchanan Barret, Mary Leigh Barret, Charles Barret Jr., Mary Barret, Peter Barret, Peter S. Barret
Jerdone, Jerdone Castle, Francis Jerdone, Five Oaks, Woodlawn, Pottiesville, transcriptions from Jerdone Castle Graveyard, James Jerdson, John Jerdone, William Jerdone
A.G. "Sambo" Johnson, railroads, Grace Hannah Watkins and Dot Payne
Richard Johnson, William Johnson, David Johnson, James Johnson, Moorman, Terrell, will of David Johnson, charts included, Christopher Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Nicholas and Elizabeth Johnson, Ann Catherine Harriet Washington, Roundabout Castle; Herbert E. Ennis, Richard Johnson, William Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Nicholas Johnson, Martha Johnson, David Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Christopher Johnson, Agnes Johnson, Penelope Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Jane Johnson, Ann Johnson, David B. Johnson, Parlasky A. Johnson, William L. Thompson, Richard C. Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Nicholas Johnson, Lucy Johnson, Susannah Johnson, MKA Johnson, Thomas J. Johnson, Peter T. Johnson
Richard Johnson, William Johnson, David Johnson, James Johnson, Moorman, Terrell, will of David Johnson, charts included, Christopher Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Nicholas and Elizabeth Johnson, Ann Catherine Harriet Washington, Roundabout Castle; ; Herbert E. Ennis, Richard Johnson, William Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Nicholas Johnson, Martha Johnson, David Johnson, Sarah Johnson, Christopher Johnson, Agnes Johnson, Penelope Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Jane Johnson, Ann Johnson, David B. Johnson, Parlasky A. Johnson, William L. Thompson, Richard C. Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Nicholas Johnson, Lucy Johnson, Susannah Johnson, MKA Johnson, Thomas J. Johnson, Peter T. Johnson
Johnson v. Fox, Johnston, Fox, Walton, Smith, Loyall, George Johnson, George Johnston, Susannah Fox
Mallory, Samuel Mallory, Sadie Mallory, Ida Perkins, Earl Hagland, Thomas Mallory, Martha Jane Diggs Mallory, Yanceyville Church, William J. Mallory, Smith family, James Smith, Philip Smith, Mathias Smith, Matilda Bickers
Seymour Johnson, Seymore Johnson, Annie Johnson, Andrew Johnson, William Johnson, will and deed book transcriptions
Johnson, Seargeant, Overton, Clayton, Hughson; William Johnson; Thomas Johnson; George Vest; Richard Johnson; Quaker; Old Mountain Road; William and Eliza; James Johnson; Devil's Den; Eliza Seargeant, John Seargeant, Frances Trice Seargeant, Hardenia Seargeant; Arabella, Emily Estelle; William Johnson; Poindexter Store
James and Susannah McGehee Arnett, David Arnett, King William, transcriptions of microfilm; Bibb vs. Yancey; Mary Bibb, Mary Yancey, Archelaus Yancey, Benjamin Bibb, Charles Yancey, James Arnett, William Phillips, Robert Wasley, Rhodes Thomason, William Thomason; John Burrus, Samuel Brockman
Copies from various resources, Georgia Revolutionary War graves, Thomasson, Thomason, William Thomason, Narcissa Lewis, Waller descendants book excerpt
Deed and will book transcriptions, Johnson, Richard Johnson, Thomas Turner, Chapman Johnson, charts included; William Johnson, John Johnson, copies of Laws of Virginia; Sarah Johnson, Ann Johnson, David Meriwether, Joseph Fox, Nicholas Meriwether, David Johnson, Pouncey Anderson, David Johnson, Nathan Sims, Matthew Sims, John Glen, Alexander Johnston, St. Peter's Parish, Jacob Johnson, Richman Johnson, William Johnson, William Johnston, Alexander Johnston, Sarah Massie, Anne Johnson (~1700), William Johnson (~1701), Penelope Johnson, Henry Guthrie, Lucy Moorman, Susanna Johnson, Elizabeth Moorman, David Terrell, Collins, Edward, Agnes, Newby, Adam Clement (~1745), Micajah Woodey, James Adams, Cicely Johnson, Collins Johnson, Ashley Johnson, Milly Johnson
Whitlock, Warren, Sizer, Callahan, Sims, Bond, Jones, Johnson, Estes; Frank M. Johnson, Maggie M. Estes, Jno. W. Estes, Catharine Estes, Lewis Johnson, Frances A. Gunnell, Frank M. Johnson, Maggie M. Estes, Lewis Johnson, Fanny A. Johnson, Martha Estes, Jesse C. Whitlock, Thomas Whitlock, Molly Warren, Elizabeth A. Sizer, Molly Warren, Bartholomew Warren, Robert Edward Jones, Fanny Catherine Johnson, Frank Johnson, Maggie Estes, Robert Franklin, Thomas, Alma, Doris, Roy Weston, Morris, Daniel Arritt; Thomas Pleasants, Wade Luck, Harold Kennedy, Edna Rigsby, Iris Faye Barrett, John W. Estes
Information from resources available in Louisa County Historical Society/Sargeant Museum archives/library (Abercrombie made copies from the source), Field family; Daniel Gookin's patent; Thomas Field?, James More, Henrico County; Edward Hatcher; Ann Field; Johnson
Harry, George, Williard Upright; Herman L. Upright, Nancy O. Upright, Nancy F. Upright, Phyllis J. Upright; Henry M. Ensor (estate); Herbert A. Wilson (marriage license application), Eva E. Ensor; Fauquier County; D.L. Blakemore; will of Harry W. Ensor; Wayne Wiley, Michelle Wiley; James Garfield Ensor; James Benson Ensor; Harry Moore Ensor; Rachel Martha Upright; Kenneth Lemmon; Carla Stephens Lemmon; George C. Ensor; Sara Ann Ensor; Samuel Edward Ensor; Mary Francis Ensor; Elijah S. Ensor; Edward T. Ensor; Delilah Ensor; Laura Eugnia Ensor; George W. Ensor; John Albert Ensor; Bettie Florence Ensor; Maggie Ruply Ensor; John B. Ensor; Edna Moore; Jacob Ensor
David Jones, Mary Jones
John Jones, Mary Jones, John S. Jones, Lewellin Jones, Llewellyn Jones
Thomas Harris, Shackleford, Holladay, Holiday, Hamilton; Rev. John Harris, Jr.; Jane Amanda Harris, Sallie Fannie Hamilton, Sarah Hamilton; John Harris, Jr.; Mary J. Shackleford, Polly Shackleford; Captain Edmund Shackleford; Sally Holiday; Andrew Hamilton; Jane McGill; Archibald Hamilton; John Shackleford; Henry Shackleford Sr.
George Higgason; John Higgason; Hickerson; Dr. George Higgason (death ~1844), wife Lucy Davis (daughter of John Davis and Mary Easton), Mary Ann Higgason, Thomas Buckingham, John Davis Higgason, Lucy Matilda Walker, George Higgason, Jr.; James Wightman Higgason, Elizabeth Easton Higgason, James McGowan, Margaret Higgason, Fanny Higgason, Reuben Acker Higgason, Virginia Chiles, Edmond Ironside Higgason, Eugenia McAlister, Gabriel Higgason; Laura Virginia Higgason, James Shephard Seale, James Fleming Higgason, Fulvia Dodd Coleman, Mary Launa Higgason, Rosa Ada Higgason, John Franklin Williams, Paul Bascomb Higgason, Waverly Walker Higgason, George Reuben Higgason, Anna Urbanovsky, Jonnie Maud Higgason; Dickenson, Dickinson, Dickerson; Sarah Jane Higgason, Susan Higgason, Temperance Higgason, Uriah Higgason
Jack Jouett's Ride, Bloody Tarleton and the Night Rider
James Judd, Annie, Harris, Mary, Harry, Totten, Merle, Lollie, William, Henry; Harry W. Judd (Mineral); Mary G. Judd; C. Totten Judd, Merle C. Judd, Lollie C. Judd, Doris C. Judd, William C. Judd, Crittereden Judd; James Judd, Columbia Judd, Carrie E. Judd, Anna F. Judd; Salem, Culpeper, Virginia; R.C. Judd, Annie Judd, Harris Judd, James O. Judd
Johnson, Keen, Mabry, Webb, Cornwell; Willard Keen, Captain John Boswell Johnson, Hanover County (born), Louisa County (died); James Marion Keen, Virginia Richmond Mabry; John G. Keen, Jane Johnson, John Johnson, Mary Webb, John Boswell Johnson, Mary Cornwell
McGehee, Cole, Douglas Register, Muller; Magna Charta (Part VIII); transcription of indenture, William Cole, Elizabeth, Richard, William, Lydia, Rebekah, Nancy, Salley, Armstead, Werley, Samuel, Polley, John, Tilda; Christophers run; John Gelico, Henry Bibb, William McAlester, Matthew Thomson; James Gooch of King William County; Thomas Draper, Thomas Gooch, Cornelius Gooch; transcription of Richard Cole's will; William Cole and his heirs; John Cole, Patty McGehee, William Cole, Lydia McGehee, Beckley Wastley, Samuel Moll Cole, Robert Wastly, Betty Wright, Candice Wright; Ellen Keesear, Zachariah Keesear, Emma Medora Keesear, Talley farm tombstone; Meriwether Talley
Tate, Diggs, Talley, Origin Gibson, Wiltshire, Tally; John Tate Nelson, Abagail Tate, Addison Tate, Addison L. Tate, Agness Tate, Agnes Tate, Amelia D. Tate, Ann Tate, Anne Tate, Arkansas Tate, Austin Tate, Jane Tate, Barbara Tate, Charles Tate, Elizabeth Tate, Elizabeth D. Tate, Enos Tate, Frances Watson Tate, Francis Tate, Francis (Beaufort) Tate, Martha Tate, George R. Tate, Hudson Tate, James Tate, John Tate, John Fluvanna Tate, John N. Tate, Nancy Tate, Julia Tate, Douglas Tate, Lucy Tate, Malinda Tate, Margaret Tate, Mary Tate, Mary E. Tate, Maryfield Tate, Matilda J. Tate, Mayfield Tate?, Mildred F. Tate, Nancey Tate, Nancy Tate, Nathan Tate, Nathan G. Tate, Nathan G. Tate, Jr., Nathaniel Tate, Nathaniel W. Tate, Polly Tate, Richard Tate, Robert Tate, Sarah Tate, Sarah Newton Tate, Susan C. Tate, Susanna Tate, Thomas Tate, Uriah Tate, William Tate, Winfred Tate, William J. Tate, Zenus Tate, Zimri Tate, Zimry Tate; Jeroragim Gibson, Elizabeth Wiltshire, William M. Gibson, John F. Gibson, William M. Gibson, Ann A. Mays, William Franklin Gibson, Parker Gibson, Nicey Gibson, Jack Gibson, Molly Gibson, Sarah Ina Tate, Francis O. Mays, Kate Gibson, Jim Roberts, John F. Gibson, Elizabeth Durvin
William Henry Kiblinger, relative list; George Edgar Kiblinger, Maggie May Lavinia Butler, Sarah Elizabeth Kiblinger; additional surnames of cousins and other relatives: Butler, Spicer, Thomas, Boyle, Kennedy, Mallory, Payne, Sims, Trice, Whitlock, Harper, Moore, Sherperdson, Fox, Thacker, Berryman, Andrews, Black, Hubbard, Hester, Johnson, Luck
Alexander Kerr will not in records, cannot be found
John Key (1696), Martha Tandy Key, Ambrose Libscomb, William Ford; orphans: John Key, Martin Key; Martin Palmer, Cohoke Swamp, Henry Key as the son of John and Martha Tandy Key; Andrew Key; Estate of Joel Walton; Deed: Thomas Key to Henry Duke; Jacob Key in Bedford and Campbell counties
Automobile information and images; Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum; Car: Manufactured by the William H. Kiblinger Co. Auburn Indiana; copied The Kiblinger; Motor Buggy
J.E. Tyree Kiblinger, William, Louisa, Porter, Robert, Henry, Carry, George; J.E. Tyree Kiblinger to Louisa E. Kiblinger, Trevilians Depot, 1888; various handwritten letters (from Indiana, Michigan, Texas)
Waller, Thompson, Willis, Allegree; Randolph Watson; Eliza Pennington Allegree, William Tisdale, Mary Watson Tisdale, Lucy Watson, Goldsmith, Polly Morris, Mary Morris, Fluvanna County marriages, Albemarles County marriages, transcriptions from local resources
Thomas, Sackville, Ann Payne, William, John Madison, Walter; Thomas King, Sarah, Alexander, White, Ann Payne, George Payne and Mary Woodson, William, Lucy Christian, John Madison, Sarah Lemaster, Ralph Lemaster, Sarah Lemaster, Nancy Sevier, John Sevier, Sarah Hawkins; Spencer Haynie, Martha Haywood, George Haywood, Debora Haywood, Elizabeth Woo, Rebecca Ramsey
Descendants of John Byars; John Byars (1675), Elizabeth Glen, James Henry Byars (1713, Orange County); Peggy Gentry; Rachel Matthews; Jeremiah Byars, James Byars, William Byars, Nathan Byars, Sarah Byars, Morning Byars; Mary Pollard; Captain John Byers, Captain John Byars; Elizabeth Thomasson, Peggy Gentry, Contrary Creek, William Bibb Cole, Martha Byars, Nathaniel Harris, Susan Sexton, negro girl Sal
William McCormick; Goochland County; Thomas McCormick, his sister Sarah; Micajah, Jr.; William; Dennis; Elizabeth
Heirs of Thomas Martin to Francis Jerdone for 1000 acres in Louisa; Richard Davis, Joseph Yancey; Rebecca Martin, widow; Rebecca Martin, spinster; Anne Martin, spinster; John Robinson, Humphrey Hill, James Hillhouse, Mary Hillhouse, George Webb, John Chiswell, John Norton, Robert Miller
Fleming, McAlester, Sansum, Edwards; Cole Genealogy; Some Genealogy and Descendants of Captain Armistead Beresford Cole (1822-1873); Hon. William Cole (Warwick County, 1638); Martha Lear, Col. William Cole (Warwick County, 1692-1729); Richard Cole, married Lydia Hill, daughter of Samuel Hill and Elizabeth Burt of York County; Martha "Patty" Cole, William McGehee, James McGehee, Robert Wesley, William Cole (1742, Louisa); Eleanor Bibb; Benjamin Bibb; Sally Cole; Wesley Cole; Elizabeth McAllister; Lucy Watkins; Charlotte Harper; Overton Gooch; Nancy Wharton; Matilda Cole; Thomas Arnett; Rev. Edward Foliot; Elizabeth Foliot; Martha Hansford; Samuel Hill; Elizabeth Burt; Josias Moody
Samuel Dabney Groom, William, Sallie, Lucinda; the Smith family; Samuel Groom; Mary Ann Groom; Sallie Groom; William Groom; Aunt Sallie Groom; will and deed book transcriptions; John William Groom, Emma Celeste Stuber, Lydia Ann Groom, Charles Andrew Groom, Peoria Alice Groom, Alex Kelly, Elnora Lucretia Groom, Emma Louisa Groom, W.M. Samples, Lucinda Thompson, Samuel Dabney Groom
Higgason, Hickerson, Hickason, Higginson; John Higgason, John Hickerson, John Higgason, Jr.
Clarke, Stahl, Donnie Lacy; Kathryn Lenore Clarke, born to James Philmore Clarke and Margaret Blanche Stahl; Raymond Stahl, Martin Stahl
Lloyd, Amos, Loyd, Luck; James Madison Loyd; Robert H. Lloyd; Louisa Census 1850; Eloise Hockman, Merlan Meredith Lambert, Mary Myrth Margaret, Edward D. Margaret, Eliza Ann Loyd, James Madison Loyd, Sarah Louise Amos
Lanford, Anne, Thomas, Mary, James, Lowrey, John; Anne Lanford, Thomas Lanford, Mary Lanford, James Lanford, Lane Lanford
John Mercer Langston
Joseph Lasley; John Lasley
Cobbs, Cobb
John, Standley; John Lawrence, Samuel Perkins, John Perkins, Solomon Mathews; John Lawrence, Jr.; Polly Terry; Goochland County; Lawrence Anderson; Thomas Lawrence of St Michaels Parish; Sussex, England; Martha Cage; Martha Jackson, William Jackson; Andrew Boath; Mary Ann Powers; Elizabeth Parrish; Thomas Page; John Benton
Mallory, Gillespie, Hunter, Dickinson, Gillapsy; John W. Mallory; David S. Gillespie; Mary Helen Mallory; William Hunter,
Civil War as experience by Thomas Landon Leggett; 43rd Indiana Regiment, Camp Virgo, Colhoan
Leake-Morris charts; Charles C. Leake, James M. Leake, Lewis W. Leake, Walter D. Leake, Walter D. Leak, Emily Judith Mahanes, Priscilla, William Leake, Elizabeth W. Stevens, Catherine B. Leake, David Meriweather, Susan Frances Gooch
Barlow, Dunivan, Thomas Dunnivan, Donnavan; Simon Dunivan, Sarah Elizabeth, Elzie Dunivan (1890-1948), Fannie Lou Thomas (1892-1947)
Slayden, Slayton, Crutchfield, Bailey, Dabney Carr; William Slayden, William Slayton; born 1734, New Kent County; Sarah Webb Groom (1770, Goochland County; died 1813); Dabney Slayden, Elizabeth Bailey Slayton, Forrest Hunter, Stapleton Crutchfield (of Goochland County), William Slaton; Callum Holman Slayton, son of Dabney; Dabney Carr Slayden; Elizabeth Bailey; Spicie Jane Nichols, Nancy DeWeese, Mossey Slayton, Massey Slayton, Allen Bryant, Elizabeth Ann Harris, Judith Gilliam Slayton, Moses P. McGlocklin, Abner K. Nichols; Jeanie Slayden, Jane Slayden, Molly Slayden, William Powers, Captain Arthur Slayden, Lucy Green, Elizabeth Slayden, Daniel Everett Slayton, Sarah Slayton, Margaret Slayton, Rachel Slayden, Susanna Slayden, Major Jefferson Slayden, Joseph Slayden, Private John Slayden (1792)
Thomas Lewis, Walker, Woodson, Fish Pond Creek; Appomattox River, Fish Pond Creek, Falling River, Little Falling River; Walker Church; Hixburg; Buckingham Courthouse; B. Whitehead, Thomas Lewis, Whitehead; Judith Lewis; Isaiah Lewis; Hannah Underwood; William Lewis; Joseph, Nicholas, Thomas, John, Sarah, John Underwood, Ann Born; Woodsons; Quaker, Quaker families (JLA.0246-10)
Abraham Venable, will
Cooper, Langford, Richard Langford; James Cooper, Nancy Langford, Andrew Jackson Cooper, A.J. Cooper (1834-1869); Amy Crank
Nathan Lipscomb, Nathan Lipscomb Smith, David Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Thomas Smith
Thomas Lipscomb letters; copies of handwritten letters
Copy of handwritten transcript, Lipscomb names, male and female; John Thomas Lipscomb; Joel Nathan Lipscomb; William Lipscomb; Andrew Broaddus Lipscomb; Lucy Ann Missouri Lipscomb; Mary Emeline and Harriet Lucinda; Mildred Lipscomb; James Henry Lipscomb; The State of Alabama, Randolph County (1862); William Kitchen; Thomas Lipscomb
William Liveley, John Liveley, Ann Lively; 1872-1874 Caroline County record could not be found
Devenport, Kennedy, Smith, Richard Luck, Mary Fleming; John Devenport, Charles Kennedy, John Smith, Barrett Smith, James Smith Sr., James Smith, David Smith, deed map included (notes, marks)
Louisa Kentucky, James Lawrence, Lawrence County
Mineral Telephone Directory, Newsletter, Board, Finances
George Washington Belvin, Mittie Louisa Carneal, Luck; Joseph Carlton Luck, Jr.; Joseph Terrell Luck, Bernice Vernell Belvin, George Washington Belvin, Mittie Louise Carneal, Georganna, Buchanan, William H. Belvin, Charles L. Carneal, Pocohontas Evans, W. Thomas Spicer, Joel Thomas Luck, William K. Luck, Lindsey S. Terrell, Archey Carneal, Tandy Evans
McAllister, McAllester, McAlister; Mann; William A. McAllister; Katy, Catharine T.; John Estes, Olivia Frances Mann, William Howard McAllister, Walter H. Mann, Frances W. Smith; Joseph A. Mann; Olivia Frances Mann; John Estes McAllister; Walter Mann; Pattie Howard; Philip Smith; Whitney McAllister; John Estes McAllister; Joseph A. Mann; William A. McAllister; Robert Crockett; Sarah Harrison; Sallie Studevant; George Washington Crockett
Johnson, Hopkins, Benjamin Johnson; Benjamin Hopkins; Benjamin B. Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Elizabeth Tredway Jordan
McAllister, Hall, McAlister, Tate; Henry McAllister, Maria C. Hall, Henry Anderson McAllister, Missouri Catharine Stanley; Henry Lucious McAlister, James McAlister, William McAlister, Abagail Tate
Nicholson; Samuel Nicholson, William Nicholson, Nancy Larkin, Benjamin Nicholson, Jemima Dornell
McGehee, Wilhoite, Murphy, Birkhead, Thomerson; additional surnames?
MacGregor, MacGehee; Patrick MacGregor, Marian MacDonald; Thomas MacGehee; William McGehee; John McGehee, Ann Graves, Edward McGehee, Frances Lumsden, Oswald McGehee, Martha Cooke, Edward N. McGehee, Mary Elizabeth Tankersley, William Benjamin McGehee, Alice America Heffington, Oscar H. McGehee, Bessie Campbell, Mary Gertrude McGehee, James Callahan Edwards, Richard Kimmons McGehee, Lula, George Oswald McGehee, Evie Tickle, Caledonia Ophelia McGehee, A.P. Phillips, Eusibbia McGehee, Benjamin E. McGehee, William Alice McGehee, John Elver Whitten
Houchins, Sims, Chiles; John C. Houchins (d. 1870); Henry Chiles; Mary Houchins; J.E. Poor; Thornton to Henry Chiles; Polly Chiles; Lucy Chiles, Sarah Chiles, Polly Chiles, Elizabeth Chiles, Edney Chiles, Meriwether Smith, Judith, George Coleman, Nancy, Tarlton Chiles, Fleming Chiles; Stephen Houchins; Anthony Thornton; John Chiles; Fluvanna and Spotsylvania Counties records; Abner Houchins; Dr. Philip B. Pendleton; Ann M. Houchins; Francis Houchins; Wilson Houchins; Edward Houchins; John Houchins; Abner Houchins; Jane S. Houchins; The Register of the Kentucky State Historical Society (Volume 36, 1938)
Robert, Massie, Nick; Robert N. Cosby; Nick Cosby; Massie R. Kimbrough; Robert Kimbrough (b. 1855?); Thomas Kimbrough (b. 1833?) and wife Susan - parents of Robert Kimrbough
Bowman, Cosby, Poor, James Turner; Samuel Cosby; William Bowman married Mary Cosby of Goochland County; Mary Cosby was the daughter of Samuel Cosby and Elizabeth Ford (Fore) of Goochalnd County; Mildred Poor; Cosby of Goochland transcriptions
Hamilton, Carneal; James Madison Hambleton, Benjamin S. Hambleton, George P. Hambleton, David C. Hambleton, James A. Hambleton, Maria L. Hambleton, William V.M. Hambleton, Mary J.D. Hambleton, Susan V. Hambleton, Alexander C. Hambleton, Lawrence Madison Hambleton, Lucy May Hambleton, Queen Victoria Hambleton, Parker E. Hambleton, Lee Octavia Hambleton, Wallace H. Hambleton, Hugh E. Hambleton, William James Hambleton, John L. Hambleton, Myrtle Imogene Hambleton, Lillie Augusta Hambleton, Russell F. Hambleton, William Hambleton, Daisy P. Hambleton, Hazel C. Hambleton, Alexander C. Hambleton (Co. "C" CSA), Alexander Harlan Hambleton, Lucy Holladay Hambleton, A.C. Hamilton (Co. D. Louisa Grays 23rd Va Inf), George P. Hambleton, Ben S. Hambleton, James Hambleton, Ann M. Hamilton (1850 Census); Hambleton Hanover County Wills (handwritten notes)
Henry Mallory, John Mallory; Lucy Southerland; abstract of will of Roger Mallory
Samuel Parris, Sarah Parris
Henry Rittenhouse, Crews, Seargeant; Henry Rittenhouse had 7 children survive him; widow Susannah married William Crews, Sr.; Isaac, Henry and Hannah all sold their rights to the property to their mother and her new husband; Isaac and his wife Elizabeth were in Augusta County in 1812; Henry and wife Martha/Patsy were living in Albemarle County; Hannah and her husband William Meeks were in Stokes County, North Carolina; transcriptions
William Russell Madison, Annie Maude Bell; William Russell Madison was born August 1884 in Louisa County and married Annie Maude Bell in 1907 in Louisa County and had 5 children: Alma, Violet, Evie, Everett, and Joseph; Pyrite mine; Native American?; William's death (pneumonia); William H. Madison (b. February 1860)
Mann, Benjamin, Woodson; James Mann; Thomas Man; Thomas Mann; Thomas Mann's wife Rachel Mann; Arthur Mann; Walter Mann; Benjamin Mann; Campbell County Kentucky
Johnson, Benjamin Johnson, Benjamin Matthews, Manley; Alsey/Alice Johnson Matthews (m. 1791) to Benjamin Matthews; Hezekiah Manley; Caroline Manley; Shadrach Bishop; Ailey Matthews; Edward Matthews; Thomas Matthews; William Matthews
Clements, Bishop, Childress; William James Clements (1850-1933); Lady Bugg Bishop (1857-1914); farmed in Mineral; Gertrude Childress; Archie W. Clements; transcriptions from local resources
Jouett, Juett, Jewett, Jewitt, Matthew Jouett, William Jewett; Matthew Jouett, wife Susanna Moore of Beaver Creek; Frances; Franky; Joseph Williams; John Williams and Matthew Jouett Williams
Belanie Posey, many Martin names, details listed, Samuel Parris; Elizabeth Martin, Patrick Barclay, Elizabeth Martin Barclay, Samuel Martin, Lewis Burwell Martin, Summerhill; John Martin (an attorney of Caroline); Nancy Tod, Nancy Todd, Hickory Grove, The Sycamores, Susannah Martin, Henry Woody, Ann Martin, Henry Copland, John Martin, Barbara Lewis, Rebekah Martin, James Johnson, Sally Martin, John Glass, Bettie Martin, Thomas Ferrar, William Martin, Susannah England, Judith Martin, John Johnson, John Martin, John George, Sarah Martin, John Young, Samule Martin and Susanna Thomas Jones; Elizabeth Martin and Thomas Anthony; Agnes Martin and Walter Scot
Joseph Farrar, Thomas Farrar, Lucy Farrar, Elizbaeth Farrar, Mary Watkins, Katherine Barnet; Sutton Farrar
Five pages of will and deed book transcriptions; Benjamin Massey, William Massey, Edward Massey, Reuben Massey; Molley Massey; Thomas Massey
Tyree, David Shelton, Glenn, Glynn, Skilton, Glen; Jeremiah Glenn, Tyre Glenn; James Glen, Cumberland Parish; Mary Glenn, James Blackwell, Jr.; Susanna Tyree; Tyree Glenn
Ann Michie, from Louisa Chancery
Thomas May, Anna Hyatt, Allen, Thomas, Bailey, Bailie
Claybrook, Hart, Richardson, Vernon, Carr
Bunch Family, Gipson, Collins; 1810 records (copies); North Carolina records; Montgomery County
George Meriwether Estate, Nicholas Meriwether, Thomas Meriwether (Fredericksville Parish)
Hall, Harris, Sims, Overstreet Mills; Charles Monroe Mills, Mary E. Wright; James Franklin Mills and Saddie Saunders Loving; Charles Monroe Mills and Ann E. Saunders; Wade Mills; Maria Daniel; Charles Mills and Sarah Hopkins; William J. Mills; Lavinia T. Harris; William W. Harris; Fannie Yeamans; Joseph E. Youngs; Robert O. Mills; Maria Mills; Ellen Ann Foster; David M. and Ann L. Foster; Ann L. Griffin; Archibald Christmas; Jane Richardson; John Richardson; Davis Richardson; Charles Mills' children with Sarah Hopkins?; Polly Mills married Jacob Holloway; Nathaniel Mills; Jackson Mills; John Mills; Charles M. Mills; Elizabeth Mills married Jacob Weisegar; Susan Mills married George Woodfin
Wicker, Whicker; St. Peter's Parish Register (New Kent County, Virginia); Thomas Wicker, Benjamin Wicker, Benjamin Whicker, Elizabeth Wicker, James Whicker, James Wicker, William Whicker, Susan Bailey, John Bailey, Frances Wicker, Zachariah Clarke, Lucy Clarke, Thomas Butler, David Richardson, Sarah Wicker, Mary Wicker, abstracts/transcriptions
Shirley, John, Ellen, Robert, Sally Beadles; Estate of Shirley Tisale, John Tisdale, William Tisdale; Colin Johnson; Nuckolds Johnson; Frances Johnson; Frances John Tisdale; Eleanor Dickey; Ellen Dickey; Robert Tisdale; Sally Beadles; Ursula Tisdale; Allen vs Tisdale (1829); John Dickey Tisdale and wife Sarah; William Tandy Lipscomb; Tandy Chewning; Lucy Scott Tisdale, daughter of John Tisdale; Elijah Johnson; Louisa records abstracts/transcribed
Samuel Shelton, Clough, Henderson, Anderson; Samuel Shelton; Joseph Shelton in Goochland; Judith Clough Shelton; William Shelton (1676), Hannah Armistead; David, Joseph, Samuel, William, Captain John (of Rural Plains whose daughter married Henry Clay), Ralph, James (died before 1684), Richard (1684), Mary? (Truehear); John Shelton (1650-1706); Currioman, Rural Plains; Ralph Shelton, David Shelton, A listing of all Sheltons and Shelltons found in the 1787 Virginia census; transcriptions of Louisa records
Talley, Sally Cole, Foster, Nathan Tally; Talley Chancery Papers (Box 12), Nathan Talley, Michael Talley, William Thomspon, Sally Ann Cole, Nancy Ann Talley, William Talley, Overton Talley, George Talley and Sally Cole (1793), William Cole, William Gibson, Lydia Talley, Thomas Knighton, John Foster (1826), David Foster, Ann Foster, John Talley, Teressa Foster, John Foster, Richmond L. Mills, C.H. Mills, R.L. Foster and wife Rosa, John J. Foster
John Luck, William Luck, Richard Luck, Nancy Fleming, Jesse Luck; Lydia Luck Haupt; Todd County, Kentucky; John J. Luck, William F. Luck, Richard Luck and Nancy Fleming, Martha Ann Lacey; James M. Luck, Lydia C. Scoggan, William Arthur Dillehay, Martha Corinne Luck, Jason Keith Luck, Charles Warner Luck, Lydia Alma Luck
Tate, Thacker, Eggleston, Fletcher, Hall, Bowles; 1850 Census Louisa County: John Thacker, Mary, Robert, Susan, Anna, George Eggleston, George Fletcher; Robert Thacker, Sarah Ann Tate, James Franklin Thacker (1851-1928), Mary Louis Dickerson (1854-1914); Clyde Owens Bowles, Joseph Bowles, Willie Bowles, Carrie Mae Thacker, Robert Thacker, Jr.
Moore, Elenor Marbrey, John Moore; William Horseley; Anne Horseley, Elizabeth Horseley, Robert, John, John Moore; Rowan County, North Carolina; Elenor Marbrey; Quakers
Morris, George, Turner, Oscar Lee, Houchin, Walton; Edna Earl Houchin, Fannie Rebecca George, Oscar Lee, Florence Fay Sharp, Charles James, Mary Ann, Willie Noble, Myrtle George, Rebecca Turner, Ruben George, Fredrick M. Morris, Fannie Rebecca George, James Morris
Thomas Mallory, Zedekiah Gibson, James Moss; Zedekiah W. Gibson; Nancy Mallory, Thomas Mallory, Susannah Mallory, Jesse H. Mallory, Eliza H. Mallory, David Armstrong; Martha Ann Gibson; Cedar Creek, Gilmer County, West Virginia; James Anderson Moss; Mary Jane Moss, George P. Moss, Owen C. Moss, Eliza Fountain Moss, Robert James Moss, Martha Ann Moss, Susan E.F. Moss, Joseph Bennett Moss, Jacob T. Moss, William Marcus Moss, Lilly Moss
James Moss, Zedekiah Gibson, Martha, Richardson; James A. Moss
John Burrus, Mary, Henry Burrus; Sally Burrus, Overton Burrus, Lucy Burrus, Mary Burrus, Charles Meriwether, Thomas Burrus
David Morris, Elizabeth Guthrie, James Morris, Mary Crank, Joshua Morris, George Morris, Gutherie Morris, William Morton Napier II researching Morris and George family history; William Noble Morris
Archibald Thomas, Thompson, Joel Thomas; Samuel Mason, Charles Mason; Mary J. Thompson, George R. Thompson, Frances A. Thompson, Andrew J. Thompson
Hester, Buck, Seay, Nelson; Thomas Poor, Pierce Perry, Frances Matthews, Mary Lovell, James Seay, James Poor, George Perry, Sarah Spicer, Levinia Layne, Mary Pollard, Caleb Seay, James Edward Poore, Elijah Richard Perry, Lewis H. Johnson, Jane B. Smith, Mildred Anliza Bickley, Sophia Standard Boston, Barbara Garland, James L. Seay, Romulous E. Gilmore, Jugurtha P. Johnson, Henry Morgan, Sarah Jones, James Edward Hester, Eliza A. Harper, James Henry Seay, Eugenia, Alexander Allan Johnson, William Morgan, Adaline Amelia Colbert, Lavinia Virginia Harper, Phedyma Perry, Sarah Emma Hester, James Early Seay, Tommie Richard Poore, John Calvin Johnson, Lena Virginia Morgan, Richard Frederick Seay, Mary Jane Johnson, Gloria Jane Seay, Timothy Kyle Nelson, Tiffany Leigh Nelson, Matthew Britt (East Baton Rouge Parish)
Hicks, Lewis Hicks, Louis, Hix; William Hicks, John Hicks, Henry Hix, William Hix, Pewit Hicks, Thomas Hix
Whitlock, Trice, Census, Hester, Spicer, Noel, Milhado; Whitlock census data, James Noel, Taylor Noel, Reuben Noel, John Noel, Theodorick Noel, Richard Noel, Caleb Noel, Margery Noel, Edwin Noel, Alexander Noel, John Trice, E.W. Milhado, David Milhado, C.P. Noel, W.H. Noel, Aaron Milhado, Lydia Warren, Mary Anna Hunter, Martha Milhado, Clarence Noel
Anderson, David and Judith Anderson; Richard Anderson, John Anderson, Elkanah Anderson, Turner Anderson, David Anderson, Judith Belshes
Charles Nuckols, Bullock
Winston, Judith Dudley, Johnson, Bickerton, Todd; Peter Dudley, Bickerton Winston; Anna Lovelace Gorsuch, William Bernard, Anthony Savage; William Winston, Rebecca Winston, Damarias Winston, Robert Winston, Eugenia Winston, Mary Winston, Louisa Winston, Maria Winston, Philip Winston, Mary Winston, Winston Ulayte, Sarah Winston, James Edward Winston, Thomas Meriwether, Meriwether Hoggard, Thomas Meriwether Anderson, Nicholas Meriwether, Thomas Johnson, William Meriwether, Meriwether Smith, Meriwether Talley, Patty Meriwether, Meriwether Wright
Yancey, Charles Yancey; Yancey Green of Memphis, Tennessee; James Yancey; will and deed book information (typed); copy of "The Yancey Family, Which Descends from Charles Yancey of Hanover County Virginia"; Bartlett Yancey; John Yancey; Ann Graves; Henry Yancey; John Moore, Elizabeth Lightfoor Moore, Sarah Prather; Isabella Lea; Ann Thornton, James Yancey; Thomas Graves; James Lea; Ann Herndon
Ogilsby, Ogilvie, Ogletree; William Ogletree, John Ogletree, William Ogilsby, Ann Perkins, Joseph, Martha Ellis, William Ogilvy, Lucy Ogilvy
James Oliver; Susanna Oliver; Fluvanna County; James Shasteen Lewis, James Lewis, Nancy Watkins; Mary Lewis; Robert Oliver, Albert Oliver, Martha Oliver, John Oliver, Mariah Oliver
John Omohundro, Richard Omohundro; Amanda Omohundro; census records; Harris Omohundro; Benjamin Omohundro
Orange County Importations, contributed by Barbara V. Little, from Magazine of Virginia Genealogy
Nathaniel Garland; will and estate papers; 1798
Newspaper microfilm copies, William Francisco, William Pendleton; incident at Cuckoo in 1900; murder in self defense
Archibald, Fannie, Foster, Agnus, Hall, Luella Hall; Archibald Trainham, Fannie Trainham, Foster Trainham, Agnus Riddy (1850 census info.); James Trainham; Luella Hall; L.A. Cutler; Robert Trainham; Dabney Gibson; Mary Durvin; Addie Hall Corker; Mahala Trainham
Joseph Pace, John Pace, Sue Pace Hicks
For Mike Padgett; local resources/records transcribed
Saunders, Hunter, Irving, Talley, Luck, Jane Riordan Gillespie; Francis Whittall, Sarah Whittall; Elizabeth Sanders; David Saunders; Polly Saunders; Polley Saunders; David Gillespie; William Hunter; Mary Shelton Gillespie
James Chiles, William Morris, Elizabeth Durrett; John Chiles
Paulette, Sarah and Joshua Parlett, Jane Harrison; Peter Stevens; Thomas Johnson, daughter Semi Remis Paullett
Samuel Parsons; Anthony Keene Parsons; Sarah Elizabeth Parsons; Martha Elizabeth Parsons; Woodson Parsons; Thomas and Ann Mills Jackson of Cub Creek (article copy)
Jolly Parish, Ann Parish, Elizabeth Lawrence; Pamelia Parish
William Turner, Pagget, Thacker, Gooch; deed and will index; Ephraim Pagget, Fanny Thacker; Roland Gooch, Linor Gooch; Rhoda Turner; Mary Thacker, William Thacker, Rebecca Thacker, Patsey Thacker, Robert Thacker, David Thacker; Fendal Cason, William Cosby, John Dykes, Addison Gooch, Allen Gooch, Amy Gooch, Ann Gooch, Arnetta Gooch, Betsy Gooch, Clabon Gooch, Claiborn Gooch, Claiborne Gooch, Cornelius Gooch, Elizabeth Gooch, Ellison Gooch, Emily Gooch, Gideon Gooch, Horace Gooch, James Gooch, Jemima Gooch, Jeremiah Gooch, John Gooch, Laner Gooch, Lavinah Gooch, Liner Gooch, Louisa Gooch, Lucy Gooch, Martha Gooch, Mary Gooch, Matilda Gooch, Miletus T. Gooch, Milly Gooch, Nannie Gooch, Overton Gooch, Patsey Gooch, Pleasants Gooch, Polley Gooch, Polly Gooch, Pumphrey? Gooch, Rhoda Gooch, Robert Gooch, Rocksey Gooch, Rosa Gooch, Rosella Gooch, Ruth Gooch, Dabney Gooch, Ruth Watson Gooch, Sally Gooch, Sarah Gooch, Stephen Gooch, Stepleton Gooch, Susan Gooch, Susanna Gooch, Thomas Gooch, Unity Gooch, William Gooch, Younger Gooch, William Johnson, Jane Poore; Turner surname
Payne, Shelton; Lucy Winston Payne (1838), William Alexander Winston (1858); Tarleton Payne, William Overton Payne, Martha Ann Mosby, Langston Mosby, Lucy Turner, Elizabeth Winston, John Winston, William Winston, Essex William Winston, Barbara Overton, Alice Bickerton, John Bickerton, Elizabeth Fleming, Tarleton Fleming, Charles Fleming, Susannah Tarleton, Hannah Bates, John Bates, Elizabeth Daniel, Josias Payne Jr., Anna Fleming, George Payne, Mary Woodson, Robert Woodson, Elizabeth Ferris; George Payne, Judith Burton, Robert Burton, Pricilla Farrar, Mary Payne; John Shelton; Lucy Payne
Eight generations of the Payne family; John Payne, Lancaster County, Margaret Daughter of King Robert 2nd of Scotland; Richard Payne, Ann Walker, Merryman, Richard Merryman, Susanna Lardner; Catherine Payne, Susannah Payne, Margaret Payne; Col. John Walker; George Payne; Robert Woodson; Agatha George; Mildred Matthews; George Woodson; William Payne; Mary Barret; Sarting Willis
Nicholas Crenshaw, John Crenshaw, Mary Carr, Hazel Wilkins book; William Carr will; Susanna Crenshaw, William Crenshaw
Pelton Swift, Quarles, Goodman, Pottie, Staham, Yancey-Kimbrough, Charts, Hunter, Morris, Holloday, Goodwin, Mills, Holladay; Will Mills and Peggie Swift; Richard Swift; Joseph D. Swift; General William McComb; Henry Goodman, Sallie Lee Quarles; Dr. Charles Quarles, Ellen Virginia Hunter, John Hunter; Joseph Goodman; Molly Goodman; Nannie McComb; Ellen Quarles; Henry Goodman
Nicholas Perkins, Mary Burton, Sarah Childers, Constantine Perkins, Joseph; Elizabeth; Amos Ladd; Mary Perkins; Stephen Perkins; Elizabeth Price; Joseph Perkins; James Owen Carroll; Clarisa Carroll; Anna Carroll; Sarah "Sadie" Perkins Carroll; Joel W. Smith; Major Andrew Carroll; Roberta Carroll; John Carroll; Charles Carroll; Adora Carroll; Sallie Carroll; Julian Carroll; Viola May West; John Lewis Carroll; Sophire Crawford; William George Carroll; Mary Susan Carroll; Joseph C. Talley; Robert Pierce Talley; Lula Massey Baugham; Mary Susan Carroll; Miletus Gooch, Eliza Jane Carroll, Horace C. Gooch, George H. Carroll, Rebecca, Charles Henry Carroll; Susannah Perkins, John Bickley Lasley; Edwin Daniel Lasley, Martha Williams, George Hamilton Lasley, Benjamina C. Perkins; Marshall Lasley, Judith Clopton Perkins; Emily Jane Lasley; John Lea Morris; Hardenia Price Lasley, Ashley J. Bell; Erasmus Hill Lasley, Lucey Morris; Angelina Bickley Lasley, Monaoh Lasley Lanford; Stephen Perkins, Jesse Perkins, Price Perkins, Daniel Perkins, Hardin Perkins, Joseph Perkins, Constantine Perkins, Nicholas Perkins, Elizabeth Perkins and Letcher; Jemima Oglesby; Abram Perkins; Sarah Perkins
Peter Dudley, Susannah, Judith, Winston, Anna Rawlins, Peter Rawlins, John Jones; Captain George Dudley Jr.; Dorothy Tabb; Col. George Dudley; Judith Armistead; Judith Dudley; Lewis Booker; Peter Bernard; Molly Dudley, John Bickerton Winston
Thomas Poor; "Background of a Bandit"; Jesse James; Abraham Poor; Francis Matthews; Susanna Haden; Franky (Frances); Thomas Poor married Elizabeth, sons William and Thomas, daughters Ann Lee, Judith or Janey Lambert, Lucy Smith, Sarah Britt
John Gunnell (1730-1803); Rufus Alexander Gunnell, Ruth Gunnell, Melvin Bogart Gunnell, Iona Martha Gunnell, Elizabeth Edwards, Rebecca Collins, Joannah Gunnell, Samuel Flemming, Martin Inscore, Arementa Hulda M. Gunnell, Isaac Henry Bowman
William Walker, William Williams (1760), Nathan Anderson, Deed of trust, Estis, Johnson; John Meeks to John Meeks, Jr.; Thomas Johnson, Sr.; Union Mills (Fluvanna County); William Williams and his wife Mary; Anderson Horsepen Branch
John, Maria Isbell, Benjamin, Nancy, Ethel May, Robert, Harry Hope, Daisy Dean Harlow, Lucy Ann, Fanny Hope, George Hope, Robert Walter, Florence, Lelia, Berta, Arthur, Surname Buck, Krickovic, Creighton, Wood; John B. Perkins, Maria Isbell, Benjamin Franklin Perkins (1859-1949); Jack and Mollie Gooch Bragg in Fluvanna; Nancy Perkins, may have married a Bryant, raised by Dr. Anderson or Dr. Adams in Fluvanna; Lucy Ann Hope (1869-1959); Preacher J.J. White; Ethel May Perkins (1897); John Richard Buck, Lois Leone Buck, Bernice May Buck, Cary Richard Buck, David Carroll Buck, Paul Kendall Buck, Robert Franklin Buck, Eleanor Bishop, James Bickers, Herbert Moore; Robert Franklin Perkins (1899-1987), Harry Hope Perkins (1902) married Josephine Krickovic; Daisy Dean Harlow; Robert Franklin Perkins, Jr. married Glayds Porter Snider; Lucy Annis? Perkins married Thomas Nelson Mallory; Iris Dean Perkins married Hunter Early Richardson, James Allison Pekins married Sylvia Lane; William J. Hope and Thomas Giles Hope; Elizabeth Foster; Molly Foster; Lucy Ann Hope married Benjamin F. Perkins, Ethel Mae Perkins, Robert Franklin Perkins, Harry Hope Perkins, Fanny Hope, George Hope, Robert Bob Walter Hope, Florence Hope, Lelia Hope, James Wood, John Creighton, David Cary Wood, William Billy Wood, Elizabeth Wood, Irvin Payne, Ruth Helen Wood, Gatewood, Berta Lee Hope, Allison Smith, Margaret Ann Smith, Rufus Penny, Berta Smith, Lawrence Townsend, Arthur Hope, Stella
William Overton, William Perkins, Kitty, Sally, Thomas, Robert, Bible birth records?
Rev. Humphrey Mount Perrine, Perrin, Arthur, Mark, Daniel Perrin
David Meriwether (died around 1760), will of Charles Cosby (not found), David Cosby (will book 2, page 79), Overton; Meriwether, daughter Jane who married Charles Cosby; notation made: will book 2, page 169: Estate of John Davis; bond of Charles Cosby (will book 2, page 80), bond of Charles Cosby (wiill book 2, page 82); Elizabeth Meriwether, George Meriwether, James Meriwether, Nicholas Meriwether, Thomas Meriwether; Sons of James: David, James, William, Thomas, and John; wife, Elizabeth M.; Lancelot Minor, Harwood Goodwin, David Bullock
Petus, Pettus, Lunenburg County, Brown, Wilson, Mecklenburg County; The Pettus family: compiled and edited by A. Bohmer Rudd (1957); Register of Ancestors, The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America in the Commonwealth of Virginia (1979); Rebecca Pettus Brown, Mary Pettus Brown, Thomas Pettus, Burgess of Lunenburg; Mary Brown; Charlotte County; early Pettus and Brown marriages (list)
William Hiter, Sara Daniel; William Y. Hiter; William Young Hiter; Sallie M. Hunt; Ralph Dickson, Ann Dickson; Stafford County; James Hiter; Sallie Martha Hunt of Crockett County; Julian Hunt Hiter, Everette Hiter, Lillie Hiter Gullett, Bessie Casey, Pearl Gullett
Benjamin Johnson, Collins Johnson, Elizabeth Bradley, John Boswell, Micajah, Mary, James Barnett, John Bradley, William Smith, John Davis; no wills for James Barnett, John Bradley, and the ones found for William Smith do not list wife Mary; Anne Davis, Elizabeth Davis; Micajah Davis to Elizabeth Byar; William Davis to Byar & Crawford; William Davis to John Crawford; William Davis to George Pottie; William Davis to Moss; Richard Davis to William Davis; Susan Davis, Richard Davis and wife to Joseph Morton; Richard Davis and wife and William Davis to John McGehee; Samuel Davis's legatees to Elizabeth Byard; Richard Davis and wife to Micajah Harris; Richard Davis - Cleavers Duke; Richard Davis - William Davis; William Davis and wife - William Harris; William Davis - Richard Davis; William Davis - John Crawford; William Davis - Byars Crawford; William Davis- George Pottie; William Davis and others -Nelson Moss
Thomas Poindexter, Snead Tate, John Poindexter, Beaver Creek; Sarah Poindexter; Thomas Poindexter (III) and Sarah Crafford Poindexter lived in St. Paul's Parish, Hanover County; Clough family: Richard Clough and Ann Poindexter; documents to show links between Cloughs and Poindexters (1700-1850)
Nancy Porter, Joseph Porter, Mary Turner, sale of slaves
James Edward, Gilmore, Gardener, McGuire, Goochland's post-revolutionary militia by Margaret Walker; Poore Ancestry; Miss Matthews married Nicholas Ware; Maria Ware; Pokie Ware; W.L. Poore, John Boyd, Jimmie Wright, Miss Hader from Fife, Virginia; Miss McDowell from Millboro, Virginia; Jack Ware; Mollie Ware; John Ware; Gus Ware; Tave Ware; Miss Husen; Edwin Ware; Mary Ware married Peachie Wood, lived in Charlottesville, Virginia; Captain Jack Ware; Myria Ware was first cousin of Decker Jennings, whose mother was a Ware; Major James Edward Poor in War of 1812; Mable Mundy married S.W. Poore, Wallace F. Poore, Alma Maude Poore, Sally Ware, Laura Poore, Seddie Poore, Decker Jennings, Sara Poore married Robbie Parish in Goochland; Mattie Poore married Leighton
Christopher Clark, James Ware, Mary Hudson, George Hudson, Jane Depriest, John Champion, Elizabeth Depriest, David Layne
Captain Francis Campbell, Francis Jefferson Campbell, Henrietta Catlett, Alexander, Other children/details listed
Stephen Gooch, Richard Wyatt Thompson, Richard W. Thompson; Mary McGehee (wife of Richard W. Thompson)
Francis Landrum, Parrish, Abram Parrish, Brown, Peneary Watkins, Mill Run; James Landrum, 200 acres land on Pamunky River and Madison's Mill Run; John Parish; Orange County records; Mary Watkins (1801); Elizabeth Cosby, James; Thomas Cosby and John Coats (executors); Samuel Cole (witness), John Wiltshire (witness); Marcolm Hart (security for the exor.)
Spencer County, Kentucky, Henry Newman, Pulliam; Spencer County Wills 1824-1845
William Pulliam, John Pulliam, Franklin County Tennessee; William P. Pulliam (1793/1794); Nancy Ann Rice Stanley (1820) in the Cedar Creek Meeting; Mary was Quaker and was disowned for marrying William P; Pulliam Descendant list
Copies of maps, letters, and other documents; Quarles, Jones, Inglewood, Smith, Charles Quarles, James Quarles, Elizabeth Pendleton, Eugene Pendleton, Eugine Pendleton, Thomas Hope, Fleming Hope
George and Susanna Ailsworth, Absalom Ailstock (free black), Ruben Boston ,George Waugh, Bible copies, Quarles and Goodman Pension Papers
Frances and William Thompson WB abstracts
Marriages and homes of the Randolph family, William and Mary Isham, children: William, Thomas, Isham, Richard, Henry, Sir John, Edward, Mary Elizabeth; Pocahontas and John Rolfe; History of the Virginia Randolphs (handwritten, compiled by Hazel Randolph Crouse)
Family geneology sheet, family group sheets, family history by Daniel Cleveland Snyder, Lydia Wesley and James E. Porter; George Ashby Chewning, Reuben Chewning, Louisa Crawford Anderson, George Lumsden, Elizabeth Duke, Henry Lumsden, Frances Elizabeth C. Lumsden, Elizabeth Elba Vaughan, William Cooke, Ann Nelson, Mordecai Cooke, Edward Nelson, Mary Harris, Elizabeth Cooke, William Turner, Lucretia Malvina Turner, Thomas Edwin Vaughan, James E. Porter, Mary D. Porter, Lydia Wasley, Robert Wasley, Daniel Cleveland Snyder
James Ratcliff, James Ratcliffe, brief county history
Family charts, pedigree chart, DB, WB abstracts, Parker, Almond; Anderson, Bagby, Bowles, Gammon, Hill, Hope, Isbell, Jones, Morris, Peay, Swift, Weber; Jeanette Bagby Hill Bartlam, Eugene Swift Hill, Myrtie Ellen Bagby, Robert David Hill, Eugenia Stanhope Swift, John Swift Jr., Martha J. Isbell, Lancelot W. Hill, Samuel Hill, Polly Peay, Susanna Swift, William Bagby, Albert Sidney Lee Bagby, Joseph Augustine Bowles, Josephine Olivia Bowles, Frances A. Gammon, William Gammon, Benjamin Burton Hope, Elizabeth Anderson, William Morris, Theodosia Morris
DB and info on the Underwood Place, plat copy, maps, Copies of maps, letters, and other documents; Quarles, Jones, Inglewood, Smith, Charles Quarles, James Quarles, Elizabeth Pendleton, Eugine Pendleton, Thomas Hope, Fleming Hope
Louisa Camp of Confederate Veterans; William Morris Kennon
Revolutionary service, copies of Daughters of the American Revolution, McAllister list; Aaron Rice, Eleanor Rhoden (Rodden), William Rice, Edward Rice, Mrs. Bertha Smith Kennedy; Nathaniel McAllister, Olivia F. McAllister, Rebeccah G. McAllister, Richard B. McAllister, Rosalie McAllister
Copies of Warrock-Richardson Almanack with companion article describing Richardson's calculation of his astronomical information, marriages WB and WB info, UVA copies of his writings
Copy of "The Bunches of Virginia", family group sheets, WB and DB abstracts, generations and marriages; John Bunch, John Bunch II, Mary, Samuel Bunch, Sally Sargent, George Bunch, George Bunch II, William Johnson Trosper, Margaret Elizabeth Trosper, Palmyra Bunch, Jesse Coleman Glover, Rowena Jane Parrish, John Thomas Glover, Ralph Esdras Valade, Bessie Vera Romine, Fern C. Ferrel
DB and WB abstracts, Edna Virginia Talley and John Henry Roberts, Family genealogy sheets; James W. Roberts, Lucy W. Roberts, Joseph Roberts, Jacob Roberts
DB info, plat and map of lands for Mallory and McGehee
Copies and abstracts of will; Archer H. Anderson; Catherine M. Anderson; Archibald, Thomas, Jackson, Patsy C., McGregor, Joseph J., Herman (children on 1880 Louisa County Census)
David Richardson, Thomas Christmas, John Thomas, Theodoshe, Meredith Christmas, William Thomas
Hopkins, Anderson Hopkins, Lavina Hopkins (no records), James Robinson
"The Indian Massacre" by Reverend Samuel Brown, Brady Sensabaugh
Redd, Mordecal Redd, Rogers; James Redd, Lucy Redd, Mordecai Redd, John Red of Louisa County, Samuel Redd, Abram Rogers, Barbara Rogers, Abraham Rogers, Peter Rogers, John Rogers, Elizabeth Rogers, Lucy Rogers, Giles Rogers, Mary Byrd, Frances Pollard, Mary Rogers, Ann Rogers, Buck Mountain Creek, Rachel Rogers, Robert Beverley, Thomas Rogers Sr., Fry and Jefferson, Peter Jefferson, Thomas Rogers Jr., Robert R. Rogers, Giles Rogers (1643-1731) married Rachael Eastham (E'som) in 1662; Giles Jr., Lucy, Peter, Giles Edgar Walker
Copy of will, Perrin? Farrer, Parrin, Pirrin
Palmer J. Giles, Sallie Monroe, William Wheaton Monroe, Simonson; Roth surname; Maria Giles; Elsie Giles; 1870 Census Index
Claybrook, Overton, Terrell; Samuel Terrell, Ann Terrell, Nancy Ann Overton Terrell, William Carr, Sarah W. Claybrooke, James O. Claybrooke, Elizabeth Overton, John Overton, Samuel Overton, M.C. Overton, Thomas Lipscomb, Sally Claybrooke
Skelton Smith, Childers Smith, Alfred Brown, Sears; James Franklin Sears, George N. Sears, Sarah Ann Brown, Ethel Sears, Thomas Scott Posen, Anna Rachel Posey, Mary Ellen Smith, William Sears, Rebecca (Sawyer?), Alfred Wesley Brown, Mary Elizabeth Harrell, Edward Posey, Catherin Scott, Chilton Smith, Rachel Malvine Heflin, Alfred Brown, Osten Harrell, Leonard Posey, James Scott, Sarah
Richard and Rhoda Harris, Frederick Nelson Harris, Samuel Thomasson, Elias Thomason family group sheet, WB DB copies, land sales and plats, Tennessee and Kentucky, copies of wills marriages, maps, copy of Bible records, Tennessee and Kentucky connections, wills and marriage list
Richard and Rhoda Harris, Frederick Nelson Harris, Samuel Thomasson, Elias Thomason family group sheet, WB DB copies, land sales and plats, Tennessee and Kentucky t.copiesof wills marriages, maps, copy of Bible records, Tennessee and Kentucky connections , wills and mariage list
Richard and Rhoda Harris, Frederick Nelson Harris, Samuel Thomasson, Elias Thomason family group sheet, WB DB copies, land sales and plats, Tennessee and Kentucky t.copiesof wills marriages, maps, copy of Bible records, Tennessee and Kentucky connections , wills and mariage list
Notes on family history, family group sheets, Erasmaus, Leven, Walter Alley, Mary Basdal, abstracts of patents and land grants; Thomas Johnson, Jr.; Erasmus Alley; Jane; William Walter, Robert Erasmus, Edith Lillian, William Russell; Walter Alley Russell; Erasmus Alley, Sr.; Samuel Alley
WB and DB abstracts, pension claims record; John Faris; Mary Faris; Albemarle; John Farriss
Family group sheets William and Elizabeth Holeman Pullem, Chancery wills and notes, Abstracts of will, copy of Goodwin Family info from W&M Quarter; Thomas Goodwin, William Pulliam; William W. Pulliam; Zachariah Pulliam; Elizabeth Pulliam; Albert G. Bowles
abstracts of WB and DB, index to Mormon records, copy of Article on The Dalton Gang and Family; Samuel Dalton; Winston Dalton; William Dalton; Benjamin Dalton; Sarah E. Dalton; Lewis Dalton; Isaac Dalton; William Dalton; Rachael Harris; Robert Harris; Judith Robinson; James Robinson; William Roberson; James Robertson
The Family of Samuel Seay, info on pension eligibility, Polly and Samuel Seay, Samuel Luck, Sr.
Deed book and will book, death record, work record; Ann Nelson; James Nelson; Julia Nelson; Alexander Franklin Nelson; Alfred Nelson; Houston County, Georgia
Descendants of John Sandidge/Sandridge; Mary Vaughn; Thomas Sandidge, Frances Chappell, William Sandidge, Anne Pulliam, Ann Patterson, Elizabeth Graves, Mary Sandidge, Littleberry Lane, Edward Lane, William Faris, Unity Lane, Stephen Rowe, Nancy Lane, Hezekiah Faris, William S. Lane, Lucy Lane, Dennis Reiley, Polly Lane, Nathan Sandidge, Frances T. Lane, Pleasant Howard, Elizabeth Sandidge, William Rowe, Stephen Rowe, Sarah Henderson, William Sandidge, John Sandidge, Joshua Sandide, Lucy Sandidge, Benjamin Sandidge, George Sandidge, Diullard Sandidge, Dillard Sandidge, Reuben Sandidge, Sallie Sandidge, Poly Lane, Susan Dedman, John Hall; Mary "Polly" Wood, Manoah Lasley, Pleasant Sandidge, Elizabeth Edwards, Elizabeth Graves Sandidge, Brice Dabney Sandidge, Thomas Pike Sandidge; John C. Buckner; Mary Emma Burks, Silas Burks, Joseph Burks, Mariah Frances Burks, James Burks, Rebecca Burks, Louisa Burks, Henry Burks, Pleasant Edward Sandidge, Harriet Jones Froggett; surname Gholston, Peter Carter, Benjamin Franklin Carter, Mary Elizabeth Sledd, Manoah Gleaves Turk, Thomas Carter Turk, Elizabeth Taylor
Thomas and Jane Chewning Sargent, Chewing, Carrs in VA, marriages, 1850 Census, DB WB abstracts
Charles and Sarah Clark Lynch family chart, copy of will and abstract; Lynches River
David Newton and Fanny Holden Sims, Micajah and Phildelphia Sims, John Sims etc. WB, Louisa Marriages and public claims, Hanover Chancery Wills and notes, Louisa Guardian bonds, fmily history, Pedigree chart
Sissy Seay, James, Caleb, Jan, James L., Lindsay C, Lilburn; Sarah Spicer, Thomas Seay, William Hooper Seay, Hezekiah Seay, Martha Seay, Sarah Seay, John Seay, Caleb Seay, Elizabeth Seay, Jane B. Smith, Frederickshall, Fredericks Hall, Elizabeth Harper, Lillie Carr, Clydie Seay, Linsey Ellis Seay, Susie Elizabeth Seay, Zora Bell Lee, Lilburn Mitchell Seay, Andrew Edward Seay, Sylvia Catherine Seay, Goldie Lee SEay, Russell Eugene Seay, Maurice Woodrow Seay, John William Seay, Betty Lou Hollar, Tawnia Lynn Seay, Kimberly Gaylene Seay, John Tobin Seay
George and Elizabeth Smith, Nathaniel Dickerson, family history, WB abstracts, request for a John Snelson
Pension application and certification, US census copies, chancery info; Charles W. Sharpe, Martin Sharpe, John H. Walton, A.R. Sharpe, Martin Sharp, Martha Sharp, Abner Gentry, Amos Walton, Dianna Brooks, Patrick P. Brooks, Cassandria Brooks, Anthony Walton, Texanna Sharpe, Walter Wilson
Elijah and Susannah Dickenson, Robert and Salley Kimbrough, Thomas B Smith copies of will
Nathan Talley, George and Lydia Sarah Cole Talley, family group chart; William Talley, Sr.; Martha (Tate) Talley; William & Martha marriage bond (1817); George Talley will (1835, 1837), children: Ann, William, John, Nathan, George, Wesley, Elizabeth, Salley, Overton, Martha, Rebecka, Littleton; Harry Edward Talley, Sr.; Mary Susan Edwards, Andrew Talley, Richard W. Edwards, Harriet Holman, Charles S. Holeman; Cunningham
Elizabeth and Henry Hester, Oney and Henry Hester, Robert Hester, will and deed abstracts and listings, James Whitlock (no deeds in Louisa County); Agnes Whitlock and her brother John Christmas; Nicholas Whitlock, Thomas Whitlock, Bartholemy H. Whitlock, Elizabeth Whitlock, Emila Whitlock, Emily Whitlock, Euclid Whitlock, James Whitlock, James G. Whitlock, Jesse C. Whitlock, Jesse O. Whitlock, John Whitlock, John J. Whitlock, Maria E. Whitlock, Marina E. Whitlock, Martha D. Whitlock, Mary Whitlock, Nancy Whitlock, Nicholas Whitlock, William Whitlock, Milly Whitlock
Family history, WB and DB abstracts, Abstracts from Revolutionary War Pension Applications, will copies; James Edwards, Telitha Edwards, Telitha Stewart, Telitha Stuart, Carrick, Wright, Henry David, Margaret, Mary Elizabeth, Cornelia Ann, Ivy, Serephoenas, Sarifinea, George W.
Sarah Williams; Richard Richardson; Thomas Whitlock, Hannah Richardson, James Williams; no will for Basil Jones; Fluvanna Marriage bond (1816) for Basil Jones and Mary Magruder; Austin S. Luck, Joseph Tolbrt (Tolbert?)
Jesse Rowe, Mary Jane Farris Rowe, James and Elizabeth Rowe's children: William, Andrew Jackson, Jesse B., Julia, and Moses; Jesse and Mary Jane Farris Rowe: Jesse Jr., John, William, James, Polly, Jane, Susannah, Sarah, and Elizabeth
Survey map enclosed, Slate Hill Gold Mine
Michael Wilbert, John Wilbert, Charles Wilbert, Peter Wilbert, Henry Wilbert
William Singleton, John Singleton (tanner), Moses Singleton, Mary Singleton, Sarah Singleton, Anne Singleton, James Singleton, Sally Singleton, Deborah Singleton, Richard Singleton, Elizabeth Singleton, Samuel Singleton, Silas Singleton, Peter Singleton, Robert Singleton, Harriet-Claudine Singleton, Anna Singleton, Simeon Singleton, Edward Singleton, Maria Singleton, Simon Singleton, Carisbrooke, Whitwell, Ryde
Thomas Haynes, Wythe County, Alexander Haines, William Haines, Samuel Haines, Mathias Haines, Abraam Hanes, John Stander, John Sanders, Williamson County; Culpeper County
Slayden, Slayton, Sladden, William Slayden, Dabney Slayden, Elizabeth Bailey, Callum Holman Slayden, Barren County (Kentucky)
Blacksmith's book (1766-), Richard Slatten
William Quarles, Thomas Ellis, Caroline Militia; Thomas Ellis of Orange County; Minor Quarles, James Quarles, Mary Pryor, John Todd Quarles, Garret Minor Quarles, Patsy and Rebecca were daughters of Garret Minor and Mary Terrell Minor
Ellis and Duke transcriptions from Louisa County records; Roger Quarles will not recorded; A Memorandum of the Ellis Family (Prepared by Thomas Ellis of Richmond, 1849); Robert Duke, Mary Quarles "Polly", Francis Louisa Duke, William Henry Ellis; Ellis family of Orange County
Holman Snead Inventory
Sallie Virginia Vaughan, Benjamin Franklin(g) Vaughan, Lucy Dora Carpenter, Ellerslie, Carpenter, McGehee, Spiller; Phillip Carpenter, James Carpenter, Susannah G. McGehee, William Carpenter, Judith Carpener, Lewis Nuckolls, Hansford Arnett, Pleasants Carpenter, Patsy Biggers, Caius Marcellus Carpenter, Jonathan Carpenter, Susanna Lea, Francis Lea, Ann Lea, Thomas Carpenter, Sarah Bibb, Lydia Melton, Rebecca Cole McGehee, Mary Ann Arnett, Catherine Spiller Boxley, Joseph Boxley Sr., William Spiller
John Self, Mary Mobs, Captain William Harris; Peachy Self; Garland Shifflet; Camp Creek, Presley Self; Eason Fitzgerald, Nancy Self, Christian Utsler, Sarah Self, John Self, Nancy Ary, Elizabeth Self, Sinclair Shifflett, Matthew Self, Katy Beasley; Ancestors of Nelson Shifflet
William Gooch of Louisa County; James M. Leake, Susan Gooch (daughter of William Gooch)
Dr. Perkins; Mrs. Anne Young, daughter of P.P. Perkins; Frederick Perkins; Dr. Frederick Anderson Perkins; Ann Maria Elizabeth Johnson; Robert Perkins, Physick Perkins; Lucy Perkins; Thomas Perkins; Mrs. Lou Adams, Mrs. Hatty Kent, Mrs. Nannie Hughes
Jacob Alford, Nancy Hunter, Drury Alford, Betty Cannon, Betsy Alford, Samuel Hunter, John L. Alford, Nancy C. Hunter, Richard Palmer, Edward Stringer, Gold Myne Creek, Beaver Creek, Judy Alford?, James Alford, William Alford, Charles Baley, Orford?
Benjamin Adams, William Adams, John Adams, Thomas Adams, George Adams
Ann Woodson, Sally Grubbs, Peter Crawford, Elizabeth Shelton; Sophia Farrar; Lavinia Farrar
Smith transcriptions
Giles Rogers, Rachel Eastham; John Rogers; Mary Byrd; Sarah Iverton Lewis
Gideon Gooch, Thomas Gooch, Lucy Gooch; List of the Gooch wills in Louisa County: America, Gideon, Harriet, Massie, Rowland, Pumphrey, Thomas, Stephen, William; Nannie Gooch, Overton Gooch, Patsey Gooch, Pleasants D. Gooch, Polley Gooch, Polly Gooch, Rhoda Gooch, Pumphrey Gooch, Robert Gooch, Robert D. Gooch, Robert T. Gooch, Robert W. Gooch
Ore, John Bell; Joseph Ore, Jr.; Elizabeth Asque; illegitimate child; James Ore; Wilson Ore; Grainger County; no Ore in will index; John Boswell; land from William Sharp (1798)
Johnson, Powell, Rosa Smith; Jerry Johnson; Jack Johnson; James Johnson; Annie Johnson; Plum Tree; Jacob Johnson; Virgie Johnson; Jim Johnson; Herbert Johnson; Hertance Graves; Joe Graves; Myers Johnson; Emma B. Johnson; David Johnson; Sylvester Johnson, Estelle Graves; Reginald Johnson; Mary Johnson, Dan Perkins, Reolia Perkins, May Emma Perkins, Laura Perkins?, Annie Johnson, John Willie Johnson, Aaron Johnson, Louise Johnson; Rosa Johnson; Lloyd Bullock; Howard Overby; Andrew Smith; Elmira Scott (midwife); Lula Johnson; Herbert Graves; Eugene Logan; Solomon Johnson; Elizabeth Johnson, Finley Graves, Gracie Johnson; Monroe Spenver; Lucy Dora; Lynwood Bullock; Sonny Bullock; Peggy Ann Bullock; Harry Bullock; Mattie Johnson; Earl Jones; Bettie Jean Jones; midwives
Madison; Lawson Green Wilsher; Parmelia Madison Gooch; Meriah Louise Wilsher; Robert Coleman Wilsher; Susan Ellen Wilsher; Sallie E. Wiatt; W.D. Tucker; William Pitt Wilsher; James Lawson Wilsher; Alexander Rice Wilsher; Stafford Coon Wilsher; Sarah Jane Madison Wilsher; Charles Thomas Wilsher; Pamela Green Wilsher; William James Wilcher; Thomas J. Tucker (1848-1850); Caliafornia Tucker (1852-1890)
Jefferson, Doles, Duncan; James Dols, James Doles, Elizabeth Homes, Elizabeth Holmes; Vinton County, Ohio; Duncan Homes; William Wash; James Kennedy; James Twopence was a tenant on Col Richard Morris's lands (Morris Papers at UVA)
Gresham, Curnan; Trinity Church, Lower Church known as Trinity; John Estes; Richard Gresham of Louisa; James Currin of Granville County, North Carolina; Thomas Gresham; John MackCarty
Shoemake, Northam; Samuel Shoemake (1742-1770); St. James Northam parish in Goochland County; surname Shoemaker in Louisa County records
Hiter, Butler; S.A. Brockman, Kenneth Brockman; Miss Mildred Brockman, Kathleen Brockman, Susan H. Butler, Stephen W. Butler; Fanny Butler; Mahala C. Harper; Calvin Harper; William Sims; George E. Kiblinger; Maggie May Butler; William C. Sargeant; Ada L. Butler; Thomas Garland Sims; Thomas Jackson Sims; William Lewis Sims; Etherlinda Terrell Yeamans; Maude Edenton; Lous Grances Towsey; Lucy E. Anthony; James H. Hiter; John Alsop; Perlesbie "Les" Sims; Susan D. Sims; Stephen William Butler; Ara Butler; Jack Ragland; Virginia Marshall; Rosalie Byers; John Miller Ragland; Elsie Hogue; Alease Hogue; Wade Ray Ragland; Shirley Ann Ford; Earl Butler; William Bain Butler; Nellie Marvin Butler; Julia Payne Butler; Virginia Butler; Bernice Butler; Mable Butler; Mary Ann; Bill Maynard; Henry Virgil Winn, Jr.; Russell Winn; Lloyd Porter Butler; Descendants of Samuel Overton Butler (1883-1971) and Ola Overton Buck (1888-1971)
Mitchell, John Mitchell, Mary Payne; Tombstone inscriptions from the family cemetery of the Pottie family in Louisa County, Virginia; George Pottie, William Pottie; Mary Pottie; Edith Pottie; Mrs. E.J. Pottie; Sarah A. Thompson; Captain Charles Thompson; Mrs. Sarah J. Thomspon; Waller Holladay; Sarah Holladay; Isabella Pottie; Dr. Charles Pottie; Belle Mont (Tuscumbia, Alabama); Alexander William Mitchell; Goochland County transcriptions/abstracts;
George Harris, John Marshall, The Will Books Under Surname Marshall; Hart and Marshall, Pettit Deed, John Marshall & Company, William Snelson deed, Johnathan Marshall, Johnathan R. Marshall, B.M. Buckner, Joseph Hiter, Jane Taylor Marshall, Maria L. Marshall, Baldwin Buckner, Lucy B. Marshall, T.T. Marshall Admr., Jesse C. Whitlockm, Robert A. Marshall, Thomas G. Noel
Garth, Byrd, John Byrd, Bird, John Ball, William Burch, David Cosby, John Gilbert, Samuel Byrd, Immigrant, Builder of Byrd Mill?, Other Byrds - George, Richard, Henry, Elisabeth - Daughter of Sarah Byrd Burch, Stepdaughter of William Burchm William Byrd, Richard Byrd, John Byrd - father of Samuel Byrd - married Mourning Gilbert daughter of John and Ann Gilbert, The Mallorys - Currins, Nuchous, Jones
Swift, John G. Hawkins, wife Rebecca, M. Hawkins, David Swift, Luther R. Swift, Andrew B. Swift, John T. Swift, Joseph A. Swift, William H. Swift, Marcia H. Swift
Robert Tabscott, Brice, Webb Brice, Mrs. Neil/Nell Mae Rand (39), E. Ray Bailey (50), murders 1947, E.C. Brice, numbers ring, Cpl. W.E. Webb made arrest, Certificate of Death - Edward Clevland/Cleveland Brice; Brice - John A., Frank, John, Lucy (wife), Henry (son), Rosa, Marcellus, Luna Harris - widow to Emmity Harris
Tate, Warren, Lock, Edenton, Thacker: Robert A., Sarah Ann Tate, Josephine Mavon, James Franklin, Robert Anderson, Nathanial Henry, Mary Elisabeth, Louisa Ann, Andrew Noble, Joe Marion, Eugene M., Julian Bell, William Ashton, Sarah Ida, Clayton; Tate: Nathaniel, T.J., P.M., Catherine M., Fanny, Addison L., Arkansas, Robert W., James W., Elisabeth F., William J., Mary C., Martha J., Maria E. Missouri A., Eurabeth G., George R., John N., Phillip M.; Grubbs: Dabney, Elisabeth, George, Virginia, Maria, Ewell, Elisabeth, Richard, James, Nancy; William T. Edwards- Children: Charles Percival, William T., Hettie Gilbert, Mary Elisabeth Ellen, Paulina Ann Margaret, John P., Edgar M., Henry J., Thomas, Samuel W., Lucinda, Levi, Charles Payne, Minnie H., Alice Mae, Joseph Nelson, Waller P.; Stanley - William Alexander, Ernest Elwood, Bessie, Living, John Pettus; Lucina Diggs; William M. Tate; Elisheba Tate
Mary Leonard, Edmund Grady, Thomas, Tilly, Grady, Leonard; William Grady, Mary Leonard Grady, David L., Joseph Grady, Mary P. Keeser, Jane Gardner, Roxey Grady, Cornellius Grady, Rebecca Bond, David Langreds
Teague, Hopkins, Kelley, Troubough; Wilford Teague, Clem Teague, wife Floren, Elvin, Irine, Ralph, Lawson, Martha J., Arthur; Tom C. Teague, Wife Effie, Arnold, Lily B., James, Roy, Margaret, Pauline, Helen, Cleodus; William West Teague
Thomas, Henry A., Mary J., Granville S., Louisa, John Smith
Cosby, Harris, Bowles, Gardner; Harris - Fredrick, Richard, Charles, George, Jemmina; Bowles - Thomas, Peter, Amelia H., Issac, Betsey, Christiana, Polley, David, Ira; Gardener: Temperence, Will Gammon, Lucy, Da. Allen, Polley, Thomas, Salley, Nancy, Thomas, James, Asa, John, Elizabeth
Thompson, Wright; J.O. Wright; William Wright (1768) - James Wright, Elisabeth Wright, William and Esther Wright, Augustine Wright, Benjermin Wright, Francois/Francios Wright, Thomas Wright, John Wright, Alexander Wright; Thompson - Josiah S., Ernest Vernard, Josiah, James Orville
Blanks, Coaka Coeske, Pamunkeys; Foster, Crouch (for Tinsley); Foster - Robert, Thomas, James, Booker, Elisabeth, William, Martha, John, J. Jenkins, Lydia, Moses, Isham, George, Henry; Supplement - William Eldon Tinsley Crest (copy); James Family (of Tinsley line) - Thomas, Martha, John, Elisabeth, Rosannah, Martha, Frances, George; Blanks - Thomas (1590-1675), William, Mary, James, Susan, Elizabeth, Joseph (1700-1751), Martha, Joseph, John, Nathan, Mary; Broaddus - Edward (1715), Thomas, Richard, Dolly, Elinor, John, William, James, Shipley, Robin, Elizabeth, Reuben, Pryor, Andrew, Lucy, Frances, Susannah, Martha, Hanah/Hannah; Crouch - Richard, Elizabeth Smith, Charles R., Stephen D., Gabriella G., Richard W., John, Sarah, John G., Reuben
Thomason - John Thomason (1719), Samuel, Nathaniel, Elias, Edna King, William, Nancy, Elizabeth, Frances "Fanny", William Jr., Mary Martha "Patsy", John (1753), David, Henrietta, Proffit House (*), Maps of Louisa
Thomspon, Henry (black), slaves?, Henry, Julia, Alice, William, Samuel, Alexander, Julia (mulatto), Winston, Chas, Sam, Ellen, Anthony, Rebecca J., Judy; Thompson - William, Flora, Francis, Martha, William Georgia
Thomspon, Groom; Groom - Mary, James, Matilda, John E., Charles D., Dabney, Nancy, Patricia, Betty, Thomas, Thelma, Corrine, Zach, Goggin, Polley; Thompson - Charles S., Wallace W., Julia C., Maggie M., Charles H., Nellie J., Sarah, William, John P., Sally P., Edward G., John P., Sallie P., Mary A., Mildred, Margaret; Poindexter - John, Thomas, Lucy J., Nicholas J., Waller L., Waller S., Jane, William G., James; Bibb - Robert P., Permelia, Richard, William Smith, John, Rhoda, Robert, Permelia (age 8), Louisa, Robert, Mary, Andrew, Henry F., William J., Edna
Robert Thomson, Boggs
Thompson, Samuel, Temperance (wife), Sarah (daughter)
Timberlake Chart; extensive chart of names; Addie Bailey, Agnes, Albert, Alice Adele, Aline Gertrude, Ammon, Ann, Annie, Arilina, Benjermin/Benjamin, Beulah, Birdie, Carroll, Catherin, Charles, Clifton, Courtney, Daisy, David, Dixon, Dora, Eddie, Edgar, Elizabeth, Emma, Epaphorditus I & II, Henry, Richard (1675-1700)
Fox, Snead, Tinsley; Fox - Joseph, Ann, Thomas, Sussannah/Susannah, John, Elizabeth, Frances, Frances, Agnes, Cathy, Sarah, Grace, Charles, Nathanial, Meredith, Caty, Polley, Eliza Ann, John Young, Robert Holman, Lilburn, William Monroe, Maria S., Julian, Catherine Grace; Snead - Samuel, William, Henry, Samuel, John, Thomas, Archibald, Matilda, Elizabeth, Holman, Burvell, Sarah, Jane, Polly, George, Benjamin, Susannah, Thomas Jr., Stephen
Suits for debts, listed names: William Jackson, John Edwards, David Yancey, William O. Callis, Robert Yancey, Poindexter
Towsey- Richard R., Henry P., Willie C., Mary H., Thomas P., Hugh C., Garnett, Samuel, Mary B., Richard T., Nannie; Butler - Meade E., Meade E. Jr., Meade E. III, Kelley E., Brent M., Sean J., Kathryn, Robert P., Mary C., Natasha A., John M., Harold, Mavis; Sharp - Annie L., Claudius, Henry Lee, Lottie, Willie A.; Whitlock - Charlie, Lottie, Lucy Mae
Pictures enclosed; map; Towler- William R., Virginia A.; George Chewning; John Hays; Elizabeth Taylor; James Blain; Albemarle County; Benjamin Taylor; Taylor's Gap; Zachery Taylor, Zachary Taylor; Daniel Boone, Tarleton, Chart included (handwritten in red ink); Sam Channing Towler, descendant of Robert Dickinson Sons of the American Revolution application
Trice Bible; Trice - James, Dorothy, John, Mary, William, Ann, Dabney, Anderson, Meredith, Elizabeth, Alexander, Jefferson, William H., James M., Timoleon, Mary J., Matthew A., Susan, William J.
Buckner Lucy, George Buckner, Rebecca Buckner, Anna Coles, Hannah Coles, James Buckner, Jason Buckner, Lindsay Williams, Amy Williams, Lucy Williams, William Cole, Warren Trice, Anise, Simon Trice, Anna Buckner, will and deed book transcriptions, Martha Trice, Julis Trice, Geveda Buckner Trice, Ora Trice Lewis, Licey, Joseph, William, Festus Trice; cohabitation and marriage lists transcribed; Elisha Trice, Sallie Trice, John Trice, James Trice, Claudius Trice, Temple Trice, Martha Trice, Marcella Trice, Richard Buckner, Mitchell Trice, Eisha Trice, Festus Trice, Julius Trice, Joseph Trice, Mattie Trice, census copies
Anderson Tulloh, David Tulloh, Vincent Tulloh, William Shelton, Thomas Poindexter, Barbara Garland
Mary Adams Napper, John Branham, Nathan Napper, Elizabeth Napier, Westley Morris, Mary Morris, Elizabeth Napper, Samuel Dalton, Frederick Napier, J. Westley Morris, Pinkard H. Palmer, Pinkard Palmer, Sarah E. Counts, Roxy A. Palmer, Camellia Napper, W.E. Bibb, Lewis Napper, James Wright, James L. Wright, M.W.M. Michie, William Branham, Nathan Napier, Stephen Napper, Sally Napper, Jno. Maddox, Martin Thacker, William Wash, Thomas Wash, Roy Gibson, Robert Jennings, Nelson T. Gibson, Mary A. Gibson, George Gibson, Granville Gibson, Jemina Branham, Primus Branham, William Branham, James Sprouse; Mary Knapper
James Turner, Richard Field, Angeline, Jesse Melton, James Melton, Wilson Melton, Brazeel Melton, Samuel Melton, George W. Patten, Julianna F. Dameron, Lucy A. Patten, Mitchell, Sally Shelton, Elizabeth Shelton, Cecilia Shelton, Thomas Shelton, Martha Shelton, Joseph Shelton, James, Isaac, Polly and child, Ben, Patsy, Peggy, Peter, Anna, George, Dick, Nancy, Harriet, Elisha, Franky and child, Andrew, list of deeds
Lewis Coleman, Sallie Lewis, Andrew McDowell, Henry Childs, Samuel McDowell, Willie M, Eva G., Babe, Robert M. Kent, Lucy A. Peake, R.L. Gordon, J.B. Levy, Bettie G., Charlotte Burrus, Jesse W. Melton, Josie Dean McDowell, Lucy E. Bibb, J.J. Porter
Nathanial Harris, Christopher Wood, John Foster, Mary Foster, William Foster, Nelson Foster, Edmond Foster, Thomas Foster, William Foster Jr., Cosby Foster, Lancelot, Anthony Foster, Avarilla Foster, Joel Foster, Henry Foster, Joshua Foster, Eliza Foster, Robert Foster, Francis Foster, Allen Foster, Grief Foster, Margaret Foster, Ann Foster, Zachariah Bailey, Walter Marion Foster, Hibernia Foster, Eugenia Foster, History of the Baptists in Virginia by Robert Baylor Semple, G.W. Beale, Pamelia Cason, Cleveland-tract Harris, John L. Company, Alexander Harris, Amelia Harris, Ann Harris, Barbara Harris, Benjamin Harris, Bernard Dudley Harris, Betsy Harris, C. Walter Harris, Caroline C. Harris, Catharine Harris, Charles Harris, Clifton Harris, Cyrus Harris, Daniel Harris, Edward Harris, Elias Harris, Elizabeth Harris, Esther Harris, Frances Harris, Francis Harris, Frank Harris, Frederick Harris, Gabriella Harris, George Harris, Harriet Harris, Henry Francis Harris, Ira Harris, Isabella Harris, James Harris, James Harris, James Harris, Jane Harris, Jemmima Harris, John Harris, John Harris, Joseph Harris, Judith Harris, Juliet Harris, Lafeyette Harris, Laura Harris, Lucy Harris, Lydia Harris, Marcella Harris, Marian Harris, Martha Harris, Mary Harris, Mary Louisa Harris, Mary Wood Harris, May Harris, Mezzapina Harris, Micajah Harris, Miletus Harris, Moses Harris, Nancy Harris, Nancy Ann Harris, Nancy Rice Harris, Narcissus Harris, Nathan Harris, Nathaniel Harris, Overton Harris, Polly Gardner Harris, Randolph Harris, Rhoda Harris, Richard Harris, Richmond Harris, Robert Harris, Ryland Harris, Sally Harris, Samuel Harris, Sarah Harris, Sarah Elizabeth Harris, Sophia Harris, Susan Harris, Thomas Harris, Waller Harris, William Harris, Diana Harris, William Shiller Harris, William Spiller Harris, William Harris, Harris Hicks, Sallie T. Harris, Thomas Harrison, William Harrison, Kesiah Harris, William Harris
William Mallory, Mallory Martin, Ichabod Mallory, Thomas, Ann Martin, Joel Mallory, Jesse Mallory, Henry Higgason Mallory, Elizabeth Mallory, Charles Mallory, Roger Palmer, Thomas Palmer, Charles Palmer, Zachariah Mallory, Joel Mallory, Jane Mallory, Griffith Dickinson, Henry Dickinson, Elizabeth Mallory married Henry Blunt, Sallory (unmarried), David Dickinson, John Dickinson, Mary Dickinson married Robert Nettle, William Dickinson, Thomas Dickinson, Frances Dickinson, James Mallory, Lucy Mallory, Martin Palmer (1760), Roger Palmer, Mary Palmer, Betty Palmer, Grace Palmer, William Palmer, Jeffrey Palmer (1761), John Palmer, Thomas Palmer, Martin Palmer, Nicholas Palmer, Daniel Palmer, Elizabeth Palmer, Charles Palmer, Philip Palmer, Nathaniel Palmer, Francis Palmer, Humphrey Palmer, Jane Palmer, Molly Palmer, transcriptions included
Lewis Bell, Indian ancestry, Col. Richard Morris, Richard the son of Sylvanius Morris, Quaker, James Maury Morris, Clarissa married Horatio Gates Winston (1811 Winston), Maria who married Dr. Frank Carr after 1822, Martha Morris who never married, Elizabeth Morris who married Edward Garland (1800 Louisa); Elizabeth Garland, Edward Garland; Holman Sneed, Sneed, Maupin, Overton Garland, Paul Tilman, Cliffton Garland; Of Unamiable Temper and Unsavory Reputation: Postbellum Racial Identity and Land Tenure in Albermarle County, Virginia by Robert Vernon
John Vest, Cloverdale, Arnold Parish, Maymie Parish, Little Cauthorn Creek on the South Anna River, George Vest, deed book transcriptions, copies of deeds (typed and handwritten), Isham Desper, Samuel Hudson, Robert Vest, James Vest, Spotsylvania County
Correspondence, Virginia Genealogical Society, Virginia State Archives, legislation
Waldrop, Sarah Waldrop, transcriptions from resources, William T. Sanders, Maury Crebbs, Thomas G. Waldrop, Sally, Alice, Ben, Alex, and Tom Waldrop, Nannie M. Brown, Julia N. Atkinson, Jane S. Lewis, Mary S. Waldrop, Virginia A. Waldrop, Thomas G. Waldrop Jr., Frank H. Atkinson, Mary L. Waldrop, Hiram B. Waldrop, Sarah M. Waldrop, Waldrope; Ann Anthony, Martha J. Fleshman, Patrick Waldrop, Polly Harris, Eli Hall, Frank Waldrop, Susan Waldrop, William Waldrop, Jennie Gentry, Ann Anthony viz John Anthony, William Anthony, Samuel Anthony, Elizabeth Tate, Susan Powers, Lucy Foster, Fanny Foster; stewards of poor house (1858, 1878)
The earliest record of the Waldrop family in Virginia is in King William county where in 1704 a Michael Waldrop bought land from Thomas and Frances Arnold. In 1712 he received a 100 acres in return for transporting two people to Virginia. In 1772 in Pittsylvania, Virginia a James Waldrop who came from Surry County, North Carolina, left a will. It included his wife Sarah and son James. In 1776 this James Waldrop had his boat taken by the colonies but he fought against England and received a pension in Georgia where he last lived. Many Waldrops lived in the Southern colonies but the earliest record in Louisa is of a Samuel Waldrop who in 1777 bought land from Richard Whitworth of King William. This land was situated next to Foster's Creek near Berea Church. Samuel's first wife's name is not known but his second wife was Jean Foster whom he married in 1784. He died around 1809 and his land division includes the following children: Thomas, Wm (William), John, Francis, Samuel, Polley, Elizabeth, and James... (continued)
Copy of The Observer Highlights article: Albemarle landholder took 18th-century changes by the reigns; Dr. Thomas Walker; 1741; Mildred Thornton Meriwether, Nicholas Meriwether, Castle Hill, Dr. George Gilmer
Bentley McGhee Hicks (1815-1882), Elizabeth Edgar Hicks (1812-1850), George Taylor Hicks, Lucy McGhee Hicks, John Hicks (1799), William, Shadrack, John, Moses, Harris, Meshack Hicks, Suckey Taylor, Harrison, Woodson, copies of handwritten originals, 1905 genealogical article on Hicks lineage in Virginia, correspondence
Richard Waller (1755), Great Storm (1886), Robert S.M. Carr and Cora Reed (1898), Columbus Miller (1886), Cabel F. Miller (1888), Mariah Carr (1890), John C. Miller (1892), Leather… Samuel Miller (1892), Nathaniel Luck; Cutbert Waller and Eliza Compton; Edmund Goodman and Polly Waller, Nathaniel Dews and Elizabeth B. Waller, William Dews (1813), Sarah Word (1757), Daniel Waller, Betsey B. Waller, Richard T. Waller, Cynthia Waller (1793), births and deaths listed (1787-1818), copies from family bible
William Jackson Walton; Monthly Report of the Superintendent of Schools (1885); details about self and teaching career: William Trice, Charles Thompson, Lavinia Sims, M. Gardner (?), John Booker, Lelia Smith, S.O. Perkins, Lucie Winston, Jennie Yeaman, C. Jackson, Julia D. Kuper (?), M. Dickinson, M.C. Lacy & daughter, B.F. Richardson, Farrar, Thomas Ennis, Mrs. Charles Martin, Higgason, William Bagby, James Jackson, Miss M. Shelton, Jno. Gilson (?), Bagby, W.P. Coleman, J.B. Anderson, J.L. Williams, Elizabeth Meredith, Thomas Meredith, D. Armstrong, sales of groceries and tobacco, taxes/levies, John Walton, Elizabeth Meredith, account book, Johnston Whiting, W.H. Harris, Sallie M. Walton, John Sampson, Jno. W. Christmas, B.F. Richardson
Walton, Louisa County Marriage register, census information, selection from Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly, Will of John Walton (1772), Agnes D. Walton (1854), James B. Shelton, John B. Shelton, Thomas G. Meredith, Samuel Meredith, Walter Meredith, Ellen Meredith, Mineral Mining Corporations (1896); map of Mineral City; article from LCHS Summer 1980 magazine (V12.1); Pamphlet/booklet from Virginia State Library (TN423, Book 26, W24) To the President and Directors of the Walton Mining Company
Nathan Ware, Levi Baker, Amealia J. (wife), Amelia J. (wife), Josiah Abbott, John Hunter, Nathan A. Ware, William Byrd (of Maury County, Tennessee), Peter D. Ware, Edward Ware, James Gunter, Edmund Wash, Edmond Wash; charts included and transcriptions
Robert Francis Barton (1842-1890), married Mary Elizabeth Bellamy (1870); Bellomy, Lewis Anderson Walker, Julia Ann Bellomy, married in 1859 in Louisa, John Walker, Nancy Walker
Maynard, Colley, Watts; transcriptions from local resource records
Mason, Winston, George Taylor, Woodson, Ann D. Woodson, List of Edmund Wash's legatees, Thomas Wash, Ellison Wash, William Wash, Alice Wash, John Wash, Frances Wash, Ann Elizabeth Walton, Molly E. Walton, Joel W. Walton, Wash accounts
Cross et al v. Mickie; James Watson, Lindsay, Michie, George Michie, John Michie, William Michie, Louisa County deed transcriptions
James T. Wood (1798-1862); James Wood (died 1799); Anne Elizabeth Nancy Lipscomb (married in Louisa 1784); David Wood, John Michie, James Watson, William Wood Sr., William Wood Jr., Sarah Hall, Mary Wood married Nathan Hall, Thomas Johnson, Henry Ashton, Mary Wood, Catherine Wood, Franklin County Tennessee, Christopher Wood, Sarah Michie Wood, Thomas Wood, Christopher Wood Jr., Thomas Lenard, Thomas Leonard, James Shoemaker, Susanna Ricks, Helender Johnson, Henrietta Michie, Eliza Michie, Drury Wood, George Wood, Mary Wood
Jacob Burrus, William Burrus, Ann Feguson, William Ferguson (1797), John Burrus, Jestinia Burrus, Middleton Hickey, Charles Burrus, Betty Anne Alexander Moak and Anne Gertrude Alexander Wiley
"The Travelling Church" by George Washington Ranck (1910); copies of maps
John Henry Wheeler, John H. Wheeler Jr., Sallie H. Sargeant, George Wheeler Carter, Ann B. Childress, Mark Wheeler, Frances Huston, Benjamin Childress, ___ Johnson, Sarah C. Sargeant, Nathaniel Wheeler, Nancy Tisdale, Graves Harris and Elizabeth Wheeler, Mark Wheeler, Richard Loving, Anne Wheeler, Chiswell B. Winston and Lucy T. Wheeler, Marietta or Mary E, Josephus, transcriptions of local county records included
Larkin Higgason, Betsey Cothran, Philimon Cathron Higgason, William Hutson Higgason, William Hudson Higgason, Frances Wheeler, Benjamin Higgason, James Dabney, Henry Garrett
Bradley Berry, Hezekiah Rhodes, Elizabeth Nicholls, Mary Rhodes, Garrett Berry, John Berry, Mary Dudley, Elizabeth Bradley, William Berry, transcriptions from local county records included
Bushrod Chiles, William Chiles; Thomas Chiles; William Child; James Chiles; Henry Childs; Paul Childs
Charles Nuckols, Bullock; James and/or Henrietta Nuckols; William Nuckols; Henrietta Terry; Joseph Nuckolls of Buckingham?, Elizabeth Duke
John Spicer of King George County; Harrison County marriage record for John L. Spicer (son of William and Judith, brother of Eliza A.C.); Jane Spicer to Horace Rhodes; Coley; Cora Lee (Corale); Martin True; William W. Spicer
John Wright, Jane Wright, Charles Wright, Francis Wright, Benjamin Wright; Jane Wright Stewart Martin; Nimrod B. Edwards; Robert Stewart; Joseph Wright, Elizabeth Gooch, Elizabeth Gouch, Jane Chiles, Robert Stewart, Eleanor Webber, Edwin Hickman, Mary Boucher?, Walter Chiles, Jr.; Elizabeth Maury; Col. John Page; Lady Alice Lukin
Benjamin Bibb, David Arnett from King William County; bond of William McGehee and James McGehee, Samuel McGehee
Will of Asa Williams, sister Margaret Collins, witnesses William Estes and Robert Collins
Wilson family bible record; Marshall Wilson; Vivian Marie, Elizabeth Jane MacKay, Clarence Quarles Wilson, Mercer Winston Quarles, Joseph Bickerton Quarles, Mary J. Quarles; Mary L. Nunn, Alexander Franklin; Mary Goodwin Anderson; Ethel May; John Quarles; Mary Winston; Mercer Quarles, Richard Overton Quarles, Duncan McLaughlan Quarles, Virginia Minor Quarles; Harry Quarles; John Minor Quarles, Marshall Wade Wilson and Mary Shumake married January 1946; Marshall Wade Wilson, Jr. born November 29, 1946; Eugene Kyle WIlson and Ada Bell Sharp; Edsel Walter Willard Quarles WIlson and Helen Esther Brooks
Wilson suits
Alice Barber, Alece Winston Barber, Captain Jones?, Sarah Marks Winston, Sarah Winston, Malvern Hill outside of Mineral (buily 1782)
Malinda B. Talley (1838-1908), Wesley Talley, Michael Talley (1849), William Thompson, Joseph K. Pendleton, Nathan Talley, George Thomason, Hugh Goodwin, William Goodwin, Francis Waldrope, slaves; Frances Gibson, Elizabeth Talley; George Talley, Mary Gibson; Richard Talley; William G. Talley; Anderson Talley, Meriwether Talley, Sameul Talley, Mary Barret, Parson Barret, Elizabeth Waldrop, twelve children of George Talley, Overton Talley, Nancy Day, John Day, Mary Gibson, Julianna Talley (1850-1880), marriage records, deeds, wills; surnames Hester, Hickinson, Morris; Edmond P. Wood, Joseph Grady, Keesaer, Bell
Sanson, Dicken, Dickens, Sansom, Dorrell (nothing found), Cosby House, Nathan Smith, Unity Smith, Elijah Sansom, Elizabeth Sansom
James Henry Woodfork, Nellie Woodfork, William Carl Woodfork, Mary E. Woodfork, George Nelson Woodfork, Martha Nelson Woodfork, Arthur Woodfork, Henry C. Woodfork, Nelson Carter Woodfork, Jr.; Nancy Ann Woodfork, Jacqueline Casandra Woodfork, Agnes Woodfork, Millicent Woodfork, Irene Wright Woodfork, family register, certificate of marriage (Henry Woodfork, Martha Nelson), records of death/return of deaths for the city registrar
Document the relationship between Richard V. Woodson and his father, who is believed to be Daniel, and his grandfather believed to be Obadiah Woodson
Jacob Woodward (1792); Culpeper County; Richard Woodward, Elizabeth Woodward, Stafford County; Prince William County; Gerrard Woodward; William Woodard and wife Jane Woodard; surname Woodard included
WPA Cemetery and Bible Records
Woodwards of Goochland County; Benjamin Woodward; Jeremiah Woodward; Revolutionary War pension; Richard Woodward application; Sarah Parrish Gray, Sally Ann; Henry Gray, Ruth Mutrie; Benjamin Morris, John B. Henry G.; Frankey M. Pledge; William Henry, Richard Benton; John F.; Martha Jane; Susan Catherine; Alice P. Folkes; Elizabeth A. Newman, Maryetta Parrish, Garland N. Parrish; George B. Herndon; Elizabeth B. Ragland; Dudly Ragland; Margaret Ragland?
Wren property near Good Hope Church; John Wren; Gengoteague (Guicatic) Run; King George County; Spotsylvania County; Judith Wren; William Wren; Thomas Wren; Sarah Willoughby; Mary Wren; Lewis Wren; Achilles Mils; Elizabeth Mills; Sarah Wren; George Wren; Hellen Wren; Eliza Pilcher
Copy of will
John Andrews, Elizabeth, Lewis Andrews, Samuel Andrews, John Day Andrews, Andrews Tavern (Spotsylvania); William H. Andrews; Amelia Harris Andrews; Timberlake; John Andrews; Elizabeth Day Andrews; Sarah Day Lipscomb; John Lipscomb Andrews; Emily Lewis Andrws; Mary Eliza Twyman; John Thomas Coleman; Alexander Butler; Beverley Daniel; Elizabeth Ann Andrews; Sarah Jane Andrews; Mary Ellen Andrews; Isabella Andrews; Lewis Andrews Jr.; William Thomas Andrews; Eugenia Frances Andrews; Angelina Winston Andrews; Ella Samuel Andrews; Lindsay Wallace Cave; Lindsay Wallace Cave; Ella Samuel Andrews; Lillian Wallace Cave; Preston Andrews Cave; Frances Byrd Cave; Irene Isabella Cave; Samuella Cave; Aubrey Dickinson; James Kay Dickinson; Edward Harvey Bibb; William E. Alley; Nellie Timberlake; Mills; Johnson; Minnie Perkins; Alice Harris
The Life and Letters of Robert Lewis Dabney (author: Thomas Cary Johnson); early Louisa High School, University of Virginia image, Gilboa Church image
William Crawford, executor of Robert Yancey; Charles Kimbrough, executor of Charle Yancey; Stephen Yancey
Charles Yancey, Mary Leighton; Mary Bartlett; Archelaus Yancey; Mary J. Yancey; Henry Yancey; Stephen Yancey; Augustus Yancey; Catherin Yancey; Rachel Ann Yancey; George Brooke, Judith Marshall, Joshua Chapman; Mary Edwards; Ann Yancy; John Garner; Rebecca Yancey; Joseph/John J. Atkins, Mildred, Samuel James; Elizabeth Y. Atkins, Catlett James Atkins, James Waller; Robert L. Campbell; Ann Maria Atkins; Leighton Yancey Atkins; Kimrbough; John Field; Asa Hazen; Muncus; Robert Jenning; William Tudor; Lucy Elizabeth Davis; Henry Davis; Grace Macon; Charles Dabney Yancey; Elizabeth Cowan; Margaret Macon; Mary Barbara Jennings; Rebecca Mayo
Mary C. Young, Hemmer, Oliver, Hunter, Adams, Estes; map; deed
Kimbrough, Edmond Pendleton, Joseph Kimbrough; Robert Yancey; Col. Robert Yancey; Sarah Kimbrough; Charles Yancey; Charles Kimbrough
Thomas Dickins, Peter Chastain, Susannah Robinson, Peter Davis, Susanna Morrill, Lewis Morrill, Goochland County records; Edmund Stringer; John Dicken, Sr.; Edward Stringer; John Dickens; Jeremiah Dicken; Mary Norment Dicken, Dumas Lane; Perrin
Brechin; Crafford; Sarah Brechin; Brackin, Bracken, Brakin; Samuel Bracken, William Bracken, John Bracken, James Brechin
Otho D Hall and Sallie O Harris , Bernard Terrell Hall, Harris Lee, Virginia Elizabeth, Alexander Wade, Elias Overstreet, Ellmood Crawford Hall, Family geneology birth and death dates/
William and Sally S Loving,David and Henietta S Loving, William Hyter and Martha W, William Rederick, and Irene D Loving, James D and Lucie S Loving, James Otis and Lilly B Loving
William and Sally Strong Loving,David and Henrutta S. Loving,William H and Martha W Loving, Willian R and Irene D Loving, James O and Lilly B LovingJean OtisLoving, James D and Lucie S Loving
Thomas Shelton (Major Rev. War) and Susannah F, David R and Victori K Shelton, John Shelton, David and Massie R Shelton, Dr, H. R. P. McCoy and Gratton S, David and Lavinna T Richardson, Capt John R Richardson and Elizabeth S, David S and Florence M Richardson, Andrew J and Jean Q Richardson III, Andrew J and Sallie M Richardson II, Andrew J Richardson III and Mary M , AndrewJ aRichard IV and Anna T, John S and Charlotte B Quisenberry , Zack H and Victoria R Meredith, James H and Nettie S Quisenberry, Malcolm B and Ruth S Quisenberry, Edward B and Hardenia C Sims,
William Sargent, Harry Whilfield Wright, Mary E Richardson
William Seargeant, Ann Snead, John and Frances, John Trice and Susan D Seargent, Tandy Trice and Mar E Seargent, William D Johnson and Hardenia E S Johnson, Jeter and Arabella H Seargent, William Wilson Herring, Arabella Ida Johnson
Thomas and Ann Crank, Matthew Crank, Sr. and Elizabeth, Matthew, Jr.and Mary B Crank, Henry Crank and Mildred Clewning(?) Crank, James H and Nancy Omohundro Crank, George III and Martha C Crank II, Richard and Elizabeth M Omohundro, Ann, Elizabeth Mews, Richard Omohundro, Mary Browning, Ann Moxley
Richard and Mary Wright, Richard and Ann T Wright, Granville T and Mary C Wright, Henry W and Nannie B Wright, Henry W and Gertrude S Wright, Joseph M and Elizabeth B Wright, Edwin (Edward) C and Mildred T Wright, Henry C and Annie M Wright, George L and Katie E Wright, James F and Mollie B Wright, Murry J and Bessie G Wright, William J and Mary D Wright, Richarnd M and Susan P Wright, Joseph H and Jane W Morris, Richard S and Sarah M Morris, Joseph M and Tannie B Wright,
Registry info mainly about Fredricks Hall area, hawk killing contest, burial or removal permit (from West Virginia), State Board of Vital Statistics, Surnames by Counties and Cities of mixed Negroid Virginia Families Striving to pass as Indian or White, Willis Blevins, Nettie Moss, Ida Clemon, Henry Overton, Annie Green, Tobias Christian, Ida Coleman, Tartha Agnes James
Letters/cards to Aunt Bettie Harris (1920-1921), including a marriage announcement, Macie Overcash, Floyd Avenue, Charles Wiley Mills
Mrs. S E Harris, Estate of Sallie Harris Hall, various letters, A.G. Mills, Carrie, Groundhog Day, William Wood, Ursuley, children of William Wood: John, Mary, Thomas, Susanna, William, Agnes; Matthew Johnson, Sory Johnson, Natton Hall, Elinor Johnson, William Giddeus, Sarah Hall, Thompson, Nellie Pheydma, Minnie, James E., Bentie M, Tommie, Lawrence Fielding Fleshman, Phedyma Perry, Romulus Poore, John Waldrop, Jane Holland, Martha Jane, James Fountain Fleshman, Mary Jane Harlow, Samuel McDonald, Fielding McDonald, Mary J. Harlow, Edna Lee, William S, Ozias Silas, Sarah H., William David Fleshman, Roberta L. McLove, Carrie A. Poindexter, Alfred E. Dickenson, John Boston, Frances Waugh, Mary P. Brown, George Perry, Bickley, Elijah Richard Perry, Sophia Boston, John Boston, Frances Petty, George Petty, Alexander A., John P. Boston, Elizabeth, Elizabeth Wough/Waugh, Charles Deane, Charles Deone, Harlow, Matilda Harlow, Sarah A. Harlow, William J. Harlow, Mary J. Harlow, Louisa Harlow, Andrew J. Harlow, William D. Fleshman, Susan K. Harlow, Robert Harlow, Sarah R. Harlow, Dora Ann Harlow, Richard Harlow, Armand Harlow, Robert Harlow, William C. Harlow, John Harlow, John Martin, Thomas and wife, William, Dickerson, Dickenson, Dickason, Rippito, Ripeto, Peter Ripeto, Abraham Crosright, Ripetoe, Singleton, Fleshman, Schone, Maria Catherine, Peter, John, Jacob Broyle, Bennie Luck, Land, Tenements, Goods, and Chattels: Using Inheritance Law to Find Missing Ancestors and Their Wives, Helen Leary, National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections, Principal Roads to the West and Canals as of 1830s, 1830s Travel Times from New York, Selection from Pocahontas's People "The Powhatan Indians of Virginia Through Four Centuries" by Helen Rountree
Family tree and timeline, surname: Blaise/Blase/Blaze
Letters to Bessie (Grandma) Hall, O.J. Hall, Cera B. and W.H. Shackelford, Newspaper clips 1930s, Harris Hall from Mrs. John Hunter, Bessie Hall, Mrs. Margaret Sears, cousin, Bernard Hall, M.F. Jaynes, Sr.
Todd County Kentucky, letter to Mr. Benjamin Harris of Louisa County Virginia, from brother O.H., Benjamin Harris, Sally Overstreet, marriage, Richard Jones, Austin Hancock, Mary J. Harris, George Tyler, Jr., William Y. Hiter, Elias Hancock, Oteria E. Hancock, Austin and Mary J. Hancock, William and Lucy Hancock, John G. Rowe, William James Hancock, Miss Mary, Miss Otye, Mrs. Virginia Austin Hancock, Paul H. Farmer, Frances Hancock Murphy, indenture John Bibb, Robert L. Cosby, Nathaniel Harris, "Dick Jones" land, Otho Hall, Richard O. Davenport, Miss Sallie, Annie, Ella, Leckie Mills, Low Moor Mines, Aunt Jane and Bella, Jennie Yeaman, Julia Pierce, V.A. Hall, Elizabeth Ann Wheeler, Apple Grove, Daisy, Fredericks Hall, Sarah Elizabeth Harris, Otho Hall, Swell Station, Brokenburg, Spotsylvania, Pendleton, Sunny Side, Fernol, Augusta County, Waco Orange County, Sulpher Mines, J.L. Lilly, H.G. McGarry, Otho Davis Hall death announcement, Granite Springs
Train tickets, receipts Bessie Hall (1916); Letters to Halls: Bessie, Katy, mostly Sallie (1925-1929); 1 from Cera (1924), living in Pittsburgh
Family bible, Marriages, Elias T. Harris, Sarah E. Mills, Otho D. Hall and Sallie O. Harris, Births, Elias Thomas Harris, Benjamin Harris, Sarah Harris, Sarah E. Mills, Wade Mills, Maria Mills, M. Kate Harris, Bernard Terrell, Deaths, The American Flag by Joseph Rodman Drake, Ella Wheeler Wilcox (?), Sallie Harris Hall obituary, Wade Mills, Mariah H. Dickinson, W.J. Mills, Alex W. Mills, Charles M. Mills, Benjamin Mills, Sarah E. Mills, John J. Mills, Susan C. Mills, Robert O. Mills, S.M. McGary, John J. Mills, Sr., Annie Mills
Family trees: Seargeant, Mills, Richardson, Shelton, Wright
Estate Settlement Papers - Hall family; O.D. Hall will; 25-acre Map of Survey of Dr. Lewis S. Pendleton Estate; Hall family summons to Louisa Court, Plantiff- Va Electric & Power Co.
"Absent Friends", Robert J.H. Malone (newspaper clipping obituary), Simple First Aid Home Treatments for Livestock; The First National Bank of Louisa; Maria Harris, W.A. Plecker, Mrs. O.D. Hall; livestock list; Mrs. Snow Lacy Nuckolls, Louise Painter, Mr. Overton Baker Pettit, Salem; W.H. Shackelford; Pedigree chart for Successors Duke, Halls Duke; Lula Atkinson, E.A. Terrell; Fredericks Hall
Civilian Conservation Corps, Company 2359; Camp P-82; Menu, photo; Bernard Hall Firefighters, 1937; Civilian Conservation Corps Company 2359; Camp P-82; William J. Bemis, Jr.; Samuel H. Malkin; Earle L. Parker; Ivan V. Yonce; E.P. Snead; G.H. Ross; D.L. Forlines; J.C. Hollins; J.H. Kennedy; C.B. Newbill; V.C. Pittman; R.H. Powell; George Vukovich; George Kerick; Joseph Bardyn; LeRoy Corbett; Lewis Glass; Ryland Dickinson; Ralph Gerlette; Paul Yasher; William Bothwell; Hugh Brennan; John Devine; Lester Dunaway; Joel Hopkins; John Kalas; John Koleno; Frank Lonski; Theodore Nickel; Peter Nouish; Edward Scott; John Totin; Joseph Zewan; John Abplanalp; Joseph Armitage; Frank Baron; Andrew Beao; Andy Bedio; John Bedio; John Belcavage; Ernest Bottone; Joseph J. Brayer; Metro Breznick; Paul Busovni; Nicholas Camp, Michael Coggins, Earl Colbert, Peter E. Cominsky, Joseph Curran, Albert Darby, Albert J. Curran, Benny Ditchkus, Peter Donchak, Charles Drago, Alex Duricko, Richard Elder, Frank Fabian, Alex Fela, Lee Fetterman, Henry Fisher, DeVere Foltz, William Geiger, John Grier, Claude Grim, Geneo Gurner, Bernard Hall, Harry Hamovitz, Leo Hetman, Herman Hicks, Dennis Hopkins, Floyd Hopkins, John Hutsko, John J. Huxta, Rudolph Isvak, Stankley Iwicki, Anthony Janesky, Robert Johnston, Edward Kane, Michael Klim, John Kosack, Joseph Kolesar, George F. Kramer, Metro J. Kravetz, Leonard Krise, Nick Kriss, Charles Kyrsak, Paul Lawrence, John Lapin, Adam Leonard, Walter Lipinski, John C. Liss, Jr.; Albert Lukas, Ambrose Lynch, Nadzar Martino, Melvin Mason, Joseph McGee, Richard McGinness, Albert Meister, Antony Mickles, George Miller, Louis C. Misura, Michael Montana, Patrick Montant, Clyde E. Morgan, Victor M. Napkie, John Olenich, Joseph Panek, Neal Panzarella, Herbet J. Parker, Stanley Pawlinski, John L. Paxton, Jeff T. Perdue, Curtis Porter, Johnny C. Preston, Can Price, Noel O. Price, Nelson Puz, Daniel Rabinsky, Joseph Rakes, John D. Ramey, Elmer L. Reed, Forest C. Reid, Edward Richnick, John E. Rogo, Curtis Rogers, Garfield W. Rosenbaum, Roy E. Ross, Roy Sarver, Edward R. Schropp, Charles W. Seegar, Joseph Sevitski, James J. Saxton, Albert Shadder, James M. Shaffer, Wallace H. Shanklo, John Shealor, Oscar Shearer, Jr.; John Sidovick, Rudolph J. Skubic; Theodore Swarlo; Oscar Smith; John Sosnoskie, Jack Stanton, Carl M. Stepalovitch; John Stevens; Harold E. Styers; Joseph M. Sukienik; William Sysock, Joseph Valentukonis; Edward Van Gorden; Alphonse W. Wallentavage; Irvin Wade; Kenneth Watkins; David Williams; Lynn Williams; Llewellyn Williams; George Winn; Paul Wisneski; Joseph Yarter; Stanley Zaleski; Michael Zayck; Edward Zembra; John Zeok, Jr.; Edmund L. Zigon
Short Story "How to Cook a Husband", Letters to Hall sisters (1913-1916), Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Telegram; 1912-1913 Report cards, Wade Hall, Elias Hall; Washer Receipt with Instructions (handwritten); Receipts and shopping lists; 1910 To-Days Magazine
Charles Mills, Walter Mills, John Jackson, Anne Yeamans, James Franklin (Jim) Mills, Sarah, John Mills house, Robert Mills, Charles M. Mills, James Frank Mills, Louisa and Petersburg, William A. Mills, Wade Mills, Ann Eliza Saunders Mills, Lula Mae Mills, Bill Mills, Jim J.E. Mills, Mary Ashton Mills, Mrs. Nora DeWitt Mills, Mrs. Elmer C. Haynes, E.A. Stricklen, Mrs. Ricahrd Brotherton, Elmer C. Haynes, Jr., Virginia Myrle Brotherton, Edward L., William A., Robert A.; Fannie Mills McGehee, Mrs. Mary Mills Winston; copied section of book about Clopton family; Mills Family Bible, 10-page genealogy, Mills, Yeamans, Harris, Dickinson, Saunders, Loving, Winston, Hall, Reeves, Wright, McGary
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Monroe Mills, Frances Saunders, Mr. Emmet Tyler McGehee; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Hidmore Walton, Mary Louise, Mr. Vivian Earl Dickinson; Mr. G.A. Atkinson, Lula, E.A. Terrell, M.D.; Frederick's Hall; Bethphage Church, Bethpage Church; Mr. and Mrs. William Morgan Murdock, Mary Louise, Mr. Henry Hiter Harris; Mr. and Mrs. James D. Loving, Sadie Saunders, Mr. James Franklin Mills
Letters (copies) from Julia Pierce to nephew O.D. Hall; letter from D.C. Wheeler concerning wheat crop; Augusta; Spotsylvania; Low Moor; D.C. Wheeler sale of oxen; Mine Road; Ella; settlement of legal matters; Sewell Station
Letters to Bettie Mills Harris from J.J. Mills, A.W. Mills, C.M. Mills; Civil War (1862-1863)
Deed, James L. Harris, Susan W. Harris, Benjamin F. Harris, Thomas Duke, Jane O. Duke, Joseph Sims, Martha L. Sims, Austin Hancock Jr., Mary J. Hancock, Elias T. Harris, John Bibb, Robert L. Cosby, Little River, William Walton
Benjamin Harris, Sally Overstreet, Richard Jones, Todd County Kentucky, Bibb, Bob Barrett, H. Pendleton, Robert Barrett, Doctor Barrett, Mercer, Rhoda, Nelson, Overton Harris, David Thomasson, Rebecca, Mordicai, Polly Davis, Robert Thompson
Charles Monroe Mills, Mary E. Wright, James Franklin Mills, Sadie Saunders Loving, James David Loving and Lucy Coleen Saunders, Ann E. Saunders, Daniel E. Saunders, Wade Mills, Maria Holloway Dickinson, Charles Mills, Sarah Hopkins, Archibald Christmas, Jane Richardson, John Richardson, David Richardson, Oteria Dickinson, Alex. W. Mills, Lavinnia Foster, Meredith Foster, Samuel Meredith, Lena R. Davis, Shook, Cave, Harris, Wright, Jones, Winston, Mary Aston Mills, Spotsylvania records: James Wheeler and Elizabeth Ann Cash, Philip Pendleton, A. Hall, W.H. Hall, A. Carner, Carnohan, Carnahan, Pierce, Barron, Humphries, Mary Ella Jones, Clarence O. Hall, Willoughby, Ida M. Hall, E.L. Atkinson, Myrdie D. Jones, Burton B. Hall, Dickinson, Muster Rolls
Letter (copies), Apple Grove, mention of Mrs. Bibb, W.K. Pendleton of Bethany College, Bettie Mills poem, Elias T. Harris, R.J. Bibb, John Hunter, F.L. Harris, Samuel Waddie (sic), John Young Waddie, Gordonsville High School graduation announcement (1919), Miss Carraleigh Jones, Mr. and Mrs. William Morgan Murdock, Mary Louise Murdock, Mr. Henry Hiter Harris, Quaker?
Dedicatory Services of Church School Building, Dr. Eugene Pendleton, Gilboa Christian Church, Cuckoo, 1927, Program, C.M. Ford, J.H. Quisenberry, Rev. M.S. Eagle; included note from Lansing, Michigan to Mrs. Other Hall- Fredericks Hall
List of Jack's sheets, Jack Harris, Receipt of payment for house building, E. Harris, John Anison, Dr. and Mrs. Henry Francis Harris, Mary Carolyn, Mr. Thomas Clarke Garrett, Apple Grove, Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. McGary, Miss Margaret Wade McGary, Mr. George Edward Sears, Order of Notice on Bankrupt's Petition for Discharge: Carl Edward Via, (1934), A.J. Harris, Shackelford, Elias Harris, wagon built, M. Hart, R. Bibb, lien on tobacco crop
Poetry & Short Stories; possible writer: Sallie O. Hall; obituary Sallie O. Hall
Letter from Oreston Harris to his brother Benjamin (Jr.); 1825; Todd County, Kentucky
Letter; James L. Harris, Deed, Susan W., Elias Harris; Deed 1848
Benjamin Harris, Sally Overstreet, Richard Jones, Austin Hancock, Mary J. Harris, George Tyler Jr., Elias Harris, William Hiter; Marriage Records and License
Private Elwood C. Hall, Customs declaration form (1945), copy with original newspaper (1980), Hall receives Bronze Star 35 years late, Original - Hall Estate Auction Flyer
Shares Certificate, Letters to Bernard Hall during convalescence from war injury; wedding invitations; Ruth Jacobs, John Fred Bibb; Bernice Rebecca Prestwood; Robert Edward Lucas, Jr.
Receipts, Product Lists, Picture, 1928 calendar; Letters and notes from businessmen, work related; 1873; 1901; 1912-1954; Application for state license (1918) W.F. Lacy; Wade Hall Trade Fredrick Hall School Test Results
Directory of Louisa County, 1915, Farmers and Merchants Bank of Louisa, W.D. Roberts, J.O. Carr, Herman Schmidt, Jacob Lewit & Son's, Baldwin & Brown, V.W. Turner, Business Men's Association, L.A. Kennon, Hopkins Furniture, D.E. Bumpass Department Store, Pure Wines and Liquors, George McDonald Blake & Company, A. Hatke & Company, W.M. Perkins, Rountree-Cherry Corporation, Dabney Brothers & Company, Fourqurean Temple & Company, The Mineral Hardware Company, Inc. and Louisa Hardware Company; F.C. Hoenniger, Carter's Drug Store, C.N. King & Co., F.M. Beale; The Kent Drug Store; The Rocklands Milling Company; C.C. Turner Country Store; J.H. Stratton, W.A.C. Pettit; Coleman, Chaplin & Burch, Inc.
Letters, Mabel, Robert, cancelling of Louisa Firemen's Fair, Cpl. Robert P. Hall, Montpelier races, Youth Rally, Gilboa, Cluff, Robert Jennings, Edward Payne, Lucille Tate, plane crash, graduation of 6 Louisa girls, Commonwealth Club, car accidents, Bethpage Church, Alexander Wade Hall, Robert and Katherine (a poem)
Bruce V. Boxley, Louisa Volunteer Fire Company, R.E. Trice, Jr.; W.E. Cunningham; Porter's Perfect Pack; John R. Maddox, Peoples Grocery, The Peoples National Bank, Woodward Motor Company, Callaham Barber Shop, Mineral Super Service Station
Accounting book; Benjamin F. Mills; Jno. G. Wiley; C.F. Hudson; Matthews; Johnson; Williams; Miller; Argyle; W. Johnson; Perkins; O. Davis; Shepherd; Spears; Dr. B.F. Mills; A. Johnson; bill fold; tailor; coat; Roger Burruss; A. Perkins; N. Burruss; George Harris; Jim Trice; Gentry; Hester; Charles M. Mills; Beadles; William H. Henson; S. Gooch; W. Talley; John Cammack; John Thomas; Thomas Shepherd; James Henson; McGehee; J. Porter; Willas; Peter Hughson; A.W. Mills; Melton; Buckner; Jones; Walter Mills; Thompson; Stanley; W. Hughes; W.F. Waddy; Tailor's account book; Colin Hackett; James Tate or James Gate; James Bicker; Service; Bullock; George Walton; James Walton; John Timberlake; John Cammack; Samuel Hackett; A.B. Davis; A.W. Mills; A. Shepherd; George McGehee; Dr. William Beedles; John Chiles; Jones; Joseph Mallory; Henry Chiles; James L. Gordon; Jesse Porter or Jessie Porter; Phiilip Porter; Jesse Melton; David M. Hunter; Freeman; M. Gooch; James Gooch; Hyman Levy; George Trice; George Kennon; Captain Charles Barret; George Hackett; Samuel Parsons; John Mills; Robert Mills; William Mills and brothers; Physick Perkins
Accounting book; tailor's accounting book; William Kennon; George Kennon; Gabriel Jones; Albert J.; Captain Smith; Wesheimer?; Thomas Perkins; William Melton; Walter Buck; Captain Benjamin F. Trice; William Bohen; John M. Thomas; John Walker; Captain John Hughson; Dr. John Eastham; Coward; William Hunter; Williams; William Winston; Robert Wood; William Brooks; Zack Perkins; James Vest; Jessee Melton; Dr. James Wills/ Dr. James Mills; H.B. Bibb; James S. Harris, Jr.; Henry Francisco; R. Dickerson; William Kennon; Alfonso Waddill; J.E. Hibbs; H.W. Johnson; John Quarles; William Winston; C. Daniel; F. Winston; William McGehee; John B. Smith; John Hibbs; B.S. Johnson; James A. Timberlake; S.W. Connor; Charles Mills; J. Smith; Charles Pendleton; John William Nunn; William Barret; H. Gooch; Robert Smith; Dr. Edmon Goodwin; Henry Chiles; John William Poindexter; M. Gooch; John Thompson; Yeaman; Ham, Cushing, Samuel Moore, Cary Howe, Warder, Barrett, Focke, Carter, Wiesenford, Hopkins; Woodward; List of Uniforms (1859): Winston, Melton, Buck, Porter, John Thomas, Coward, Bicker, Thompson, Beadles, Chiles, Timberlake, Wills, Culen, Tate, Boben, Bohen, McGehee, Westheimer, Kennon, Gooch, Hibbs, Haislop, Nunn, Bohen, Goodwin, Yeaman; Mr. A.S. Shepherd; B.F. Mills; Thomas Shepherd; Mr. John C. Cammack
Two copies of the same letter, A.W. Mills, physical description
Vass Family History; Phillip V. Vass (1781); Court Case Notes (1781)
John J. Mills from Camp Coffins Farm (Civil War), Bellie Harris to Sisters (1868), A.W. Mill to Sisters (1864)
Mills Family Charts
Harris Family Timeline (1821), Mills (1870) Census Index; original correspondence; ancestors of Ben Harris, July 1994
Bills and receipts
Photos, Leather covered booklet; each page photoed; JJ Mills?
Letters, 1889-1897
Photo, title page, Bible (1828), 8 pages family records, Hall Bible
Obituary clipping: Mills, Jones; August 13, 1892: J.E. Jones killed by "special train"; Service Booklet for Mary J. Thompson, May 10, 1975
Mills Lineage report; Wade Mills (1785); Katy Mills (1954); 2nd lineage report (~25 pages)
Obituary Dr. Lewis Pendleton, April 12, 1913; Harris, Hall (1938); Letter to Virginian editor "What I Like About Women" (1938); various newspaper clippings; Louisa Paper - The Virginian; J.J. Mills Obituary - Richmond Times Dispatch (Died 01/15/1919); A.J. Harris Obituary (1938); Mineral Weekly Progress - Full Paper Copied
Central Virginian; 5 days; full copies (1915)
John Burruss Jr., John Burrows, Thomas Burrus, Edmun Burruss, Jacob Burrus Sr., Charles Burruss, Rev. John Burruss, Mary Burruss, Henry Burruss, Terry Burruss, William Burruss, Nathaniel Burruss, Samuel Burruss, Edmund Burruss III, William Tandy Burruss, Frances Tandy Burruss, Roger Burruss, Cynthia Burruss, Lancelot Burruss, Jane Burruss, George Martin Burruss, Robert Henry Burruss
Thomas Lancaster, Robert Lancaster, Nathanial Lancaster, Richard Lancaster, James G. Lancaster, Susan R. Lancaster, Edmund Lancaster, William Lancaster, Amanda M. Lancaster, Rebecca Lancaster, Larkin Lancaster, Mason S. Lancaster, Benjamin Lancaster, Susannah Lancaster, Henry Lancaster, Reubin Lancaster
Leui. Lucas Perry, Robert Lee Perry, Rudolph Perry, Bessie Perry, Ashley Perry, Maude Perry, Jesse Earl Perry, Rev. E.R. Perry, Norris N. Perry, Elijah R. Perry, George L. Perry, Mary Jane Perry, S. Emma Perry, A.L. Parker Perry, Sophia C.R. Perry, Daniel Singleton Perry, Pierce Perry, Lucy Perry
Arthur McIntosh, James William McIntosh, Ebbie Frank McIntosh, Alexander McIntosh, Elizabeth McIntosh, George McIntosh, Isabel McIntosh, Lackland McIntosh, John McIntosh, Malcom McIntosh, Mary McIntosh, Phyllis McIntosh, Sussanna McIntosh
William Crosswait, Mary Brockman, John Thomson, Jacob Medley, Thornton Brown, Hannah Perry, George Perry, Ann Pollard Brown, Crossthwait, John Crosstwait; Isaac Crosstwait; Nancy Oliver, Abraham Crostwait; Orange County Records
John Singleton, Daniel Singleton, Joshua Perry, Tully Choice, Robert Green, Orange County, Peter Singleton, Revolutionary War pension claims
Thomas Poor, Frances Matthews; Richard Jones; James Brooks; Patsey Canden?; Abraham Poor, Martha Poor, Robert Poor, William S. Poor, Romelus E. Poor, P. Perry; James E. Poor, Lavina; Goochland County records
Hutcherson, Hutcheson, Hutchings marriages (various Virginia counties); transcriptions from Spotsylvania and Orange counties
Drury Wood
Madison County records and Orange County records; Ann Boston; John Boston
Booth Woodson, Woodson surname, Pryor surname, Haden surname; Louisa, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico records
Goochland County records; Louisa County records; John Haden, Joseph Haden, George Haden, William Haden, Matthew P. Haden, Richard D. Haden, John N. Haden, Sally Haden, Margaret Haden, Elizabeth Haden, Jesse Haden; history of the family
Continued research on the Haden family
Payne Revolutionary Pension Claims; George W. Payne; Goochland County records; John Nelson Haden, Jr.; Patsy Meriwether Haden Purcell and James Meriwether Haden; Mary Woodson; William Payne; Anne Flemming
Mosely, Moseley surnames; marriage list of various Virginia counties
Agatha George, James George, Robert George, Alexander George, Edward George, William George, Reuben George, Elizabeth W. George, Leonard George; James George, Jr.; George marriage list of Virginia; Abstracts from Lancaster County, Virginia
Mary Mims, Thomas Mims, David Mims, Lyonell Mims, Lenoall Mims; Mimms, Mimes; Henrico, Goochland counties
The Napier Family (by Vava Knepp & Harry Hollingsworth)
The Napier Family (by Vava Knepp & Harry Hollingsworth)
Woodson Revolutionary Pension Claims, John Woodson; Judith Tarleton
Woodsons of Goochland and Fluvanna Counties; transcriptions of county records, census, etc.; Booth Woodson, Robert Woodson, Josiah Woodson, John Woodson, Sally Woodson, Caroline Woodson, Francis Woodson, Harriet S. Cocke, Magnotea A. Cocke; Benjamin A. or H. Woodson (miller); Lavinia G. Woodson
William & Mary College Quarterly: Woodson Family; Mrs. Sarah Hughes, Elizabeth Liles; Martha Hughes; Dr. John Woodson (1586), Col. Robert Woodson (1634); Rebecca Pryor, John James, Shadrack Mims, Elizabeth Ferris; Sarah Brown; Zerelda Cole; Dr. Patrick Napier
Poor family; Jesse James; Thomas Mims, Thomas Poor, John Woodson; Background of a Bandit
Purcell Revolutionary Pension claims; Edward Purcell (b. 1759 in Hampshire County, Virginia); George Purcell; Henry D. Purcell; John Purcell; William Purcell; newspaper article "Purcell Lumber Plan Destroyed by Fire"; marriage license of John J. Purcell and Bessie Walton; Recollections of Nina Haden Purcell Woodson; Walton's Store; Chimboraso Hospital; Muster Roll
Daniel Purcell, John Purcell, Nancy Gibson, Zedekiah W. Gibson, Nancy Mallory; Charles Johnson, Archibald Trainham; "Purcell Family" family history (several pages in length); Charles Daniel Purcell; Virginia History excerpt; transcriptions from Goochland County records; certificate of death for John Purcell
William B. Seargeant; William Seargeant; John T. Seargeant; Hardenia E. Sargeant; Tandy T. Sargeant; Susan D. Seargeant; Maria; Sargeant, Sargent, Seargeant; Henrietta, Sarah, Eliza, John; census and marriage records from Louisa County
Martin Baker, John Baker, Samuel Baker, William Baker, Cleavars Baker, Thomas Baker, Newill Baker, Newel Baker, William Baker Jr., Ann Baker, Jno. T. Baker
Abram Perkins, John Perkins, Betsy Seargeant, Mary Perkins, Jesse Perkins, John Perkins Jr., William Perkins; Purkins; Richard Purkins
William Trice, Mary Wakins, Isham Watkins, Frankey Trice, Tandy Trice, Martha Green, Mary Trice, John Sergeant, Samuel Huson, Samuel Bell (1788)
Mary Sims, John Walton, Agnes Hester, Robert Hester, Barbara Cook, Simeon Walton Jr., Jemima Wooten, William Wooten, Lucy Owen, Elizabeth Taylor Walton, John Booker McGehee, William McGehee, Sarah Walker Harris, Simeon Hester McGehee, Susanna Jane McCargo, Little John McCargo, Elizabeth William Callicot, Emily Taylor McGehee, James Carlton Brann, James Brann, Rebecca Jones Knight, Albert Hartford Brann, Mary Jane Atkins, Charles Abie Atkins, Elizabeth Ann Riggs Oliver, James Eugene Brann, Ersie Virginia Lafferty, Nancy Perie Tucker, Nancy Jane Brann, Quentin Marsden Alexander, Creed Bates Alexander, Ollie Mae Shipley, Jane Alicia "Xan" Alexander, Steven Marsden Alexander, Kimberly Anne Schwaderer, Owen Clark Schwaderer, Melinda Jane Horner, Kristen Noel Alexander; book excerpts (Sims of Louisa-Hanover counties)
George Walton, John Walton, Mary Sims Walton, George Walton, John Walton Jr., Simeon Walton, Edward Walton, Mary Walton, Jesse Walton, Elizabeth Walton, Robert Walton, Frances Walton, William Walton, Mizapina Walton, Newell Walton, Agnes Woolfolk, Robert Harris, Agnes Sims, William Thomson, Blanch Glasscock, Isham Watkins Sr., Ann Parks, William Barker, Barbara Hester, Agnes Hester, Mary Baker, Elizabeth Jennings; Sims Revolutionary Pension Claims
Hollins, George Hollins, Mary Hollins, James Hollins, John Hollins, William Hollins, Benjamin Thomsons, Mildred Lewis, Benjamin Hollins, Francis Hester, James Tait, James Tate, Rebecca Tate, Enos Tate, Zimry Tate, William Tate, John Hester, Bartholomew Dandridge, Jane Hollins, Westview (from Old Home Places)
William Johnson, Hardenia Johnson, Ann Wilkinson, Ann Fox, Susan F. Wash, Susan Wash, Anthony Haden, Douglas, John Haden, Mosley, Abraham Johnson, Albert Johnson, Alexander Johnson, Andrew Johnson, Benjamin Johnson, Charles Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson, Frances Johnson, Francis Johnson, Henry Johnson, James Johnson, James R. Johnson, Lewis Johnson, Lewis R. Johnson, Mary A Johnson, Reddick Johnson, Stanhope Johnson, Thomas Johnson, Thomas J. Johnson, William Johnson; Johnson story
Joel William Walton, Emma Estelle Johnson, Walton, Hiram Hidmore, Elizabeth Trice, Emma Elizabeth, William Thomas Harris, Herman Hidmore, Mary Louise, Martha Virginia; William Johnson, Alice Maude Haden, Agnes Walton, Dabney Smith, John Walton, Joel Walton, Commissioners' Sale of Valuable Real Estate (1926); Merideth Walton, Meredith Walton; Nelson Walton; Higgerson, Higgason
Polly Wash, Mary Wash, Thomas Wash, Edmund Wash, Susannah Wash, Grace Wash, Atwood Wash, Henly Wash, Susan Wash, John Wash
Captain Fox, Joseph Fox, Susannah Fox Johnson - her brother Joseph Fox, Susanna Fox; look for LCHS Magazine article; Henry Fox Gentleman
Samuel Wharton (will); John Wharton (will); Martha Wharton; Ann Wharton; Valentine Long Wharton; James Wharton; King George County transcriptions; Joseph Wharton; Spotsylvania and Orange counties; George Wharton
Hezekiah Brown; Joseph Brown, Judith Brown, Joshua Brown, Lucy Brown, Lewis Brown; Marriage list (1700-1800) of various Virginia Counties;
Samuell Munday; Robert Lancaster; Orange County records for Munday, Burrus Munday, James Munday, Albert Munday, Anne Munday, Mundy Family, Munden, Waugh, Munford; Calvin Munday, Joseph Munday, J. William Munday, Lucy Munday, Jonathan Munday, Reubin Munday, Abraham Collins Munday, Jane Munday, Mary Munday
Various maps
Virginia Gold Resource Data (1983); Mineral City map; Mineral Mining Corporations transcriptions; Lewis A. Keller graduation diploma (1915); Notes on Mineral
Bumpass Hotel; fire in hotel; Mineral Hotel lot
Rueben David, Ruben Davis, Tollersville, Tolersville, John W. Davis, Mansion Tract
Lists of various resources available in JLA LIB
Mineral Milling Company, CD included, images included (some are very unclear)
Louisa County Leader, News and Farmer, The Louisa Enterprise; The Louisa County News; The Mineral Mirror, The Central Virginian; Louisa Advance
Record, Name, House, Policy; Index to Louisa County Insurance Policies, probably Mutual Assurance
This information relative to Louisa County was gathered by a class at UVA; March 1947; The material was compiled by Mrs. Virginia Cushwa
William Bolling Bishop, his son Walter Leonard; James Bishop, Elizabeth Miles Bishop, Mary Anne Seay, Abraham Barnes Seay, Susan Moffett Seay, Spotswood Hotel, Healing Springs Hotel; Louis Bolling Bishop
Fredericks Hall Papers
Fredericks Hall Papers
Fredericks Hall Papers
Fredericks Hall Papers
Before Germanna, the Ancestry of the Blackenbaker, Fleshman, and Slucter Families; Thomas Mims, William Weldy, William Drumwright; Lawrence Fielding Fleshman, Natalie Joyce Fleshman, Nellie Phedynia Poore, Romulus Emmett Poore, Pheydma Poore, Fleshman Revolutionary Claims; A History of Monroe County, West Virginia
The Germanna Record; Shucks, Fleshmans, Sydenstrickers
Phebe Fleshman, G. Waugh, William R. Boston, Sophia Boston, Ann Boston, John Boston, Sarah Boston, George Newman and Elizabeth Waugh, William Deane, Frances Boston, Patrick Petty, George Petty, Barbara Ann Petty, Benjamin F. Petty, Alfred Petty, Jarrell Petty
James Shurley, James Shirley, Delilah Fleshman, James Fleshman, William Fleshman, The Economy of Madison County; Henry Harrison; family record charts for various Shirley family members
James and Martha Fleshman, Butler's Exors against Woods et als (1879); F. McDonald
DAR Application, Thomas Poore descendant, James Edward Poore, Gertrude McDonald Poore, Romulas Emmitt Gilmore Poore, Perry Poore, Mildred Anliza Bickley, Levinia Layne, Frances Matthews, Edward Poore
Orange County, Elisha Perry, Gracy Waugh, Charles S. Waugh, Goury Waugh, Elijah R. Perry, George Perry
Goochland County; Christopher Wood, Sarah Wood, William Wood, Thomas Wood, David Wood, Mary Wood, Valentine Wood

General Highway Map
Town of Mineral, block by block
Mineral City
Spotsylvania County, one half of map
Tourism Council
Albermarle County, some topography
General Highway Map
Louisa, Map of properties
Madison County; Map of 1st payments of land with dates
Formation of Virginia Counties
Hand drawn Louisa County
Louisa County, 1932, State and County Roads
Insets, topography
Chief Engineers Officers D.N.V.
Military Atlas of the Civil War
Louisa Street map & guide
General Highway Map
Hand drawn, Louisa, town
Hanover Courthouse
Old Louisa Courthouse
Louisa County, 1932, State and County Roads
Mineral City
Louisa County
Louisa County, 1804
Louisa Department of Highways, 1979
State of Virginia, "from the best authorities"
Louisa County, State and County Roads, 1930
Louisa County, 1863, Confederate Engineer Bureau
Chief Engineers Officers D.N.V.
Town of Louisa, Farms, 1890
Louisa County, 1943, General Highway & Transporation Map
Virginia, 1751, Joshua Fry and Peter Jefferson
Louisa County, 1871, Churches/Mills/Townships
Louisa County; Gordonsville, Mineral, Louisa
Mineral City
Confederate Engineer Bureau


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