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This photograph was likely taken in the fields of Westend Farm during WWI, when there would have been a need for farmers to supply food to the soldiers overseas.

Lucy and Nancy Taylor stayed on Westend and kept it going as a farm while two male…

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Annie Elizabeth Butler of Mineral, Virginia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William S. Butler

Barbara Ann Butler, wife of Thomas Garland Sims, Daughter of Lewis H. and Lavinia Butler

Bonnie Waggoner

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This is a photograph of Carrie Milhado and Mildred Jennings at the Mineral School

Two women standing in front of the door of a church.

Ellis Erginbright and Ida Jones

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Ida Jones and Ione Boyle

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Imogene Cash

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Kate C. Hambleton Foster

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Kate Towsey Butler wife of John Hugh Butler

Lena B.

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Leon Luxford Loyall, from Willowbrook, Louisa County, Virginia, is one of many individuals to join the Equal Suffrage League. He was born on November 1, 1876 and is noted as being a teacher at the time he registered to vote in 1902. He married Ada…

Lucille Holt, born in 1883, became an influential woman in early twentieth century Louisa County. Born with a light skin tone, she was sometimes seen as a white woman and other times as a black woman. In 1916, Lucille Holt was appointed the first…

Lucy Taylor, the only remaining unmarried daughter who inherited a life interest in Westend, is pictured here as an octogenarian in September of 1955. She is seated in the middle, fixing her headband. She ran Westend with the help of her sister,…


Maggie Mae Lavinia Butler of Louisa County was born in 1879. The full body photograph was taken at the home of her grandparents, Louis H. and Lavinia Louisa Butler. Maggie was a school teacher and married George Edgar Kiblinger.

Mamie Shealor Butler, wife of Hnery K. Butler

Mary Swift at the Knapps Meat Market

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Dates in parentheses refer to the day the membership card was signed. All other words in brackets refer to anything written on the front or back of the card.

Names of the enrollees:

Neal. A. Hasher and Mrs. N. A. (Minnie) Hasher of Trevilians,…

Mildred P.

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