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Louisa County Birth Register - 1853, Page 3 of 14
Register Page 3
Image 003

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Louisa County Birth Register - 1853, Page 3 of 14
Register Page 3
Image 003


LCBirths 1853 pg003
1, April 15, James Henry, black, slave, male, Mildred, William Gentry, Owner
2, May 7, Lucy Ellen, black, slave, female, Julia, David Richardson, Owner
3, March 11, Marcellus, black, slave, male, Nancy, Robert Duggins, Owner
4, June 26, Sarah, black, slave, female, Amanda, Nathaniel H. Turner, Owner
5, James F. Thacker, white, free, male, Sarah A. Thacker, Robert Thacker, Father
6, July 1, Hanner, black, slave, female, Grace, Fred. S, Duke, Owner
7, April 10, George, black, slave, male, Sarah, Mary A. Anderson, Owner
8, June 1, William James, black, slave, male, Mary, Eliza T. Anderson, Owner
9, March 9, John Loyd, white, free, male, Sarah F. Loyd, John H. Loyd, Father
10, July 22, Sallie W. Shelton, white, free, female, Ann E. Shelton, George P. Shelton, Father
11, May 15, Milly, black, slave, female, Eliza, Robert Meredith, Owner
12, May 14, Joseph M. Armstrong, white, free, male, Sarah F. Armstrong, Sarah Armstrong, Mother
13, December 19, Philip, black, slave, male, Juliann, Thomas Loyall Est. Owner, John H. Loyall Son
14, July 11, Jane, black, slave, female, Harriett, William Meredith, Owner
15, May 9, Samuel, black, slave, male, Maria, Col. S. Farrar, Agent
16, April 11, without name, black, slave, male, Martha, Col. S. Farrar, Owner
17, April 28, John, black, slave, male, Comfort, David M. Foster, Owner
18, April 12, Luther Price, black, slave, male, Celia, Theodocia Armstrong, Owner
19, April , Frances Elizabeth, black, slave, female, Hanner, Theodocia Armstong, Owner
20, November 7, Victoria, black, salve, female, Louisa, Theodocia Armstrong, Owner
21, June 1, Fleming, black, slave, male, Eliza, Samuel Meredith, Owner
22, June 26, Charles W. Meredith, white, free, male, Mary A. Meredith, Samuel Meredith, Father
23, August 1, Louisa E. Stanley, white, free, female, Susan Stanley, Samuel Meredith, Employer
24, April 10, Daphney, black, slave, female, Lucy, Mrs E. Dabney, Owner
25, May 7, Mary, black, slave, female, Mary, Mrs E. Dabney, Owner
26, November 1, William James, black, slave, male, Maria, William G. Walton, Owner
27, March 30, Grace y, black, salve, female, Jane, Atwood Wash, Owner
28, July 15, Rhoda, black, slave, female, Catherine, William Jackson Sr., Owner
29, June 9, Mary P. Harris, white, free, female, Mary A. Harris, Rev, Samuel Harris, Father
30, June 30, Edmonia, black, slave, female, Manervia, William Herren, Owner
31, April 1, without name, black, slave, male, Mary, A.T. Goodwin, Owner
32, May 16, Price, black, slave, male, Maria, A.T. Goodwin, Owner
33, May 17, Mary Ann, black, slave, female, Sarah, Thomas G. Noel, Owner
34, August 21, Wlliam D. Trice, white, free, male, E.L. Trice, A.M. Trice, Father
35, May 12, Joseph, black, slave, male, Rachel, William C. Barret, Owner
36, November 1, Izabella, black, slave, female, Patsey, William C. Barret, Owner
37, April 16, Martha A. Johnston, white, free, female, Sarah M.Johnston, John P.A. Johnston, Father
38, September 1, Martha, black, slave, female, Martha, John P.A. Johnston, Owner
39, April 6, Catherine, black, slave, female, Frances, Frank E Brooke, Owner, Oscar Herren, Overseer
40, September 1, Isaac, black, slave, male, Lucindia, Rebecca Winston, Owner
41, November 12, Lucy, black, salve, female, Betsey Ann, Jesse H. Mallory, Owner
42, May 17, Mary, black, slave, female, Ellan, R.C. Carpenter, Owner
43, September 28, Mahala, black, slave, female, Zaba, A.G. Walton, Owner
44, February 28, Mary Elizabeth, black, slave, female, Harriet, C.y. Kimbrough Est, M.P. Kimbrough, Widow
45, June 10, Margaret, black, slave, female, Rebecca. C,y. Kimbrough Est, M.P. Kimbrough, Widow
46, November 2, Maria, black, slave, female, Patsy, Sara B. Thompson, Owner;


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